December 16th, 2012

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The winners of Billboard Japan music awards 2012 is out !!

Billoard Japan has just annouced " Billboard Japan Music Awards  2012 " ! .This year ,popular idol group AKB48 won "Artist of the year"  for 2 consecutive year and also won 3 categories including  Top pop artists of the year ,hot single sales of the year and Hot100 of the year



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Congrats to everyone
 Top 5 artists are   ..flawless !!

Noriyuki Higashiyama inherits 500 million yen from Mitsuko Mori's estate, angers Mary Kitagawa!


As reported by Shukan Bunshun,

At the funeral of Mitsuko Mori (92)  on Dec 7, Matchy was the representative of Johnny's to pay tribute to Mori.  But Matchy was very uncomfortable knowing that it is Higashiyama who had a special relationship with Mitsuko Mori.  Matchy was so uncomfortable that he left the venue immediately afterwards.  Mitsuko Mori was known to have a deep and special relationship with Johnny & Associates.  68 Johnny's members along with Matchy had paid their final respect to Mori including SMAP, TOKIO, V6, Arashi and many others.   But it was Higashiyama's relationship with Mori that many people were whispering about.  It was a kind of "sweetheart" relationship despite the age difference of 46 years.  What on earth was going on between Mori and Higashiyama?

According to Shukan Bunshun, Mori passed away of heart failure due to pneumonia on Nov 10.  The family held a private funeral on Nov 14 before announcing her death to the public on Nov 15.   Mary Kitagawa (85), Johnny Kitagawa's sister and Vice President of J&A, was not informed of her death until the public report, which made her very angry.   Mary was so angry that she kept asking Fukuko Ishii, a television producer, who also served on the funeral committee  "when did you know? when did you find out?".

It is also reported that Mitsuko Mori had written in her will that Higashiyama will inherit a portion of her estate.  When Mary Kitagawa found out, she got even angrier.   Earlier, when Mori was still in good health, she had said to Mary "Since I have no children, in order to nurture and raise the young children of Johnny's,  I want you to use part of my money when I die."  Mary had consented to the idea even thinking of setting up a "Johnny-Mori fund".  For Mary, whose income is about 1 billion yen a year.  It is not the money, but the proof of friendship between Johnny's and Mori, that she should keep her promise to the end.  And now, Mary feels betrayed by Mori.

It is said Mori owned a house-apartment in the upper class residential area of Minato-ku, now worth about 50 million yen.  In addition to that, she also owned real estate  in the Tokyo metropolitan area.   500 million yen (about US $5,956,000) is also trivial to her since Mori frequently appeared on the list of high income tax payers in the past.  But it's her misplaced kindness to give an inheritance to Higashiyama that makes Mary angry with Higashiyama.   Although Higashiyama is known to be in the running for the position of future President of Johnny & Associates.  His position is now lost and he'll be treated coldly.    Was it a sign when Higashiyama couldn't read his eulogy at Mori's funeral?
[Shukan Bunshun]

Many people are not amused that Higashiyama inherits a portion of Mori's estate no matter how deep his relationship with Mori was.   As a matter of fact, Mori had a legal heir who is the son of her younger sister. A sister who had supported Mori throughout Mori's career before she died in 2008.   This nephew, who is also the representative of the office supporting Mori, is the only blood relative Mori had left (Senior entertainment reporter).
[Nikkan Gandai]

Source: johnnys-watcher translated by 4miu_miu
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Leah Dizon resumes her activities

Talento Leah Dizon (26), who returned to the United States after her divorce in December of 2010, has announced through her official blog that she has resumed her activities in New York.

Leah recently graduated from an acting school which she was attending since January of 2011. She has also signed a contract with an agency in the United States. According to her agency, Leah will be active as an actress and talent not only in the United States, but also in Japan if she receives any offers.

Leah left a vivid impression as the “kurofune (a word used to describe a person or thing arriving from the West) of the gravure industry“. She then made her singing debut and appeared on the ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen‘ for the first time in 2007 for a medley together with AKB48 and Nakagawa Shoko. At the peak of her popularity, Leah made a surprise marriage and pregnancy announcement.

After giving birth to her daughter in April of 2009, Leah had an active career as an actress. However, her relationship with her husband was on the rocks. Their divorce was finalized in December of 2010 and Leah received full custody over their daughter. Since then, she returned to America to take acting classes.

On December 14th, Leah updated her blog for the first time in a year and four months. Titled “Hello!”, the blog read, “Everyone, knock knock… Anybody home? Today!!!! It’s really been awhile! This is big peach, Leah Dizon! How have you been? I resumed my activities in New York!”

Leah has also launched her official Facebook page, which already features a handful of pictures.


how exciting!

plz comeback to Japan and resume your singing career!

Nogizaka46 to hold audition for 2nd generation members

It’s been revealed that Nogizaka46 will be recruiting 2nd generation members!

Nogizaka46 is currently made up of 33 members who passed the 1st
generation audition back in August of 2011. The 2nd generation members
who pass the upcoming audition will start their activities as research
students and will become official members according to the result of
their lessons.

To qualify, applicants must be a female from 13-years-old to
22-years-old as of March 31, 2013. Applicants may apply by mail or web
until January 15th. More details can be found on Nogizaka46’s official website.