November 13th, 2012

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Kitamura Kazuki divorces after 19 years of marriage

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Actor Kitamura Kazuki (43) and his wife have divorced, it has been learned. The news was revealed in this week’s issue of Shukan Josei.

Kitamura and his wife have been married since 1993. According to the magazine, Kitamura left his family’s home around the start of this year and began living on his own somewhere in Tokyo. He reportedly told his friends that he had divorced.

Kitamura has a son named Shousei (17), who is also an actor, but it is said that his ex-wife has parental custody.

The Sankei Sports newspaper confirmed with Kitamura’s agency that the actor has divorced.

Sankei Sports , tokyograph

Top stage! Johnny’s World!

Hey! Say! JUMP, A.B.C-Z, Sexy Zone, et al, make a total of 180 people participating in stage-play “Johnny’s World”. On November 12th, they talked about challenging Tokyo Imperial Theater.

In order to celebrate Mr. Johnny Kitagawa‘s Guinness World Record certifications they’re holding performances that include flying, tightrope walking, magic, trapeze, creating overall a flashy rendition using more than 3000 costumes. And more than 1000 costumes never seen before.

They will be performing during the next 3 months. Yamada Ryosuke commented: “I’m honored to be involved in the culmination of the world Johnny-san has built. I want this to be a historic stage-play”, ”Certainly there’s a sense of challenge”. He talked about his experience challenging the tightrope in stage; “Even though I couldn’t quite make it during rehearsals, it turned out OK during the play”, he said, showing confidence.

Challenging the trapeze, JUMP’s Chinen Yuri (18), “I’ve developed fairly nice muscles”. A.B.C-Z’s Tsukada Ryoichi (25) praised him too, “Chinen-kun has the best body”. JUMP’s Yaotome Hikaru (21) claimed, “Even his back muscles look divided like his abs”, making fun of Chinen.

Yabu Kota (22) commented, “Our role is to reproduce and show the audience what Johnny’s world is”.Performances will be held until January 27th of next year. Making a total of 103 performances, including January 6th when Takizawa Hideaki (30) is scheduled to appear.

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Kis-My-Ft2′s Tamamori Yuta to star in “Nobunaga no Chef” drama series

Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takuro’s manga “Nobunaga no Chef” is getting a live-action drama series next season, starring Kis-My-Ft2’s Tamamori Yuta (22). Although he co-starred in the TBS drama “Ikemen Desu ne” last year, this will be his first time as the sole lead of a drama series.

Tamamori will play the role of Ken, a French chef who is transported back in time to the Sengoku period, where he winds up becoming a chef for Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga will be played by Oikawa Mitsuhiro (43).

Other cast members include Shida Mirai (19) as Natsu, a female swordsmith posing as a boy who helps out Ken; comedian Gori (40) as Toyotomi Hideyoshi; Ukaji Takashi (50) as Mori Yoshinari; comedian Takeyama Takanori (41) as Tokugawa Ieyasu; Kitaro (64) as Inoue, another of Nobunaga’s chefs; and Masana Bokuzo (42) as Ashikaga Yoshiaki.

“Nobunaga no Chef” will air on Friday nights at 11:15pm on TV Asahi, beginning in January 2013.

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Yatta!!! Finally Tama's first lead drama!! Omedetou Tamachan!!
cute @!

Koda Kumi celebrates her 30th birthday at Nippon Budokan

On November 13th, singer Koda Kumi celebrated her 30th birthday with a concert, ‘KODA KUMI premium Night ~Love & Songs~‘, at Nippon Budokan.

This marked Koda’s first Nippon Budokan live as well as her first birthday live since debuting in 2000. The fans celebrated her birthday by singing “Birthday Eve” and calling out, “Kuu-chan, happy birthday!” Koda responded in tears, “It’s the first time holding a live on my birthday… this is the best.”

During the live, Koda was presented with an 1.5 meter (4.9 ft) tall birthday cake with a diameter of 1 meter (3.3 ft). After blowing out the candles, she took a commemorative photo with her fans. “Being Koda Kumi for over 10 years, getting married, and having a baby. Is it okay to be so happy? I don’t think there are any artists who is loved this much. I’m a very fortunate person.”

Koda performed a total of 32 songs which included 30 songs chosen from 500,000 fans and a special medley. She also charmed the fans with 8 different outfits throughout the performance. Finally, Koda announced that she would be holding an arena tour (11 shows, 8 locations) starting in March of next year.

  Happy Birthday to the POP DIVA!! \o/