November 19th, 2012


Puretty's 2nd single to be released onJanuary

PURETTY's second japanese single called "シュワシュワBABY"{Shwa shwa Baby} will be released on January 30, 2013. It has a cute pop tune and is composed by Han Sang Won who made many hit songs including KARA's Go Go Summer. "シュワシュワBABY" will also be Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future's ending theme song starting January of 2013.

Limited Edition CD + DVD is ¥ 1,680
CD is ¥ 980

- DVD includes making of the PV
- Also includes a limited edition Prism Stone from Season 10 which will be randomly placed in albums

1. シュワシュワBABY
2. ベリベリLike U
3. シュワシュワBABY(Instrumental)
4. ベリベリLike U(Instrumental)

Source: PURETTY's UMJ Site
Trans by: beanbug @dspgirls

Nagase Tomoya to star in a tailor-made drama again after two years

On November 19th, it was announced that TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya is going to star in the upcoming NTV drama ‘Nakuna, Hara-chan‘.

‘Nakuna, Hara-chan’ is an original romantic comedy written by Okada Yoshikazu (‘Churasan’) and features Nagase as a sullen and grumbling manga character who suddenly leaps out to the real world and falls in love with the female mangaka that created him. The actress who is going to play the mangaka will be announced at a later date.

Nagase hasn’t starred in a TV drama since ‘Unubore Deka‘ (TBS) two years ago. This time he gets to play a manga character who is going through various struggles in the real world for the woman he loves. He commented excitedly, “Similar to this woman who is relieving all of her stress through her manga, I’m going to let everything I’ve been saving during those two years out in this drama!

Producer Kono Hidehiro revealed that the whole screenplay was written with the mindset that Nagase is going to play the protagonist in the first place. Therefore we can look forward to a Nagase being completely in his element with his enthusiastic performances. He stated, “Through a very powerful presentation, we want to convey the reasonable and rather simple idea that it’s okay to think about other people (more often).

NTV is going to air ‘Nakuna, Hara-chan’ every Saturday at 9:00 p.m. starting in January 2013.

Source: Sanspo via tokyohive

Goo Ranking for Skinny but Macho Johnny’s That Will Make You Fall in Love

After NEWSKeiichiro Koyama mentioned that he is doing bench-press while backstage of his latest stage play- “Hello, Goodbye”- Goo made a poll about Johnny’s that could make you fall in love with their skinny but muscular bodies.

Here are the results:

1. Yamashita Tomohisa

2. Sakurai Sho

3. Matsumoto Jun

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Source & photos: jenewsdaily

YUI to go on hiatus at the end of the year

On November 19th, it was revealed that singer-songwriter YUI will be putting a halt to her music activities at the end of the year.

Through a handwritten announcement on her official website, YUI explained that she has found something new that she wants to try, and has decided to take a break in order to prepare for it. “I know this might cause people to worry, but I am writing this hoping that this letter will convey that I decided on it with a positive mind.

Regarding her future, she commented, “My style might change, but I want to do lots of fun things through music, so if you’d like, please stay with me.” While on hiatus, YUI plans to report fans of her present situation through her official website.

YUI is scheduled to perform on TV Asahi’s music program, ‘MUSIC STATION‘, on November 23rd. Fans can expect a live announcement from the singer herself.

Source: natalie

well i'll be patiently wait, kinda excited at her style change XD

Johnny Kitagawa achieves his 3rd Guinness World Record


On November 19th it was revealed that president of the agency, Mr. Johnny Kitagawa (81) has been certified with another Guinness World Record, this time as “Most Number of Singers who have achieved the No. 1 position Produced by an Individual “, making this his third Guinness World Record. In addition, one person who has contributed to this Guinness world record, KinKi Kids’ member, Domoto Koichi (33) announced today the production of “Endless SHOCK” (Tokyo Imperial Theater).

Mr. Johnny was watching over the meeting somewhere in the building when the good news was sent. Last year he was awarded with 2 other Guinness World Records; “Most Concerts Produced by an Individual (8,419)” and “Most No.1 Singles Produced by an Individual (232)”, followed by his third, “Most Number of Singers Produced by an Individual who have achieved the No. 1 position (35)”. It was revealed also that among those artist, Domoto Koichi is included to which he commented “I’m also happy for me then”.

The presentation of the certificate was decided in November 14th when a Chairman of Guinness World Records visited Japan. After watching the commemorative production “JOHNNY’S World” (Tokyo Imperial Theater), he handed over the certificate of approval some days later. Just recently, Johnny Kitagawa had stated he wanted to set 1 or 2 more Guinness World Record, all the more reason to feel modest and happy he added, “Keeping the #1 spot is a troublesome thing but as long as they want to keep making music and becoming number one then it’s a natural thing”.

On top of this happy announcement, there’s still the grief over the death of Mori Mitsuko (92) who passed away just recently. “I was surprised to hear she passed away. I don’t want to remember. Like family, we were really close. Even now I feel like she’s here. I think we all feel that way”.

However, to overcome this grief, Mr Johnny has decided to aim for his 4th Guinness World Record, “Michael has more than 7, right? I think is important to set new records. While defending the 3 records we have, it’s important to always keep challenging new ones”. The challenge of this 81-year-old continues.

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[Sanspo] [Nikkan Sports] via jenewsdaily