October 24th, 2012

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Suzuki Fuku to release solo debut single in December

8-year-old child actor Suzuki Fuku will make his solo singing debut this December. It was confirmed on Wednesday that his first single (titled “Iya Iya YO~!!”) has been given a release date of December 5, but ringtones for the song are already available.

Suzuki, along with “Kaoru to Tomoki, Tama ni Mook” co-star Ashida Mana (8), had a runaway hit last year with “Maru Maru Mori Mori!,” which became one of the biggest sensations of 2011 and earned them both a spot at NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen. Ashida has already parlayed that into three solo singles and a mini-album under Universal Music. Clearly, the label is hoping for the same kind of success with Suzuki.

“Iya Iya YO~!!” is described as a catchy pop tune with a touch of tango, describing a young student’s feelings of affection for a teacher. The song was recorded in a studio at the end of September, along with the coupling track “Boom Boom! Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Suzuki says that he wants to actively pursue singing, expressing his desire to release an album and hold a concert. He also says that he hopes to become a singer worthy of performing at Kouhaku again. (source)

source also has a video of suzuki. :)
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Mitsumune Kaoru leaves AKB48 despite promotion to Team K

AKB48M research student Mitsumune Kaoru (19) has withdrawn from the group, it was announced on Wednesday. According to AKB48′s official blog, Mitsumune had voluntarily chosen to leave the group due to her poor health condition.

Mitsumune joined AKB48 in December 2011 after passing the auditions for the 13th generation of research students. She had received a lot of attention for her talent and was quickly pushed into the spotlight, even landing a television role in the drama series “ATARU” from April to June. It was also decided that she would be promoted to official member status as part of Team K when the new team formations take effect at the start of next month.

However, Mitsumune was absent from all three days of AKB48′s Tokyo Dome concerts in late August, due to poor health. She temporarily resumed activities after that, but she was again absent from a promotional event for the “Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou” movie earlier this month.

In her message that was included in the AKB48 blog entry, Mitsumune stated that the staff had encouraged her to just focus on recovering her health, but that also led her to wonder whether she should just completely stop her AKB48 activities for the sake of her health. After much further discussion with the staff, she chose to withdraw from the group, though she said she hopes to once appear again in front of her fans in another way.

It seems likely that she could continue with modeling (she won the Kobe Collection Model Audition in March 2011, before joining AKB48) or with acting (she already stars in the movie “Joshi Camera,” being released on November 24). (source)

Shota announces new cover album "MELODY"

Shimizu Shota, fresh off his hit cover of HY’s “366 Nichi” which received nearly 2 million views on YouTube and reached #1 on Recochoku’s Weekly Chart, has announced his first cover album, “MELODY.”

Shota, who is known for being meticulous about his own work, has painstakingly selected love songs for the album, including contemporary works like Ayaka’s “Mikazuki” and Kato Miliyah’s “Aitai” as well as Anzen Chitai and Inoue Yousui’s “Natsu no Owari no Harmony,” Kuwata Keisuke’s “Shiroi Koibitotachi,” Tokunaga Hideaki’s “Rainy Blue,” among other songs representing Japan’s music industry.

It has been confirmed that Ohashi Takuya of Sukima Switch will join Shota on “Natsu no Owari no Harmony.”

Fans will be anxiously awaiting them album now until its release on November 28. Songs from the album, however, will be released successively to Chaku-uta outlets starting October 31 according to the special webpage for the album, which will also feature a section for fan reactions and a special quiz.

Source - Excite.jp
Translation - shotablog.tumblr.com

Awesome news! Loving that new Shimizu Shota Tumblr by the way!

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A heavenly voice graces Japan with its perfection

a.k.a Josh Groban full version of Konosaki no Michi, an ending theme song for Japanese mini-series NHK Doyo Dorama Special Makete Katsu Sengo Wo Tsukutta Otoko Yoshida Shigeru has been released.
Watch (or more likely listen to) the perfection below:

Source: YT
Info for the drama: Tokyohive, IMDB

Ah, I remember long time ago I watched an interview of Josh, where he said that he's interested in singing a Japanese song. And now he does and IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! <3
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MISIA to star in her first commercial in 10 years!

MISIA will be making her first CM appearance in 10 years in the latest commercial for Toyota's Isis which goes on air starting October 24.

Many artists have appeared and provided music for the Toyota Isis commercials since the vehicle's launch in 2004, including Miki Imai in 2009 and Hideaki Tokunaga and Every Little Thing in 2011. This year the face of Isis is none other than MISIA. The songstress last appeared in a commercial back in 2002, for the Kirin soft drink RAKUDA, in which her song "Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no sei" was used.

This time she wrote "HOLIDAY", a light uptempo track on which her crystal-clear vocals feature prominently, to compliment the sensation of freedom and comfort of the Isis' panoramic door feature. MISIA wrote the song specifically for the commercial which uses an exclusive version that features the word "Isis" in the lyrics.

Moreover, the newly launched magazine and GIRL will include a promotional MISIA meets TOYOTA "Isis" feature page on its next 5 monthly issues, starting in December (issue out on November 12) with a special interview with MISIA.

MISIA's comment:
We shot this commercial in Saiko, one of the Fuji Five Lakes, a place I have very deep and fond memories of. It's also close to Lake Kawaguchi, so it was a very relaxing shoot. I've been coming to Lake Kawaguchi on my "Hoshizora no Live" tours for many years and have almost always been blessed with great weather. It was raining the day before shooting but it cleared up just in time. I'm once again very thankful for this affinity I seem to have with this place.

source: Music Lounge
translation: baboona


Monkey Majik + Oda Kazumasa collab!

It was revealed that Monkey Majik are doing a Christmas song collaboration with Oda Kazumasa. The song is titled "A Christmas for You"

The single will go on sale on 2012/12/05

1. A Christmas for You
2. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
3. Have Yourself a Merry Christmas


OMG super excited!!! First the English best of album in November, and now a collab in December! Love MM so much! ♥♥♥