December 11th, 2012

Morning Musume announce 52nd single, "HELP ME!!"

The single is previewed a bit in the video, as are the outfits. It will be released 01/23/2013 and will be the first single for 11th generation member Oda Sakura.

There will be 8 editions, with five different b-sides:
Limited D: Aishou no Romantic (Sorrow Romantic) - Sayumi & Mizuki
Limited E: Watashi no Dekkai Hana (My Huge Flower) - Reina, Haruna & Ayumi
Limited F: Nani wa Tomo Are! (No Matter What, Keep Your Friends!) - Erina, Kanon, Masaki & Haruka
Regular A: Suki Dakara Zettai ni Yurusanai (I Love You, So I'll Never Forgive You) - Riho & Sakura
Regular B and C: Happy Daisakusen - Everybody

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Single sounds good from the small preview, but what is going on with those subgroups? Sayumi and Mizuki have already done a duet, so I would have rather gotten Sayumi/Haruna or Sayumi/Erina. Reina should have been paired with Sakura (NEVER WITH HARUNA). Kanon and Haruka should have just been a duet, or they should have added in someone who isn't quite as high pitched as Erina and Masaki.
Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

It's Back : Arama's Best of 2012

Oh hay. Long time no see.

It's that time of year guys. Where we all nominate and vote for this year's best and worst of 2012. Since this will be it's third year, I'm pretty sure we all know how this works. But for those who are new, here's a basic run down:
  1. You nominate events for each category. Usually the categories are best actor, best singer, worst actor, etc.
  2. The nominations are added up and then you are able to vote for the top 5 finalists in each category
  3. During the voting stage, arama's members can nominate the community's infamous to win awards too.
  4. Votes are counted on the 30th and released on New Years Eve!
Since Jin's basically a flop, I changed the award's name to something even more dumb. So why so early? It's because I really don't have time to put this together last minute and I have a major time difference now to deal with. That's why, everyone, things are going to be running a bit earlier than the previous two years.

How it's gonna work this year
  1. Nominations: Friday, December 14th @ 12am JST, polls will open for nominations. These polls will close one week from that day, Friday, December 21st @ 12am JST. 
  2. Voting: Sunday, December 23rd @ 12am JST, polls will open for voting. These polls will close Thursday, December 27th, at 12am JST.
  3. Results: Sunday, December 30th at whatever time I get to it.

Usually, this starts around Christmas but I will not be in town for Xmas or New Years Eve/Day because of concerts so I'm doing everything early.

So who will win this year? Exile? Golden Bomber? Kyary? ARASHI AGAIN? Only you can decideeeee and shit.


Post-earthquake Twitter prank causes outrage online

A message left by a Twitter user claiming to be trapped under rubble after last Friday’s powerful earthquake later turned out to be fake, causing outrage across Japan.

In the early evening of Friday, Dec 7, a magnitude-7.3 earthquake with its epicenter off the northeast coast of Japan caused tremors so large that the Tokyo cafe in which my boss and I sat fell silent as patrons no doubt began wondering whether they ought to take cover beneath their tables. Windows rattled and the entire building creaked and swayed for almost five minutes after the tremors stopped.

As people reached for their mobile phones, expressions of concern could be seen throughout the room as talk of “possible tsunami” and “northeast Japan” appeared on social networks and news sites.

Soon after, a tweet (pictured) appeared online asking for help and requesting that the message be shared as much as possible. Within the next hour, concerned Twitter users had retweeted the message more than 13,000 times, with many sending messages asking for more information about the user’s location and encouraging them to remain calm.

When the writer of the original tweet resurfaced hours later, however, and began mocking those who fell for the prank, people were understandably very upset, and soon began demanding that the tweet writer’s real identity to be determined and for them brought to justice.

“Hahaha, you fell for it! You guys really are dumb, aren’t you! Like hell I’d use Twitter if I were really in trouble!”

Not the kind of message that concerned Internet users were expecting, we’re sure you’d agree.

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Source: 秒刊 Sunday & japantoday