October 22nd, 2012

Asano Tadanobu, Naka Riisa have broken up


Back in February, FRIDAY had the surprising scoop that actor Asano Tadanobu (38) and actress Naka Riisa (23) were dating. However, the Sankei Sports newspaper now reports that the pair have broken up, less than one year later.

Based on information from multiple sources, the newspaper says that Asano and Naka’s relationship was the casualty of both of their busy schedules, a common cause for showbiz breakups. The two had started dating sometime around the end of last year, and it’s believed that they ended their relationship last month.

Asano had been in London since July until early this month, due to filming for the movie “Thor: The Dark World” (scheduled for release in North America in November 2013). Naka also visited London in early August, but since then she was busy with the NHK drama series “Tsurukame Josanin” in the summer and the TBS drama series “Resident ~5-Nin no Kenshui~” (currently airing).


Third AKB48 documentary announced for February 2013


On Sunday, it was officially announced that there will be a third AKB48 documentary movie, titled “DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 No flower without rain: Shoujotachi wa Namida no Ato ni Nani wo Miru?” The movie is scheduled for release on February 1, 2013.

The movie follows in the footsteps of “DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 to be continued” (January 2011) and “DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on” (January 2012). Takahashi Eiki, who worked on the second film, will once again sit in the director’s chair.

Naturally, the new film will chronicle the major events of AKB48 in 2012, including the graduation of Maeda Atsuko and the group’s first Tokyo Dome concert.

An official website for the film has launched, along with new Facebook and Google+ pages.


Mitani Koki reveals star-studded cast of film “Kiyosu Kaigi”


Acclaimed director Mitani Koki (“Suteki na Kanashibari,” “The Magic Hour”) has just announced the impressive cast of his upcoming film “Kiyosu Kaigi,” based on a historical novel he published earlier this year. Yakusho Koji, Oizumi Yo, Kohinata Fumiyo, and Sato Koichi, who have all appeared in Mitani films before, will play the four leads of the story.

“Kiyosu Kaigi” revolves around the conference held between several of Oda Nobunaga’s men following Oda’s death at Honno-ji, as they tried to determine the daimyo’s succession. Mitani has cast Yakusho as Shibata Katsuie, Oizumi as Hashiba Hideyoshi (later known as Toyotomi Hideyoshi), Kohinata as Niwa Nagahide, and Sato as Ikeda Tsuneoki.

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preview of Beni's track with Ne-Yo

Let Me Love You ( Until You Learn to Love Yourself) duet version

in other BENI news, she will be releasing her first ever artist book called Cover Girl in collaboration with GLAMOROUS magazine the same day as COVERS 2, the book will focus on BENI's successful career, impeccable fashion, flawless music,and everything else that relates and of course gorgeous photos of her.


 ♥ 2012 is really BENI's year ♥