January 6th, 2013

Chinese Diplomatic Document from 1950 Clearly States Senkaku Islands belong to Japan

In an interview with well-informed sources on December 28, Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun discovered Chinese diplomatic papers created in 1950 used the Japanese name Senkaku to identify the Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea. The same document also contained language recognizing the Senkakus as a part of Okinawa.

Currently China claims the islands are its territory as “a part of Taiwan.” Recognition by China in 1950 that the islands are a part of Okinawa is contradictory to its current claim and weakens the foundation of its present position.

According to sources, the document titled “Summary Draft Relating to Problems and Assertions with Territorial Clauses in the Treaty of Peace with Japan” was created in May 1950. Officials who carefully examined a copy believe it to be authentic.

The document, which treats the Senkakus as a part of Okinawa, states, “(The islands) are exceedingly close to Taiwan, it is necessary to consider whether or not to include them as (a part of) Taiwan.”

Source: Sankei, rocketnews24


Before they were famous: Take a look at your favorite stars during their childhood

Have you ever wondered what your favorite stars looked like before they hit big? Back in the day, were they hotties or flops? Here is a compiled list (of course with pictures) of Japanese celebrities when they were young and nobodies. Compiled below are pictures of models, actors, comedians, singers, idols and Johnnys and more; and what they looked like when they were teens/children. Did they change? Get a good surgeon? Or remained the same? How about those yankii brows some of those girls are sporting? Please join me as we have some laughs and some tears at what our faves looked like before they were famous. Also feel free to add any missing people in the comments.

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Also including a picture of myself when I was younger (I'm on the left).

Ranking of actresses with highest income in 2012

Shukan Asahi Geinou had compiled the annual income of actresses a few years back. 4 years ago, Nakama Yukie topped the list with an estimated income of 150 million yen (US$1.82 million). Second was Shibasaki Kou with 140 million yen (US$1.7 million), along with Choi Ji Woo, Matsushima Nanako and Yonekura Ryoko. Kanno Miho and Nagasawa Masami were also in the 100 million list at 120 million yen (US$1.45 million).

Here is the current ranking of actresses with the highest annual income this year.

1. Ayase Haruka
410 million yen (US$4.97 million)
2. Kuroki Meisa
320 million yen (US$3.88 million)
3. Sasaki Nozomi
310 million yen (US$3.76 million)

4. Kichise Michiko
290 million yen (US$3.52 million)
5. Ann
280 million yen (US$3.4 million)

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Source & photos: unleashthegeeks
Original source: entameblog.seesaa.net

Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu hold their wedding reception under the blue skies of Lanai

Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu Wedding Reception 01

Actor Oguri Shun (30) and model Yamada Yu (28) who registered their marriage last March held their wedding reception on the small Hawaiian island of Lanai on 5th January. The garden reception at the Four Seasons Resort Lana’i at Manele Bay was presided by Shoufukutei Tsurube and Kinashi Noritake. About 100 guests attended, including many of Oguri's former co-stars and Yamada's model friends. Reporters were at Honolulu airport where the 4 times daily flights to Lanai were boarded mainly by actors and models. Yamada's brother, Yamada Shintarou, model Nishiyama Maki and actor Koide Keisuke were approached by reporters but all revealed little about the reception. Among the guests were also Tanaka Kei, Yamada Takayuki and Inoue Mao
Other celebrities in the guest list according to entertainment news mobile site 'Inoue Kozo Geinou':-
Arashi's Matsumoto Jun (29), Ikuta Toma (28), Katsumata Kunikazu (47), Katsuji Ryo (26), Kasahara Hideyuki (29), Asari Yosuke (25), Yabe Kyousuke (39), Takahashi Tsutomu (34) and Haruna Ai (40).

Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu Wedding Reception 02

In a joint statement to the media, Oguri and Yamada wrote,"We celebrated our wedding with our good friends and seniors at the beginning of the year. From now on, as we always have, we will treat our family with care and continue our work as actors."

Yamada Shintarou and Koide Keisuke dodging questions from reporters.

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Earning power of actresses in dramas per episode

Nikkan Gendai has released an updated ranking of the top-earning actresses in Japan. The list covers the estimated earning power of an actress for one episode of a one-hour drama and the potential viewer ratings she could garner.

Top-earning actresses
Name (Age)/Estimated fee per episode(円)/Potential viewership ratings(%)

1. Ayase Haruka (27) / 2.5 million (US$30,330) / 12.2
2. Yonekura Ryoko (37) / 2 million (US$ 24,262) / 11.5
3. Amami Yuki (45) / 2 million (US$ 24,262) / 9.1
4. Fukatsu Eri (39) / 2 million (US$ 24,262) / 8.2
5. Koizumi Kyoko (46) / 2 million (US$ 24,262) / 9.7
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