November 25th, 2012


NMB48 Recent Kitagawa Kenji Performances And Appearance At TKF Festival

Recently, NMB48 started to release official LODs (Lives On Demand).
Here is a performance by NMB48's Team N of Kitagawa Kenji from one of the recent LODs.


Also, NMB48 were present at the TKF Festival, the 20th Anniversary celebration for comedian Tamura Kenji from Yoshimoto. Here's a footage of NMB48 from the event that was recently aired on their variety show, Docking48. The video has members of NMB walking about, meeting guests (comedians, athletes and other artists such as misono, jealkb etc) at the festivals and asking them for free gifts. There is also a footage of NMB48 performing Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo and Kitagawa Kenji at the end.



The theater perf of Kitaken is the best Kitaken perf up to date imo.
And one of my favourite idol perfs ever, Cause the girls just went mad and performed spontaneously.
Especially Sayanee. lol. Girl's too awesome. Imagine them performing like that in year-end shows.
And the Zetsumetsu and Kitaken live from the 2nd link, is it me or were some of their mics actually switched on??
Sounds different.
And someone (maybe Milky?) sounds really funny at the start of Kitagawa Kenji,
And that's all of my NMB spam. Sorry, flawlessness needs to be shared.

Marius Yo’s first starring role in drama spin-off from “Kodomo Keisatsu”


On November 22nd it was revealed that youngest member of Johnny´s youngest group, Marius Yo (12) will star in a midnight drama series for the first time “Kodomo Keishi” (TBS Tuesdays 0:55/MBS Thursdays 0:55). This drama will be broadcasted from April to June of 2013, derived from the series starred by popular child actor Suzuki Fuku, “Kodomo Keisatsu”. Prompted as leading role, Marius stated, “I think I can show you all a different Hazama Seishiro from the one in ‘Kodomo Keisatsu’”.

Red Venus evil organization set a trap with special gas to make these police officers become children, trying to keep them away from their evil plans. Though the superintended acknowledged the officers investigation abilities they must still attend school and work as police officers afterwards.This story unravels a lot of mysteries  keeping most of the cast like Chief Deka (Suzuki Fuku) et al. Also in charge of the screenplay and supervision, Fukuda Yuichi who was also involved in “Kodomo Keisatsu”.

Marius, “I was surprised. Hazama Seishiro is gentle but also a  very strict and responsible person. He is such a cool character, I want to play every single cool move. My lines have increased a lot. I want to work hard and learn more and more about those difficult words”, he enthusiastically commented.

Ever since the filming of “Kodomo Keisatsu” finished, Marius has grown taller by 8~9cm in 6 months. Taller Marius said, “Staff-san noticed, they told me I looked taller and that’s better looking. I was really glad to hear that”.

[Oricon Style] via jenewsdaily

Aiba Masaki Declares Abstinence and Aims for High Ratings for “Last Hope”

Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki, who will be playing the role of a doctor for the 1st time, is rumored to be so devoted in character internalization. Rumor has it that he even declared a “temperance” in hopes that his prayer for the drama’s “smashing success” will be answered.

As reported,

Aiba Masaki will be playing an unusual physician for his next year’s drama, “Last Hope“. In the said drama, Aiba has the ability diagnose his patient’s ailments by merely listening to his/her heartbeat using a stethoscope. Aiba even has the staff call and introduce him to a real doctor so he can learn more about his character.

According to an informant, Aiba is studying how to wear the white coat, use a stethoscope, make diagnosis, and is even memorizing some medical terms. Aiba is so serious with his role that he wanted this drama to be his “masterpiece“.

That’s not all. Aiba also checked all drama DVDs with medical theme including Fuji TV’s “Shiroi Kyoto” starring Karasawa Toshiaki that was broadcasted last 2003.

Furthermore, Aiba is also watching TV Asahi’s “Doctor X” where Ryoko Yonekura plays the surgeon named Michiko Daimon. Aiba is reportedly impressed by Yonekura’s character portrayal. According to the same informant mentioned above, Aiba thinks the Yonekura’s role is appealing that he is aiming to be male version of Yonekura’s Doctor X. Even though a physician and surgeon is clearly different.

In addition, there is one more thing that Aiba is betting on this drama…

“It was heard that Aiba declared to abstain from drinking until the drama is over. It has been known to few that Aiba is quite a drinker in Johnny’s. Officials are keeping on tenterhooks to see if Aiba can indeed give-up drinking.

Tokyo Sports via Johnny’s-Watcher and jenewsdaily

Watch out Meisa, ViVi readers want to have hot sex with your husband!

Good looking guys you want to have hot sex with:

1. Mukai Osamu

2. Fukuyama Masaharu

3. Akanishi Jin

4. Narimiya Hiroki

5. Matsumoto Jun

Good looking guys you expect to have hot sex with:

1. Mukai Osamu

2. Fukuyama Masaharu


4. Akanishi Jin

5. Takahashi Katsunori

not sure who are is in the ? positions.

Source: ViVi magazine  via jafandom twitter
Nathan Shirtless

New Dragon Ball Z Movie Title Chosen, Limited Edition Tickets to Go on Sale

Nov 20, 2012 by Master Blaster

Our collective rears were tickled with the teaser trailer for a new Dragon Ball Z movie penned by its original creator, Akira Toriyama this past summer, and now a new glimpse of the new movie has arrived – the official title. Along with the announcement comes a once in a life time offer!

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