November 28th, 2012


NMB48 Performs HA! In Theater

Recently, NMB48 performed their latest song, HA!, a B-side found in Type B of AKB48's Eien Pressure single, in their theater.
Here is the performance!


NMB HA! GIF             

Mannn I seriously really love those outfits!!
Leopard prints everywhere! Wee~!
And the song is growing more and more on me. especially the chorus.

Julie Keiko Fujishima will be the next President of Johnny & Associates!?

(pic was taken several years ago)

On Nov 26, the artist lineup for the 63rd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen has been announced.  With the addition of Kanjani8 to Kohaku along with SMAP, TOKIO, Arashi and NYC, a pattern of who is in control has been established.

Kis-My-ft2 and Sexy Zone are the 2 newly debuted groups last year but it's Kanjani8 who celebrated their 8th anniversary this year that had a very busy and successful year with concerts, dramas, Eight Ranger movie, CD releases, TV shows.

The crescendo success of Kanjani8 is credited to Julie Keiko Fujishima, currently Vice President but is now seen as the future President of J&A.  TOKIO and Arashi are groups that are under Julie faction and this year Kanjani8 has joined Julie faction also.

Ever since the beginning of the year,  Kanjani 8 and Arashi have been linked together in TV shows and magazine appearances, this year end Kohaku event is to cap off a successful year.  (weekly entertainment reporter).

However, it is unusual for NHK to invite that many Johnny's groups to attend Kohaku.  Arashi is the host so their appearance is a must.  Low sales TOKIO should be cut but they're still there.  SMAP is under Iijima's faction.  NYC is under Johnny Kitagawa.  And now, Kanjani8 has been added to the lineup with the other 4.

Three of the 5 groups who will be participatimg are under Julie's faction. It's just to show Julie is certainly in charge of a new system in Johnny's.

Source: johnnys-watcher translated by 4miu_miu

Thank you 4miu_miu for the translation
AnCafe - Bou Nyaa
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Masuda Yuka to graduate AKB

21-year-old Masuda Yuka, second generation AKB48 member, has announced on her blog that she will be graduating AKB, following a scandal with DA PUMP's ISSA.

She wrote:

I'm sorry it's been quite a while since my last post.

Tomorrow, Shuukan Bunshun is releasing an article about me, saying I slept over at DA PUMP frontman ISSA's apartment. The article includes things that aren't true, but that I spent the night at his place is the truth.

I apologize for my indiscreet behavior and I'm honestly sorry that it resulted in misunderstandings among fans, fellow members, staff and family.

I've thought the situation over and asked myself what would be the best thing to do and as a way of taking responsibility for my actions, I've decided to retire from AKB48. Sorry for this sudden announcement.

I apologize to all the fans that have supported me all along for leaving the group in such fashion.
I wanted to express my feelings directly to fans and everyone else worried by the article, so I've announced it here on my blog.

Masuda Yuka

Yuttan, who is also a member of AKB subgroup DiVA, has recently taken a break from AKB activities to dedicate her time to the musical 'The Wiz', in which she has the main role.

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Blog Post Translation

Looks like AKB just lost one of their best singers. ;-; She was an important member, but it's true that she wasn't getting anything out of AKB anymore. Wish she'd been able to graduate of her own will and not due to a scandal though.
cute @!

moumoon are back with a cute pv + releasing a new album in 2013

The duo are releasing their newest single called DREAMER DREAMER/Doko e mo Ikanai yo on December 12, Doko e mo Ikanai yo is currently being used as the ending theme for the drama series, ‘Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryo no Kagi‘. Also they will be releasing their 4th album on January 30, the album will include tv commercial song "Love is Everywhere", main theme song for Fuji Television's special show "Doruche" titled "Banitasu", a main theme for the film "Little Maestra", "Utsukushi hito", and their hit song "Hanabi" also the DVD will include 2 hours worth of live performances(a best of lives). 

 PV and Single Covers



On top of this they will also be releasing a special single exclusively with the wedding magazine Zexy January issue,the single is a cover of Amazing Grace and a new song called 'Aniberuseru' . Readers who buy it can also enter a lottery to have moumoon sing at their wedding or win tickets for their upcoming tour.

[video of them annoucing it and preview]


so much new moumoon this winter!!!


The cheating men what they deserve?


Some of you may already be familiar with the entertaining, yet controversial Net Movie Program "The Triangle" by the Japanese comedy duo London Boots on their show London Hearts. The show has been gaining a huge number of views and attention, good as well as bad. 

For those who have not yet encountered the segment, it is a mixture between the US reality TV show Cheaters and a Japanese Variety Show. Women who are, with or without reason, suspicious of their partners, put them through a test to catch them in the act of cheating. By hiring a trap girl whose job it is to seduce said men away from their girlfriends, they humiliate the boyfriends in front of thousands or even millions of viewers online (Views vary from just 100.000 viewers to almost 3million). The name 'The Triangle' explains the goal of the show, to create a love triangle.

A woman is watching her boyfriend of 4 years on screen, he is trying to coax the trap girl to sleep at his home. While the woman has tears in her eyes, the comedians around her make jokes about silly little things.

Scenes like this are cause for controversial opinions online, ranging from pure excitement to disgust at the public humiliation. 

Not only the Triangle segment is cause for some discussion, some netizens complain that their other shows (mostly focused on the hidden camera and humiliation aspect) are too open and focused on sexual themes.
Make up your own mind about it and watch the latest Triangle saga below with English subs.

→  First video of the latest series. Embedding disabled. 

Source: London Hearts Youtube Channel

Personally, I like this show :D Have not seen a post about this show before and since it is subbed...I thought why not :)