December 15th, 2012

Weekly Soundscan Chart: Singles/Albums

akb48-eien_pressure exile_best_hits_love_side_soul_side 

Posting the top 20 singles and albums. The first column after the position number refers to (estimated) weekly sales. The second column refers to (estimated) total sales. 

Soundscan Weekly - Singles (3/12~9/12/2012)

*1 85,836 86,639 AKB48 - Eien Pressure (TYPE-A)
*2 63,974 64,629 AKB48 - Eien Pressure (TYPE-B)
*3 56,638 56,844 AKB48 - Eien Pressure (TYPE-D)
*4 54,920 55,506 AKB48 - Eien Pressure (TYPE-C)
*5 45,170 45,319 EXILE ATSUSHI - MELROSE ~Aisanai Yakusoku~ (SINGLE+DVD)
*6 18,755 18,775 EGOIST - Namae no Nai Kaibutsu (First Press Limited Edition) (w/DVD)
*7 15,879 15,955 GLAY - JUSTICE [from] GUILTY (CD+DVD)
*8 15,660 15,730 GLAY - Unmeiron (CD+DVD)
*9 14,623 14,626 Aomine Daiki (Suwabe Junichi) - TV Anime 『Kuroko no Basuke』 Character Song SOLO SERIES Vol.9 (UNSTOPPABLE)
10 12,210 12,237 EXILE ATSUSHI - MELROSE ~Aisanai Yakusoku~
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Soundscan Weekly - Albums (3/12~9/12/2012)

*1 177,647 178,650 EXILE - EXILE BEST HITS -LOVE SIDE/SOUL SIDE- (First Press Limited Edition) (2CD+3DVD)
*2 *87,013 623,530 Mr.Children - [(an imitation) blood orange] (First Press Limited Edition) (w/DVD)
*3 *85,106 *85,543 YUI - GREEN GARDEN POP (First Press Limited Edition)
*4 *84,272 *84,701 YUI - ORANGE GARDEN POP (First Press Limited Edition)
*7 *31,670 374,871 Matsutoya Yumi - Matsutoya Yumi 40 Shunen Kinen Best Album Nihon no Koi to, Yuming to。 (First Press Limited Edition) (w/DVD)
*8 *29,024 128,001 Matsutoya Yumi - Matsutoya Yumi 40 Shunen Kinen Best Album Nihon no Koi to, Yuming to。 (Regular Edition)
*9 *18,076 *18,146 HY - Route29
10 *17,919 *17,973 Hamasaki Ayumi - again (MINI ALBUM+DVD)
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Note: Soundscan ranks sales for each version, and has a little bit smaller coverage of stores compared to Oricon. Though sometimes, Soundscan numbers can be higher than Oricon's. Soundscan also doesn't include label-owned and agency owned stores like Avex/mu-mo shops and AKB's chara-ani.

This is only an experiment. I won't promise that I'm going to do Soundscan every week, but I'll try whenever I have the time.

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One Piece Film Z Grosses 750 Million Yen On First Day

Bunka Tsushin, a Japanese news company, reported that the new One Piece film sold 600,000 tickets on its 1st day. The film grossed 750 million yen (approx. US$9 million) at the box office and is expected to sell 1 million tickets by Sunday and gross over 1.3 billion yen (US$15,576,340).

If the 1.3 billion yen mark is met, One Piece will top Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo's 1,131,004,600 yen (US$13,913,200) for the title of "Japan's highest weekend box office of 2012."

Hisashi Sasaki, deputy director of Shonen Manga Group, uploaded a picture of the film's staff on the roof of Toei headquarters. According to him, there is a "TOEI shrine" where the film staff gathered "together to pray for success of the movie."

Doctor X ends on a high note with 24.4%

"Doctor X" starring Yonekura Ryoko ended on a high note with an average rating of 24.4% for its final episode shown on 13 December and even hit 29.8% at 10.01pm. With this good result, it grabs the title of the highest rated single episode of a private network drama in 2012 and beat NTV's 24 Jikan Terebi drama SP "Kuruma Isu de Boku wa Sora wo Tobu" which got 23.8%.

When results of the NHK dramas are included, "Doctor X" is still in the top 3 after "Carnation" which got 25.0% for its 28 Jan broadcast and "Ume-chan Sensei" which got 24.9% for its 11 Aug episode. Overall, "Doctor X" achieved an average rating of 19.1%

Dorama World

NINKI ratings for the week of 17/12~23/12/2012

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Though I don't approve of this release by Iki, still good luck to them! Also rooting for THE ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI, DIR EN GREY, GReeeeN and NICO.

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