October 15th, 2012

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misono is releasing a SEXY new photobook

misono who just recently turned 28 will be releasing a new photobook called Warui Mihon on October 27 celebrating her 10th anniversary since debuting. In the photobook misono will be posing mostly semi-nude and will be showcasing her beautiful physique which has famously fluctuated under public scrutiny. The photobook will feature no photo shop of any kind or make up and will be bold move for misono who will be also releasing a new single on November 7.

[preview,warning: very sexy]


the pics quality suck,but most Japanese website have shitty quality pics anyway~

get it misono, 10 years of being perfect<3

AKB48 give smart look to men's suit maker in ad campaign


Popular all-girl AKB48 can even hawk men’s suits—they are appearing as the image characters for Haruyama Shoji’s commercials for “Otokomae Suits.”

In the commercial, six members of AKB48—Yuko Oshima, Yuki Kashiwagi, Haruna Kojima, Mariko Shinoda, Minami Takahashi and Mayu Watanabe—perform a stylish dance with mannequin-looking professional dancers.

To promote the brand’s message of “Always Looking Smart,” AKB’s 28th single, “UZA,” which is known for its complex choreography, was used as background music.

Unlike the AKB members, the professional dancers had to endure some hardships, such as covering up their faces so they would look like mannequins. They have all collaborated with famous artists before.

The commercial will be aired in November.



PASSPO☆'s 2nd album 'One World' tracklist + CD covers

Title: One World
Release Date: 2012/11/14
1. Departure
2. Next Flight
3. Final Vision
4. Love Diary
8. 君は僕を好きになる
9. 2DAYS
10. Tap My Toe
11. Pock☆Star
12. ピンクのパラシュート
13. 君色のサンバ
14. With xxxx
15. Dear My Friends

・君は僕を好きになる PV
・Next Flight PV
・Love Diary PV
・Next Flight (Dance Shot Ver.) PV
・夏空HANABI (Dance Shot Ver.) PV
・WING (Dance Shot Ver.) PV

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It's official: Arashi & Horikita Maki to host NHK’s Kouhaku 2012


On October 16th it was revealed that Horikita Maki (24) and popular group Arashi have been appointed as hosts of 63rd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, to be broadcasted in New Years’ Eve.

This is the 3rd time for Arashi to host Kouhaku since 2010 and the first time for Horikita. After receiving positive reviews for her heroine portrayal in morning drama “Ume-chan Sensei” which ended on September 29th with an average rating of 20.7%. The first time in nine years since a morning drama achieves more than 20% ratings.

After yet another fulfilling year in Arashi’s musical career it was only natural for them to host this ceremony. Horikita has already worked in the past with some members of Arashi like, Sakurai Sho (30), Ninomiya Kazunari (29) and Matsumoto Jun (29).

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Matsumoto Jun & Ishihara Satomi in “Lucky Seven” drama special

On October 15th, FujiTV announced the production of “Lucky Seven” drama special starred by Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun. This drama was originally broadcasted back in January and its special will air in Spring 2013.

The story follows a unique team of seven working under “lucky agency”, a detective office. In addition to Eita (29) in charge of action scenes, Matsushima Nanako (39),  and adding comical characters played by Oizumi Yo (39) and Naka Riisa (22). Their previous portrait was recognized by the viewers reaching an average rating of 15.6% (kanto area).

This special features Ishihara Satomi (25) and Mitsuhiro Oikawa (42) as new additions of the cast. Oikawa plays the genius mastermind behind a some financial crimes, while Ishihara play the role of his evil yet charming secretary. Matsumoto Jun’s character will try to expose the truth by getting closer to her without realizing he’s losing sight of the goal and paying more attention to love.

Filming already since October 13th,  ”This time there’s comedy, there’s action and I want it to be a fast-paced special”,  Matsumoto said very excited. Ishihara Satomi, who has previously worked with Matsumoto in 2003′s TBS drama “Kimi wa Petto”, will work again with him for the first time in 10 years.

It’s been a while since we first worked together., I’m looking forward to his acting. I don’t usually play this type of cool and mysterious characters, I want to work hard in this new experience”, Ishihara vowed.

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anime desu ♥ kyary pamyu pamyu

14-Year-Old Student Arrested for Stabbing School Teacher Who Confiscated His Manga

He stabbed the teacher more than ten times

On October 15th, the Gamagori station of Aichi Prefectural Police arrested a 14-year-old male junior high school student, whose name has been withheld because he was a minor, for allegedly stabbing a 30-year-old female teacher with a ballpoint pen after she confiscated his manga in class.

According to the police, the teacher repeatedly warned the student who was reading manga during her class around 00:30 pm on October 1st, but the student didn't stop reading. Finally, she confiscated the manga from him. He suddenly became frenzied and shouted, "Give it back to me!" Then he stabbed her shoulder more than ten times with a ballpoint pen he took from the teacher's desk. The teacher had an injury which would take one week to heal completely. After the arrest, the student reflected on himself saying, "I am sorry."

No mention in the reports what manga title he was reading in the classroom.


because needing know what kind of manga he was reading was so important.