October 14th, 2012

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Prepared to Back-up Jin Akanishi for Meisa?


A strong “backer” seems to have appeared for Jin Akanishi…

After Jin Akanishi’s wife Meisa Kuroki have given birth to a baby girl last Sept 23rd, SMAP‘s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi was heard saying, “a certain promise must be fulfilled”. The said “promise” between Kuroki and Kusanagi dates back to 2009.

Back in 2009, Kusanagi and Kuroki worked together for Fuji TV drama “Ninkyo Helper“. During the shooting, Kusanagi’s schedule was full pack that he has to juggle with drama’s shooting and his responsibilities for SMAP. It was hard to “make ends meet” with the production and the other casts' schedules. Due to this, the production and other casts, including Meisa, have to adjust their own schedule in order to give-way with Kusanagi’s schedule. (according to a previous writer)

“Ninkyo Helper” was Kusanagi’s “comeback” project after his “naked-drunk” scandal.

Because of everyone’s sacrifices with their own schedule, the filming went-on smoothly without delay, which made Kusanagi extremely grateful especially to Meisa, who is as busy as he.

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Tamaki Hiroshi to host the new ‘Iron Chef’ on Fuji TV


In September, Fuji TV announced that they would bring back the popular cooking battle variety program “Ryori no Tetsujin” from the 1990s that became a big hit not only in Japan, but around the world.

They revealed that the new show would to adopt its English name ‘Iron Chef‘ as the main title, but they didn’t mention anything about the successor of its host, the charismatic actor Kaga Takeshi (62). Today they finally lifted the secret and announced actor Tamaki Hiroshi (32) as the new host.

They held a press conference immediately after the first recording at the new studio. Tamaki explained that he had doubts when he received the offer and said, “Kaga has a really strong image and I wondered whether I’m really the right choice for this position.” Kaga truly is one of a kind and the impression he had made on this show still remains strongly, but Tamaki didn’t shy away from this inheritance. He continued, “(In the end) I immediately accepted the offer, because I wanted to challenge something new now that I’m over thirty.

Tamaki looked back at the first recording and stated, “I was so tense that I didn’t feel anything.” He was still wearing that black suit with the golden embroidery during the press conference. “I probably shouldn’t wear this outside the studio,” he joked. “It’s based on my own ideas and features a Japanese touch.” He was asked whether he also has a signature phrase like Kaga back in the day and replied, “I do have one, but that’s still a secret.

The reporters also tried to get him to comment on the recent rumors about his love life, but he remained cool and silent. They asked, “Now that you are an ‘Iron Chef’, wouldn’t you also need an ‘Iron Housewife’?” He laughed, “An iron housewife? Hahaha! Well, it would be great if she was a good cook indeed.” Further questions about a possible upcoming wedding and so on were only answered with a smile.

Leading the show alongside Tamaki will be the two Fuji TV announcers Sano Mizuki (40) and Mita Yurika (25) as well as comedian Miyagawa Daisuke (40).

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Shingo & Yamapi’s new unit start with a surprise at SMAP concert

Newly formed unit “The MONSTERS” with Katori Shingo (35) and Yamashita Tomohisa (27) as members, showed their first performance during SMAP’s Tokyo concert in Ajinomoto Stadium on October 14th. Yamashita appeared as a “surprise” mentioned during Katori Shingo’s solo corner, performing the theme song of TBS drama where they co-star, “MONSTERS” (Starting on October 21st, Sundays 9PM). They both sang while receiving cheers from an audience of more than 50,000 people.

The moment the two silhouettes appeared on stage, the whole stadium rumbled, wrapped in a great cheer from fans. Katori and Yamashita were wearing a blue and black costume. While exchanging fierce dance moves and matching their breathing, they sang their drama’s theme song “MONSTERS”. Usually, during the solo corner of this SMAP tour, Shingo had to dance this song always matching the images projected on the screen until they finally performed together for the first time, perfectly aligned and without prior notice to the 55,000 overjoyed fans. Yamashita talked about his first appearance in a SMAP live concert, “More than a usual live, I was double nervous, couldn’t even sleep yesterday and during rehearsal my mind just went blank”. Despite that, fans were beyond excited.

Composed by the 2 of them, Katori Shingo talked about the said song, “We had to put this idea into our own words and create a theme song. One of my favorite phrases is ‘aoi heart’, we kept thinking about what color comes to mind when you think of a monster? and the words just came out as ‘blue heart’, we both felt excited about the idea”.

Yamashita was inspired by Katori’s attitude, “I was really stuck when we had to finish the song and on top of that, I had to learn a lot of new things and kept thinking my own self so far wouldn’t be enough.” to which Katori said, “It’s not about expecting others to tell you what to do but you have to suggest your ideas and make it your own”. Before going up on stage Katori said “This is where The MONSTERS start”, performing like a scene out of a drama.

About the future, “If we can work together even after the end of the drama it would be great, I want to tour too, though it might be a little too early. We should just keep making music on our own and see where it takes us”, Katori said jokingly.

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Johnny’s Jr. and AKB “Daruma Doll Exchange” for Bakaleya Movie

Gekijou ban shiritsu bakaleya koukou” (Bakaleya Private High School) movie version hit the theaters last Oct 13th. Johnny’s Junior and AKB members attended the premier at TOHO cinema in Ropponggi last Oct 12th together with the movie’s director, Takashi Kubota. A powerhouse casts where 32 talents attended from Johnny’s  and AKB including Hey!Say!JUMP’s Takaki Yuya and AKB48′s Kojima Haruna for two consecutive days.

Casts from AKB48, lead by Haruma Shimazaki performed a “Daruma doll” ceremony on the eve of the movie’s showing. “Daruma doll” is Japanese symbol for perseverance and luck. The girls painted one eye with a heart shaped, in which Morimoto commented that the doll must be a girl. The casts also prayed that the movie will be a hit and hopes that there will a good weather on the 13th.

“Bakaleya Private High School” received high ratings during it’s TV run despite its midnight timeslot. It tells the story between the merger of an all-girls ojou-sama and an all-boys yankee high school.

On the day of the movie’s showing, Johnny’s Jr. Shintaro Morimoto, Hokuto Matsumura, and Jesse Lewis performed the stage greeting. “I want to warmly greet everyone,” Morimoto said. Johnny’s Jrs. cast then painted the other eye of the doll, which symbolizes that their wishes came true and that the project was completed.

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou is now showing.

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Katori Shingo & Yamashita Tomohisa’s unit ‘The MONSTERS’ reveals single details


As we reported previously, Katori Shingo (SMAP) and Yamashita Tomohisa have formed a new unit The MONSTERS, and will be singing the theme song for their upcoming drama series, ‘MONSTERS‘ (begins airing on October 21st on TBS).

The theme song also titled “MONSTERS that was written and composed by Katori and Yamashita together, and was produced by Jeff Miyahara, will be released in five different editions.  Though originally set for release on November 14th,  its release date has been postponed to November 28th.

Check out the details for The MONSTERS’s upcoming single “MONSTERS” below!

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Black Bird Manga To End In December

Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine's November issue will be revealing on Saturday that Kanoko Sakurakoji's Black Bird shoujo manga will be coming to an end on December 13.

The magazine previously announced earlier in August that the popular shoujo manga was ending.

Sakurakoji started the series six years ago, and according to ICv2, the supernatural shoujo series was the sixth best-selling manga series in North America for 2011.


Taisuke Fujigaya Speechless from Kimura Takuya

On Oct 11th, SMAP‘s Kimura Takuya attended the press conference for “PRICELESS~Aruwake needaro, nna mon~“, at Metropolitan area in Tokyo. The entire cast was present including Karina, Naohito Fujiki, Nakaii Kichi, and Kis-my-Ft2′s Fujigaya Taisuke.

When asked about their “priceless moments”, Fujigaya can’t help but recall the moment when he exchanged cellphone numbers with his Johnny’s senpai, Kimura Takuya. “The moment when I have exchanged numbers with Kimura-san and when I sent an email is priceless,” Fujigaya commented. “Actually, the one I gave you is my phone number, not my mobile number,” Takuya’s reply earned a laughter from the audience and an “Eh?!’ from Fujigaya.

“PRICELESS” revolves around the story of  Fumio Kindaichi (Kimura) who is living a fairly ordinary life until he gets caught-up in an intrigue that cost him to lose his job. Furthermore, he ends up penniless and homeless. Due to his penniless state, he finds himself living in a park and gets acquainted with the homeless kids that made him realize that there are more important things in life that money can’t buy.

Furthermore, PRICELESS is Takuya’s return to Fuji TV’s “Getsu9” timeslot. “I really enjoyed working for this drama,” he commented. When asked about what he thinks is priceless, “its love and affection in families, and also meeting SMAP,” Takuya added.

This is also Fujigaya’s first time in “getsu9″ series and he was happy to experience a lot of “firsts” during the shooting. Fujigaya said that he sent a “thank you” email to Kimura when he learned that he will joining him for the drama and for exchanging numbers with his senior. While Takuya replied with “Let’s work hard for the shooting!”

“PRICELESS~Aruwake needaro, nna mon~” will start its run on Oct 22nd, 9PM (JST).

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Usain Bolt to appear on SMAP TV program on Monday night

Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt will be the guest of honor on “SMAP x SMAP” next Monday night, joining a long list of foreign celebrities who have appeared on the Fuji TV program.

Bolt, 26, is currently in Japan to do promotional events for Puma and Nissan. The Jamaican sprinter was last in Japan in September 2008, at which time he appeared on “Tunnels no Minasan no Okage Deshita.”

Bolt will appear in the Bistro SMAP segment during which the boys will cook whatever dish he orders. He will be the first non-Japanese Olympic medalist to make an appearance on the show.

On Thursday night, Bolt took part in an event with fans at Nissan Gallery in Yokohama.

Bolt has been in the global brand campaign, “WHAT IF_”, which launched June 1. In the ad campaign, Bolt readies himself in the set position for a sprint, while on the right, a red hot Nissan GT-R reveals its own best time of zero-to-100 kilometers per hour in 2.8 seconds.

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