December 4th, 2012


Shige to release second novel


It was announced that NEWS member Kato Shigeaki, who made his novelist debut with “Pink to Gray” back in January, will be releasing his second novel titled “Senkou Scramble” on March 1st in 2013.

His previous novel sold 120,000 copies, and it was turned into a manga as well. Kato said about his second novel, “I would give 120 points for it. I hope that readers will be able to see my growth in the second novel.”

Just like his previous novel, “Senkou Scramble” is also set in the entertainment industry, and it depicts the life of a center member of a popular female idol group and a paparazzi. Kato says “It’s just a fiction. I write it all using my imagination.” He also said that he would like to continue writing at a one book per a year pace until he gets his own corner at book stores.


Kis-My-Ft2 Fujigaya Taisuke warned to avoid KAT-TUN Tanaka Koki?


Apparently, J&A has ordered someone to watch-over Kis-My-Ft2s Taisuke Fujigaya regarding his close relationship with KAT-TUN‘s Koki Tanaka

As reported, due to SMAP’s barter appearance with Kis-My-Ft2, the group is getting more and more exposure. In lieu to their public image, Fujigaya is given a stern warning regarding one of his senpais…

“Fujigaya is known to admire Tanaka, who is known to be the number 1 playboy in Johnny’s. Fujigaya even kept the doodle made by Tanaka when he was drunk, and put it on his room’s wall. Speaking of Tanaka, Risa Kouda, the AV actress that Tanaka was rumored to be dating was recently arrested for stimulants. Since Fujigaya is also known to be a ladies-man, Johnny’s will supervise Fujigaya carefully so he won’t be more involved with Tanaka as to not affect Kisumai’s good sales”. (According to one weekly reporter)

It is not good to imitate a bad senior.

[Johnny's-Watcher] via jenewsdaily

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Mr.Children selling new album over 500k on the first week


Popular rock band Mr.Children 's new orginal album 『[(an imitation) blood orange]』 (released on November 28th) can be sold 530,000 copies on the first week ! ,dominating No.1 Oricon weelky chart .This marked 15th their album to tp the chart .It 's also their 12 th consecutive   albums which can be selling above 500k on the first week since Atomic heart (released on September ,1994・first week 852k copiese : total sales 3.4 million copies)

This year is Mr.Children 's 20th debut anniversary .They released dual best album 『Mr.Children 2005-2010<macro>』(First week sales 732k copies)、『Mr.Children 2001-2005<micro>』First week sales 716k copiesback on their debut day May 10th to celeberate 20th anniversary .All their 3 albums  sold above 500k copies on the first week! .,which is the first band to achieve

Besides, they are the first artist in 4years that 3 albums have sold above 500k copies on the first week since EXILE 's 3albums in 2008 
『EXILE LOVE』、『EXILE CATCHY BEST』(released on March 2008)、『EXILE BALLAD BEST』(released on December 2008 

Mr.Children 's latest album consists of 11 songs ,including 3A side single 
「Inori~Namida no Kido/End of the day/pieces」 ,Ikuta Toma 's Drama theme song 「Joutoku」

Source : Oricon 

Congrats to Misuchiru
Though i don't like this album , glad that they can sell over 500k ..Legend at all
i think this album 's total sales may be less than SENSE .

Nearly 90% dissatisfied with Japan's English education: survey

Although an overwhelming majority of Japanese parents want their children to have a global perspective, nearly 90 percent of them are not happy with the nation's English education, according to a recent survey.

Rakuten Research's poll of 1,000 parents with underage children found that 86.6 percent are dissatisfied with English education while only 13.4 percent are satisfied with it.

In a multiple-answer question, 68.8 percent were not satisfied with classes that do not improve practical English proficiency, 66.4 percent complained about a lack of opportunities to speak English and 60.2 percent cited a gap between entrance exam-English and practical English.

Such widespread parental dissatisfaction was expressed against the backdrop of parents' desires to enable their children to have a global viewpoint. The poll, taken Nov. 5 and 6, found that 93.6 percent of parents professed to have such a desire and 83.3 percent want their children to have capabilities to compete globally.

To make their children globally competitive, 54.4 percent of parents proposed actively hiring native speakers, full-time teachers and teachers with broad global experience in a multiple-answer question, 52.8 percent advocated switching class and teaching methods from exam-English to practical English and 51.5 percent called for placing emphasis on English conversation.

Rakuten Research is a research arm of Rakuten Inc. which has made English the official language for the shopping site operator.

SOURCE: Mainichi News
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V6's new song, short version of ROCK YOUR SOUL PV

V6's new song, the b-side to their new single ROCK YOUR SOUL, was aired yesterday on Miyake Ken no Radio. You can listen to a LQ version of the song here.

The song, fAKE, was composed by corin who had previously worked with V6 for Sexy.Honey.Bunny! and POISON PEACH. One of Tower Records' regional twitters described the song after its first O.A. as a a cool and powerful autotune number, comparing it to their songs "SP ~Break the Wall~" and "will."

Also, this weekend music channel M-ON aired a preview of the A-side's PV.


i'm just excited for the next album. their b-sides post-READY? have been on point!
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Ueto Aya attend a Christmas illumination lighting ceremony in Daikanyama

On November 17th, actress Ueto Aya attended a Christmas illumination lighting ceremony at Daikanyama Address Dixsept in Tokyo.

Ueto, who recently got married to EXILE’s leader HIRO in September, was asked about their Christmas plans. She flashed a smile and responded, “We don’t have any.”

While waving to her fans, she showed concern for the reporters saying, “Are you okay in the rain? Can you take pictures?” For the lighting ceremony, Ueto pushed a button which lit up about 80,000 light bulbs on a Christmas tree.

Ueto also commented on Daikanyama with, “It’s a place where I come often with Becky, so I’m happy because there’s a sense of affinity.”

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Aya Ueto Wins Clarino Beautiful Legs Award

On November 6, Aya Ueto (27) was awarded The Clarino Beautiful Legs Award at the event's tenth ceremony. Other recipients in attendance were fellow actresses Karen Miyazaki, Michiko Kichise and Chikako Kaku.

Ueto commented, "I'm very happy and confused as to whether it's okay or not for me to receive such an award." "It's a little embarrasing but I'm sure this would be an honour for many women so I want to proudly accept it," added the actress.

Ueto wore a pair of bedazzled black pumps for the event. "I asked my nailist, whom I've know since I was a teenager, to cover the heels with rhinestones. It gives (the shoe) an added maturity," explained a pleased Ueto.

When asked about how she cares for her legs Ueto commented, "I run once or twice a week to maintain my form. My legs swell really easily so whenever I need to I go and get a foot massage. It hurts but I know after I'll feel refreshed. I also make sure, whenever I exercise or go to a lava-rock sauna, that I'm sweating normally."

"I put on heels whenever I'm going to wear something particularly feminine, but the size depends on the occasion," said the actress on her heel-wearing habits. "This one time I was out shopping for clothes and I didn't want to be recognized so I put on some high heels. I ended up buying a more comfortable pair of shoes because the heels were so tiring," shared Ueto.

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source: Sponichi
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Why Don’t People Like the New Iron Chef?

When Fuji TV announced the return of Iron Chef to primetime television, a lot of buzz was generated. However, their two-hour debut claimed just a 10% share of the ratings, half of what the original program regularly held. It got worse from there as later episodes slunk to around 7%.

So what happened to our beloved Iron Chef? Everyone’s got an opinion and so do we.

■ The New Host?

The original Iron Chef was hosted by actor Takeshi Kaga who played off the role of Kitchen Stadium owner with just the right combination of flamboyancy and mystery. The guy danced on the edge of camp perfectly.

There were big shoes to fill, but his replacement, the younger Hiroshi Tamaki, had the look and attitude to pull it off pretty well.  However, according to some entertainment magazines, Tamaki’s reputation with the ladies was less than stellar.  Allegedly it was so bad that some female personalities outright refused to join the program because of his involvement.

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Source: J-Cast News via Hachima Kiko & rocketnews24
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Cyzo Exclusive: Aya Ueto and Goro Inagaki to star in "Oshin" remake?

Cyzo reports that Aya Ueto and SMAP's Goro Inagaki have been cast in the big screen adaptation of the 1983 NHK drama "Oshin".

According to a movie insider, "they're holding auditions for the role of Oshin, but Ueto and Inagaki have already been cast as the parents. Filming is set to start next January and will wrap a month later. They will film in Yamagata Prefecture, where the drama was originally shot."

"Oshin" tells the story of a girl born in a very poor rural family in Japan, who through hard work and perseverance eventually triumphs over pain and adversity to achieve fame and success. (

The drama, written by Sugako Hashida and starring Ayako Kobayashi, Hiroko Tanaka, Nobuko Otowa, recorded a peak audience rating of 60%. It was broadcast abroad and received acclaim for its symbolic portrayal of Japanese women.

"The team involved with this movie remake is the one behind movies like 'Okuribito'. They have their sights on another possible Academy Award," says the insider source.

source: Cyzo
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Aya Ueto attends private screening of NHK drama "Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de"

On December 4, actress Aya Ueto (27) attended a private screening of the premiere episode of the upcoming NHK drama "Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de", which will air every Tuesday at 10pm starting January 8. Also in attendance were co-stars Naoko Iijima (44) and Atsuko Asano (51).

The drama tells the story of a friendship between two women with a criminal past who are adjusting to life post-incarceration.

Ueto plays Hako, a college student who commits drugging robbery in order to financially support a man. Filming took place in mid-summer but the cast was already well at work before then.

"Before we began filming, we had a meeting with all the cast and the author of the original novel, Asa Nonami. Nonami gave us the green light to take all the creative liberties we saw fit, but because this novel has a very strong fan following I wanted to portray this character with respect for the original source material," commented Ueto.

Speaking of her scenes with co-lead Naoko Iijima, Ueto commented, "She made me smile constantly. Our director had to always remind me to stay in character because she would always bring me back to my cheerful self." "It was easier when I was rehearsing by myself," laughed Ueto.

Asano, who plays Hako's mother, complimented the two actresses, "They are two absurdly cheerful and friendly individuals. It must have been a really difficult task to repress all that positive energy while on set." "I, too, got more done when rehearsing by myself," joked the actress.

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source: Sponichi
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