November 1st, 2012

Nino entered the Guiness World Records with Pocky

On October 31st, Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari (29) attended a Guinness World Records Challenge Event held by “Pocky” (Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.).

Pocky created a mosaic art based on their CM model character played by Ninomiya, “Devil Nino”. They entered the Guiness book by using 1,307,208 pocky. In order to achieve this, a total of 240 people worked during 48 hours.

When the 50.92 square meters mosaic art was unveiled, Ninomiya expressed full of joy; “Amazing!”, “I’m really glad I became an entertainer, I’m deeply touched”. Ninomiya also participated as representative of the brand and received the Guinness certificate on stage. Deeply grateful he said, “This was prepared by a lot of people, so I want to thank all of them”.

Among the agency, KinKi Kids and President Johnny Kitagawa are the only Guinness World Record holders. Though Ninomiya’s award is not a direct certification, for Guinness association, he is considered as the 3rd member of the agency to be awarded. To this, Nino dedicated a message to Johnny-san, “Finally! You can say we are side by side” he said with a smug face causing laugh among the audience.

In addition, it was revealed by “オリ★スタ” magazine that Arashi has won the top spot as “Favorite Artist Ranking chosen by 20,000 music fans” for the 3rd consecutive year.

[Oricon News] [Nikkan Sports] [Sanspo] via jenewsdaily

PKMN Partey Partey

V6 announce third single release for 2012!

V6's third single for 2012, "ROCK YOUR SOUL" will be used as an image song for the new sequel of the popular action adventure game, "Hokuto Musou" (English title: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage), "Shin Hokuto Musou". The coupling song, "Music Life" will be used as an ending theme to V6's TBS show, "GachaGachaV6". It is scheduled to release on December 26th in four different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular Edition and Tie-up Edition.


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Well thats a suprising announcement. Hoping for the album to come early next year.
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Favorite artists ranking 2012 by 20,000 music fans !!


Weekly entertainment magazine “Only★Star” has revealed its 9th 「Favorite artist ranking by 20,000 music fan 」.This ranking has held since 2004 .This year ,TOP 3 spot has not changed at all .Arashi ,Ikimono gakari and Mr.Children have dominated TOP3 for 3 consecutive year !!

Popular idol group Arashi kept their position from last year ,coming in at No.1 for three consecutive year !! .It's the first time for this ranking since it has held from 2004 that artist has dominated No.1 for three consecutive year !! .Arashi dominate No.1 on 8 categories from all 15 categories : Overall , favorite among women , favorite among 10 years old, favorite among 20 years old ,favorite among 10 years old women, favorite among 20 years old women, favorite among 30 years old women and favorite among 40 years old women ,showing their overwhelming strength

For No.2 ,this year is also Ikimono gakari that kept position from last year .This year Ikimono gakari sing the London Olympic for NHK . They are in Top 3 on 13 categories from all 15 categories of this ranking.They are the first place for Overall male and favorite among 10 years old male as well.
No.3 is popular rock band Mr.Children .This year is Mr.Children 's 20th debut anniversary .They are very successful with million seller dual best album! that dominated top 2 spot album yearly chart now! . This year is their first appearance on media in 3 years as well .

For this ranking ,they have never lost from TOP 5 since this ranking has started from 2004! .They are very popular among 20 years old and 30 years old .Furthermore ,they dominate the first place both 20 years old  and 30 years old men! .They are No.1 favorite among over all 30 years old as well ,proving their long live popularity still strong after 20 years!

Check out the TOP50 below !!

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Source : Only star

Congrats to everyone !! ...i'm not surprised why Arashi ,Ikimono gakari and Mr.Children have dominated Top3 spots for 3 consecutive years!
Especially ,Mr.Children has dominated No.3 almost every year .lol XD
If more details about this ranking are out ,i will update soon

Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

kanjani8-8est koda_kumi-go_to_the_top yuzu-live_films_yuzu_dome_day_2_minna_domo_arigatou 

For singles article, go HERE.

For albums article, go HERE.

Popular duo, Yuzu have achieved the top 2 rankings in the music-DVD and music-BD charts simultaneously with "LIVE FILMS YUZU YOU DOME DAY 2 –Minna, Doumo Arigatou-" at no.1 and "LIVE FILMS YUZU YOU DOME DAY 1 –Futari de, Doumo Arigatou-" at no.2. The Blu-Ray versions of the lives sold 10,023 copies and 9,933 copies, for a DVD+BD total of 27,951 copies and 27,714 copies respectively. Yuzu are only the 3rd male group to have achieved the top 2 rankings in the music-DVD chart after V6 with "Very best live -1995~2004-" and "Film V6 act IV -DANCE CLIPS and more-" (March 2005), and Kis-My-Ft2 with "Kis-My-Ft2 Debut Tour 2011 Everybody Go at Yokohama Arena 2011.7.31" and "Kis-My-Ft ni Aeru de Show vol.3 at National Yoyogi Gymnasium 2011.2.12" (October 2011). The last time Yuzu have reached the top spot in the chart was 4 years and 8 months ago with "Yuzu no Ne" (February 2008). The live footage are recorded during their "Yuzu Debut 15 Shuunen Kanshasai Dome Kouen YUZU YOU" concerts at Tokyo Dome. For "DAY 1", Yuzu challenged the performances with only the two of them with the support of an orchestra. For "DAY 2", it was filled with a comprehensive production of entertainment involving band sound and luxurious lightings.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2012. New release in bold.

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Very slow week for both charts. Still, congrats to both Eito and Kuu! It's a pity that Leo missed the top spot, but only by a few hundreds. At least it's not Taylor Swift lol! Top 3 albums are so close to each other, the same with top 2 singles as well!

Still congrats to Leo and Kalafina (good sales this time!), and also Yuzu! :)

Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Why Halloween Isn’t Popular in Japan: “I don’t celebrate Halloween because I don’t have a boyfriend”


Although the religious aspects of Christmas aren’t widely celebrated in Japan, the country has fully embraced jolly old St. Nick.  This has led to a very different version of Christmas than most are used to, but it’s still “Christmas.”  Japanese households are sure to eat Christmas cake (a cake with candles eaten on Christmas day that looks similar to birthday cake) and enjoy the traditional Christmas bucket of KFC chicken (clever marketing, KFC!).  Despite its differences, Christmas is still accepted as Christmas and it seems like all of Japan celebrates the holiday in some form on December 25th.

Judging from the status of Christmas in Japan, you would think that the Japanese are also crazy for Halloween.  On the contrary, Halloween is not very popular in Japan.

But why hasn’t Halloween taken off the way Christmas has?  Japanese website, Yukan News, asked this very same question.

According to a 2010 internet survey produced by Japanese website, MyVoice, 74.1% of those surveyed said they know about events or traditions that take place on Halloween and 24.8% said they only know the holiday’s name and nothing more.  In addition, a survey conducted the very same year revealed that 98.1% have at least heard of Halloween.  According to the figures, it seems that most people in Japan can recognize Halloween as a holiday.  However, despite being well known, many choose to not celebrate Halloween.

On Japan’s Yahoo! Answers site, internet users have been discussing the reasons behind Japan’s lack of enthusiasm for Halloween.  One user commented, “I feel like I’d be reported if I gave little children candy.”  Another admitted, “I’m embarrassed to wear a costume.”  But an overwhelming amount of people simply wondered what Halloween is all about.  “I have no idea how Halloween came to be or why it’s celebrated,” said one user.  “What are you celebrating?” questioned another.

That’s not to say that Halloween isn’t celebrated at all in Japan.  Many schools hold Halloween parties with the help of foreign Assistant Language Teachers and many other community Halloween events take place all over the country.  Japan’s largest Halloween event, “Kawasaki Halloween 2012,” took place on October 28 of this year and welcomed 3,000 participants and 100,000 spectatorsAlthough people in Japan can be seen dressing in costume in the name of Halloween, most events take place over the weekend instead of October 31st.  This means it is very rare to see anyone carving pumpkins or going from door to door, trick or treating on Halloween night.

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Source: Yukan News and rocketnews24

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SKE48'S Yagami Kumi announces graduation

SKE48's Yagami Kumi announced her graduation on her google+ account today.

Hello everyone.
I’m Yagami Kumi from SKE48′s Team S.
Because the current SKE theatre is being renovated I’ll use Google+ to make an announcement.

I have decided that I, Yagami Kumi, will graduate from SKE48.

I have been included in the senbatsu for all the SKE singles since the first one, while also appearing as an Under Girl for AKB48, while also receiving a place of 28th place in this year’s General Election which was due to all your warm support.

It’s because of you, my fans, that I’ve been able to grow up in such a blessed environment up until now.
Up until I decided to announce my graduation today, I’ve really been troubled by it.
SKE48 has even kept on growing until a 5th generation, and I now have many juniors.

I’ve had thoughts that I must lead them as a first gen. While also thinking that it would be great if the younger members also had many more chances to showcase their abilities. So overall, complicated thoughts.
Also, while thinking about what path I will take after, I have a strong intent on wanting to make a fresh start from the beginning. I have thought briefly about graduating from the 48 groups around a year ago, and this is one decision that requires courage. But today I have arrived at my decision to graduate.

I’m really sorry if this sudden announcement surprises you guys.

But I will again inform you guys again at the handshake event on the 3rd of November.

I will discuss with my management staff about when I will be graduating after.

Please keep supporting SKE48 and Yagami Kumi until the end.

Kuumin's g+

wtf. She's still young, she's so popular in SKE, and she gets great push from management too. So weird she'd graduate now.

45th Nihon Yusen Taisho winners announced

Most of the 45th Nihon Yusen Taisho winners have been revealed. Eight artists are receiving the music excellence award, which makes them eligible for the Grand Prize that will be announced on November 14th. The artists are: Otsuki Miyako, AKB48, Kouzai Kaori, JUJU, Hikawa Kiyoshi, Nishino Kana, Mizumori Kaori, and Fairies.

Started in 1968, the Nihon Yusen Taisho is awarded every year to artists and songs that have been highly requested over cable audio broadcasting networks. The Grand Prize is a little more subjective, as the award’s committee makes its overall choice from the songs by the eight selected artists. So far, Hikawa has received the Grand Prize six times, and Kouzai has received it once.

Usuzawa Misaki and AKB48’s Iwasa Misaki are receiving New Artist awards, and one of them will also be chosen on November 14th to receive the Best New Artist title.

The other awards being given are:

  • Special Award: Akimoto Yasushi, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  • Yusen Achievement Award: Kanmuri Jiro
  • Long Request Award: “Mujin Eki” (Iwasa Misaki)
  • Yusen Inquiry Award: “Kuchinashi Bojou” (Matsuo Yushi)
  • Yusen Broadcasting Association Award: Asami Chiyuki, Miyasato Kana

TBS will televise the awards ceremony live on November 14 at 7:00pm. Sawamura Ikki and Triendl Reina will host.


Suzuki Kyoka to play an abused mother in the upcoming drama ‘Yako Kanransha’ for Winter 2013


On November 2nd, TBS announced that they will adapt the novel ‘Yako Kanransha‘ (lit. ‘Ferris Wheel at Night’) of best-selling author Minato Kanae (‘Kokuhaku’, ‘Shokuzai’) into a drama series for the upcoming winter season. Actress Suzuki Kyoka will play the protagonist, a housewife, and mother,who is being driven towards a mental breakdown by her abusive daughter and other things.

It’s Minato’s first suspense-packed novel that focuses on family problems. The story revolves around a sensational incident that happened in an exclusive residential district where the elite families live. Minato depicts how the family in question and the families around them handle and respond to this incident.

The main focus lies on the Endo family that worked hard to finally purchase a house in this high class residential area. Endo Mayumi (Suzuki) is the housewife and mother of this family. Mayumi still feels like her biggest dream has finally come true, but things soon take a turn for the worse when her eldest daughter fails her junior high-school entrance examination and gradually starts domestic violence towards her. Moreover it seems like her husband tries to avoid coming back home and if that isn’t already enough, Mayumi also gets bullied by Mrs. Kojima, the wife neighborhood council president. Living across the street is the Takahashi family, who seem like the perfect elite family from the outside, but one day Mr. Takahashi suddenly gets murdered…

Suzuki already experienced the role of an abused wife in the movie ‘Blood & Bones‘ where Kitano Takeshi played her husband. In 2011 she received a lot of attention and credit for her love scenes with actor Hasegawa Hiroki in the movie ‘Second Virgin‘. Having seen how much dedication she puts into performing her roles, it’s only natural that everyone is looking forward to her next challenging project.

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Source: Mantan-Web, Sanspo,and  tokyohive

Nikkei Trendy names Sakuraba Nanami the “Face of the Year”


The magazine Nikkei Trendy has released its annual “Hit Products Best 30″ list, which highlights the most popular consumer goods and trends of the year. As usual, it also announced its “Face of the Year,” given to a rising celebrity who had a breakout year and is anticipated to get even bigger. This year, that honor went to 20-year-old actress Sakuraba Nanami, who is also known as a member of the idol group bump.y.

Sakuraba, who made her show business debut in 2007, appeared in multiple television dramas, films, commercials, and advertising campaigns this year, greatly increasing her public exposure.

The “Hit Products Best 30″ were:

  1. Tokyo Skytree (the tallest tower in the world was completed in March)
  2. LINE (a popular social messaging application)
  3. Domestic “low-cost carriers” (three new budget airlines opened in Japan this year)
  4. Maruchan Seimen (a new instant noodle product from Maruchan)
  5. Fit Cut Curve (a new model of scissors)
  6. JINS PC (eyeglasses designed for heavy computer usage)
  7. Osawari Tantei Nameko Saibai Kit (a mobile game application involving cultivating mushrooms)
  8. Kirin Mets Cola (a “healthy” cola beverage)
  9. Machi-kon (large-scale dating events, similar to goukon, but much larger)
  10. Kuro Beer-kei Inryo (a type of beverage)
  11. Shio-koji (a cooking ingredient that combines fermented koji and salt)
  12. N BOX (a minivan made by Honda)
  13. Sonicare AirFloss (an air-based alternative to dental floss)
  14. Meyer Microwave Pressure Cooker (a microwaveable pressure cooker)
  15. Aqua (a hybrid made by Toyota)
  16. Conbini Wa-Sweets (a term referring to convenience-store Japanese sweets)
  17. Taiyou no Mate-cha (a tea beverage)
  18. Ore no Italian / Ore no French (a casual dining chain)
  19. Samsung Galaxy SIII / Galaxy Note (mobile devices)
  20. Lenor Happiness Aroma Jewel (laundry scent boosters)
  21. Alesion 10 (epinastine tablets)
  22. Tattoo stockings (stockings with designs that resemble tattoos)
  23. Metallic Nano Puzzle (3-D laser-cut metallic puzzles)
  24. HMZ-T1 (a visor-like head mounted display made by Sony)
  25. Annular eclipse (Japan had a rare one in May)
  26. Tokyo Chikara Meshi (a beef bowl restaurant chain)
  27. Battroborg (a battle robot toy made by Takara Tomy)
  28. Mote Namida-Bukuro Moisture (a type of makeup to accentuate your under eyes)
  29. Osoji Robot 2.0 (Roomba-like vacuum cleaning robots have finally caught on in Japan)
  30. Kids dance (becoming more popular)

Oricon and tokyograph