October 21st, 2012


New Girl Group Bikyaku Jidai Tries To Become The Japanese Girls' Generation

A new Japanese girl group, Bikyaku Jidai, has an ambitious goal: to be the Japanese version of the popular Korean girl group Girls' Generation.

The new group is set to debut on October 24th with their 1st single "PERFECT IMAGINATION". Prior to this, the group has released a new music video which many netizens have seen as a knock off of Girls' Generation's previous work.

With Girls' Generation being known in part for their beauty, the girls of Bikyaku Jidai must maintain a strict image to remain in the group. They must follow the "Girls' Generation diet", a strict 1500 calorie diet meant to maintain a slender figure. It has been reported that any member who can't maintain a model-like body will be kicked out of the group.

"We want to live in harmony with Korea’s Girls' Generation. We don't want to fight them, and we'll go through struggles together. We'll co-exist," the group stated during a recent interview.

Check out the music video to the group's debut single below, and let us know if you think they have what it takes to be Japan's Girls' Generation.

Gentel Morning: B-side PV


 oh gosh those aweful outfits >.<
am more intrested how Model Girls will be doing , since they'll debut the same day

Fourze’s Fukushi Sota, Yoshizawa Ryo star in “Boku ga Shokei Sareru Mirai”


Production studio Toei has revealed some details about “Boku ga Shokei Sareru Mirai” (roughly meaning “The Future Where I Am Executed”), the second movie under its “TOEI HERO NEXT” label. The movie will reunite “Kamen Rider Fourze” actors Fukushi Sota and Yoshizawa Ryo.

This is Fukushi’s first movie role outside of the “Kamen Rider” franchise. He will play the lead as Asao Yukio, an apathetic college student. One night, he is suddenly wrapped in a ray of light coming from the sky, and the next instant he finds himself being held in an interrogation room, accused of murder.

While desperately trying to fight against the allegations of a crime he has no memory of, a lawyer named Sawako (played by actress Seki Megumi) appears has taken his case and explains to Yukio that he has traveled 25 years into the future. In this future, where time travel is apparently possible, a law has been established to eliminate future criminals by bringing them forward from the past and publicly executing them.

Yoshizawa will take on the role of a genius hacker who will try to break Yukio out of prison.

The film is directed by Konaka Kazuya, whose past credits include multiple “Ultraman” films, as well as works like “Nanase Futatabi.” Hasegawa Keiichi (“Ultraman Saga”) wrote the screenplay.

The movie will open in Japan on November 23.

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Kamen Rider GIRLS' “Last Engage” Cover Arts Revealed

The cover arts for the upcoming 4th single of the Kamen Rider Girls, entitled “Last Engage” have finally been revealed. This is the character song for Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style.

Also included in the single is “Mystic Liquid”, the character song for Kamen Rider Wizard Water Style. Watch their live performances below, which marks the debut of the Kamen Rider Wizard girl.

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Ninomiya Kazunari’s Latest Girl has Johnny’s Approval?


When it comes to the topic of love, Ninomiya Kazunari is the only Arashi member who is known to have a girlfriend. Even his fans would not overlook this juicy bit of info, especially with the recent news that he was seen incognito with a rumored girlfriend.

According to an entertainment reporter, Ninomiya has been meeting a girl privately for the past few months. Naturally, to avoid being seen by paparazzis, they only meet for limited time and in secured places, such as the bar whom they are acquainted with the manager.

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