October 18th, 2012

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Mr.Children reveal title and jacket for upcoming album anbd live DVD !!


 Popular rock band Mr.Children will be releasinge new album on 28th November .Now ,The details of Mr.Children 's new album 「[(an imitation) blood orange] have been revealed

「[(an imitation) blood orange] is the first original album in 2years since SENSE (2010) .It will feature the total of 11 tracks, including their 3A side single 「Inori~Namida no kidou」「End of the day」「pieces」 ,Tie up song 「hypnosis」「Jotouku」「Marshmallow day」 , and limited charity digital  single 「Kazoe uta」 ,along with new song 「imitation no ki」「in my town」「Kako to mirai to koshinsuru otoko」.For limited edtion ,CD+DVD ,will include 4 Video clips : hypnosis ,Marshmallow day, Joutoku  and Inori ~Namida no kidou
Moreover, the details of live DVD/ Blu-ray 「MR.CHILDREN TOUR POPSAURUS 2012」 is out .The DVD will contain two discs with 27 songs.It is a recording of the band’s performance at Kyosera Dome on 20th anniversay debut day  10th May .Besides,it comes with members 's interview and  100-page photobook !!

Check out the covers and tracklist for the album below:   !

Mr.Children「[(an imitation) blood orange]」
Limited edition : CD+DVD TFCC-86420 ¥3,059(tax incl)
Regular edition : CD TFCC-86421 ¥3,059(tax incl)

 Tracklist; CD
01. hypnosis [NTV drama "Tokkan" 's theme song]
02. Marshmallow day [ 「Maquillage」CM song]
03. End of the day
04. Joutoku [Fuji tv drama 「Osozaki no Himawari~Boku no Jinsei, Renewal~」theme song]
05. pieces [movie 「Bokura ga ita」(part2) theme song]
06. Imitation no ki
07. Kazoe uta
08. In My town
09. Kako to mirai to koshinsuru otoko

10. Happy Song [Fuji tv 「Mezamashi tv 」Theme song]
11. Inori ~Namida no kidou [movie 「Bokura ga ita」(part1) theme song]

DVD; included 4 music video : hypnosis ,Marshmallow day, Joutoku  ,Inori ~Namida no kidou



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Source : Mr.Children , Natalie

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Bollywood Actress Dia Mirza named Japan's Brand Ambassador to India


A Bollywood actress and former beauty queen as a tourism brand ambassador for Japan? Sounds strange right? Not when you want to increase the number of Indian tourists in the country. That’s the reasoning behind why Dia Mirza is now the Brand Ambassador of Japan, as appointed by the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) and Japan Tourism Agency (JTA).

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There is more coverage with promotional gushing over the benefits Japan's tourist attractions offer to Indians over here. Dia Mirza seems like an odd choice but... I guess she comes cheap these days, especially since her last movie flopped so hard. I don't know what connection she feels to Japan, either, since Dia is half-German...

Kanjani8′s 1st Photo Album “for No.∞” tops Rankings


Popular group Kanjani8‘s first photo album “for No.∞” has sold 104,000 units on its first week (released by Kodansha on October 10th). The photo collection of Kanjani8 now tops the book ranking (General) exceeding  Arashi‘s “ARASHI Marks 2008 Dream-A-Live” (released by Shueisha), released last Sept 15, 2008. This is the first time in four years that a photobook was able to top the book ranking.

This release was created to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Kanjani8. Looking back to their history which wasn’t exactly smooth. In this photo album, members intend to express themselves and also express their gratitude to their fans by showing a new and improved version of themselves.

Including black an white fashion portraits, photo session focusing on them as musicians, trying to express something never achieved in previous photo sessions. Every member also took their own pictures with digital cameras during summer season and they shared them in this release, also including interviews.

Kanjani8′s “for No.∞” can be ordered at Kodansha, Amazon, Kinokuniya, and 7netshopping.

[Oricon News]  via jenewsdaily

Sexy Zone’s Kento Nakajima in his Quest for Whiter Skin


Sexy Zone‘s Kento Nakajima is reportedly developed a drive to have whiter skin after reading some hate comments about him.

“It does not rain but he always carries an umbrella, maybe he doesn’t want to get sunburn. However, his black folding umbrella is not very conspicuous,” according to a Meiji Gakuin student.

“He is like a girl, it is amusing,” according to a guy, “though girls just use fans to shield their face [from the sun]“. Not contented with using an umbrella, Kento is also rumored to re-apply sunscreen diligently in classrooms or cafeterias; moreover, he was also seen putting a whitening lotion on his face in the washroom for his pursuit for whiter skin.

When Kento is doing dramas, he thinks that good actors should not be tanned. He is worried about getting dark especially if the location would be in the beach. Even though he sees that tanning [dark skin] is accepted overseas, he is still anxious,” according to a Johnny’s reporter.

Apparently, Kento had a tan in last spring and he received comments, like: “too dark!”, “he looked good before”, “he is becoming an Oji” and many more. Since Kento is really a serious person, he haven’t forgotten about it.

In addition to this, Kento was also rumored to have taken it badly when his recent drama did poor in ratings that he has fallen ill after reading not-so-nice comments on net.

It is really rare for an idol nowadays to be as delicate and sensitive like Kento.

BUBKA via Johnny’s-Watcher , Starblog, & jnewseng

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Covers,tracklist and PV for AAA's new single Niji

AAA's 34th single called Niji is dropping October 31st, the b-side Good Day was used in a 7-eleven CM starring them and lead track was written by Greeeen.
[covers + tracklists]


2.Good day
3.Niji (Instrumental)
4.Good day (Instrumental)
1.Niji (Music Clip)

2.Good day
3.Good day REMIX 1
4.Good day REMIX 2
5.Niji (Instrumental)
6. Good day (Instrumental)

mumo edition

CD mu-mo
2. Good day
3. Think about 7th Anniversary ~season 22~


not here for the cheap PV .....it was cute tho, but the song is great

Johnny Kitagawa involved in traffic accident


On October 17th it was revealed that President of major entertainment agency, known for producing popular idol groups like SMAP, TOKIO and Arashi among others, Mr. Johnny Kitagawa (80) was involved in an accident that caused a rear-end collision in Minato, Tokyo. According to the agency and Akasaka Police Station, in October 16th around 3PM, the car that was driving Mr. Kitagawa ran into a man in his 40s driving a kei-car (small vehicle). Mr. Kitagawa had no injuries though the driver of the other vehicle had some minor ones.

According to officials, this day, Mr. Kitagawa was on his way to a work meeting so he was driving by himself. Mr. Kitagawa usually takes taxis or has a chauffeur-driven car but from time to time he feels like driving by himself. Nikkan Sports was able to get a comment from the agency’s PR department, “Because of my carelessness I’ve caused a rear-end collision. I’m deeply sorry. I’m offering my total support to the other party involved. From now on I will restrain myself from driving”, Mr. Kitagawa commented.



GENERATIONS hits #1 on digital music portal ahead of debut

Dance & vocal unit GENERATIONS will be debuting on November 21 with their first single, "BRAVE IT OUT." The title song, "BRAVE IT OUT" has already reached #1 on various music portal sites, including USEN's JPOP Chart (10/17). This is the first time a male group has reached such a brilliant achievement.

The song serves as the theme for NTV drama, "Sugarless," which started October 3. Member Shirahama Alan (19) stars in the drama, as does bandmate Sano Reo (16). After the drama first aired, the TV station was flooded with inquiries from new fans. In addition, the members of GENERATIONS are currently working as supporting members on Sandaime J Soul Brothers' first nationwide solo arena tour, and their popularity is ont he rise. Their recent performance at a local venue of "BRAVE IT OUT" also helped them acquire the #1 spot on USEN's J-Pop chart.

In addition, their music video and jacket shoot for "BRAVE IT OUT" were recently made public. GENERATIONS used music video director Kubo Shigeaki, who has also worked with Sandaime J Soul Brothers. Kubo said, "This video is meant to directly show GENERATIONS' abundant performance ability."

Their performance ability is definitely clear and they give the impression of a major musical force in the video. In particular, the choreography of the chorus's "MA MA MA MADA MADA" is very easy for fans to remember.

Though they're still in the growth process, GENERATIONS is a first-class act when it comes to performance. We are looking forward to seeing how they will grow in the future.

Source - Musicman.net
Translation - hi_junpei


CREAM reaches 10 million views on YouTube, releases EP

Hip-hop duo CREAM have recently seen their YouTube channel, "CREAM VISION" reach 10 million views. The band will also be releasing their new digital EP, "CREAMIX VOL.2" on October 17 on iTunes and Recochoku.

CREAM, made up of singer Minami and rapper Staxx T, has worked with the likes of m-flo, Amuro Namie, TERIYAKI BOYZ and BoA as producers.

Digital EP "CREAMIX VOL.2"
01. ROCK!
02. KISSING (Flip Side)
03. Okay

Source - Musicman.net
Translation - hi_junpei

Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

yamashita_tatsuro-opus_all_time_best_1975-2012 fukuyama_masaharu-beautiful_life_game shoujo_jidai-girls_generation_complete_video_collection 

Popular singer-songwriter-actor, Fukuyama Masaharu has reached the no.1 spot in the singles chart with his 29th single, "Beautiful life/GAME". This is his 6th consecutive no.1 single (out of 16 overall) starting with "Keshin" (May 2009). He has also updated his own record of the most number one rankings as singer-songwriter. It has been 2 years and 10 months for male solo artists to achieve 6 consecutive no.1 singles, with Fukuyama's senior in the same agency, Kuwata Keisuke being the last one with "Kimi ni Sayonara wo" (December 2009). 

In the albums chart, singer-songwriter, Yamashita Tatsuro returns to the top spot with "OPUS ~ALL TIME BEST 1975~2012~" after spending one week at no.2. At 59 years and 8 months old, he is the oldest to have reached the number one album ranking. His wife, Takeuchi Mariya has made the same record with her best album, "Impressions" (July 1994). This is the first time this year for an older album to make a comeback to the top. The last time this happened was with KARA's "Super Girl" released in November last year.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. Listing the singles chart first since the albums chart is low. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2012. New release in bold.

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Slow albums chart this week. Music-DVD chart is also really bad. Anyway, congrats to Masha!

Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Film director Koji Wakamatsu dies after being hit by taxi


Japanese film director Koji Wakamatsu has died in hospital after being hit by a taxi, media reported Thursday. He was 76.

According to TBS, Wakamatsu was hit by a taxi in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward at around 10 p.m. on Oct 12. He was taken to hospital where he remained in a coma. Hospital officials said he passed away at 11:05 p.m. on Wednesday.

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Kitahara Rie to star in survival movie “Joker Game”


21-year-old AKB48 member Kitahara Rie (currently part of Team B and sister group SKE48) has landed her first starring role in a theatrical movie. Titled “Joker Game,” the film is yet another entry in the idol-filled “survival game” suspense genre.

Kitahara’s supporting cast includes Takatsuki Sara (15) of the idol group bump.y, Koike Yui (21) of Tomato n' Pine (also known for her role as Gokai Pink in “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger”), and D2 members Okubo Shotaro (17), Shiramata Atsushi (18), and Negishi Takuya (16).

Kitahara plays a 3rd-year high school student at a prefectural college prep school. When all of the third-year students go on a camp trip together, their teachers announce that they will all have to participate in a card game of “Old Maid.” However, the camp is actually part of an experiment by the national government to put an end to the country’s declining education and to boost the students’ “humanity” – meaning that the game is really a deadly test that will truly decide their fates.

Although this is Kitahara’s first time in the lead role on the big screen, she previously acted in last year’s “Graffreeter Toki.” She has also recently been gaining more attention with her role on Fuji TV’s ongoing reality show “Terrace House.”

“Joker Game” will open on December 22nd.


Nissan develops emergency auto-steering system

Japanese automaker Nissan Motor says it has developed a new technology to help drivers avoid collisions. Nissan and other Japanese automakers already produce vehicles that can automatically brake if the car in front of them suddenly stops. But Nissan announced on Wednesday a new computer system that automatically steers the car to avoid colliding with objects in the road.

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Kanjani8's Yasuda Shota, Aso Kumiko co-star in romantic comedy

Kanjani8’s Yasuda Shota (28) and actress Aso Kumiko (34) are set to co-star in a new movie next year, titled “Bashauma-san to Big Mouth.” The movie is a romantic comedy directed by Yoshida Keisuke (“Junkissa Isobe,” “Sankaku”).

This will be Yasuda’s first starring role in a theatrical film (not counting Kanjani8′s “Eight Ranger”). It will also be Aso’s first acting work since she gave birth to a daughter in May.

The movie’s title describes the two characters, who meet in a screenwriting class. Aso plays the 34-year-old Mabuchi, who is working her hardest at becoming a screenwriter but who never gets a break. She is the “bashauma” of the story, a term that refers to the horse that pulls a carriage. Yasuda, on the other hand, is the “big-mouthed” 26-year-old Tendo, who talks a big game but has never done anything.

Theatrical release is scheduled for fall 2013.

Cinema Today via tokyograph

Why Japanese Girls Are a Better Catch Than Japanese Men

Takako Matsushita, a Japanese cabin attendant who has also appeared on T.V. and in magazines, offers her perspective on how Japanese women may get higher marks than Japanese men in the international dating market. And her message? Japanese men need to watch out, or all the nice ladies in Japan may be snatched up by foreign men!

In a commentary published on the website zakzak, Matsushita writes that Japanese women ranked as one of the most popular in the world, while Japanese men have ranked very close to the bottom in popularity. This has apparently been mentioned in articles in foreign magazines and on Japanese T.V. and also seems to be true among her acquaintances as well. She goes on to explain why she thinks this may be.

One factor she feels that contributes to the popularity of Japanese women is that they tend to be dainty in appearance and are very fashion conscious. Even the average Japanese girl is likely to look stylish by global standards or at least cute in their own way.

Another important factor is that Japanese women are used to going out of their way to be helpful and pleasant to men. (Although Japanese men may not entirely agree) Japanese women in general treat their men with a great deal of consideration, for example when serving food or drinks at social gatherings or even at the office, where Japanese women are often expected to serve coffee or tea to male colleagues. Thus, things that come as second nature to Japanese women may seem very considerate and helpful to men from other countries.

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Source: zakzak (Japanese) & rocketnews24

NMB48’s Matsuda Shiori to graduate from the group


It’s been reported that NMB48’s Matsuda Shiori will be graduating from the group in order to focus on her studies.

This was announced by Matsuda herself during Team N’s concert on October 18th at NMB48 Theater in Osaka. Her graduation concert will be held on the 24th.

Matsuda also posted a comment on the group’s official blog explaining, “From shortly before, I wasn’t able to have confidence in continuing my activities as NMB48. So I was troubled, thinking it would be better to prioritize my studies and return to being a normal girl. I thought that I would trouble the members and fans if I continued my activities with a half-hearted attitude. I thought that it would reflect on my performance.

Matsuda became NMB48’s first generation member back in October of 2010 and was the senbatsu member for their debut song, “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo” (released July 2011). Last September, she temporarily suspended her activities, but was able to return early this year due to the fans’ votes.

Matsuda is the 5th member to withdraw from NMB48 this year following Kodakari Yuuka, Jo Eriko, Fujita Runa, and Ota Riona.

Source & Image: Oricon & tokyohive


Niconico Wants YOU to Translate Their Videos, Launches New English Interface

While most of us use YouTube to upload homemade productions and watch funny cat videos, much of Japan still turns to their domestic video sharing site, Nico Nico Douga. Yet whereas YouTube sees content from users across the world, Nico Nico Douga has remained primarily an exclusive club for Japanese speakers since it began in 2006. An English language beta website, Niconico.com, was launched in early 2011, but failed to generate interest even among foreign users of the Japanese site, due in part to the separation of Japanese and English videos between two domains.

【ニコニコ動画】【Ry☆】Shake it! 踊ってみた【第2弾】

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