January 10th, 2013

m-flo's new album "NEVEN" + single "LOVER" featuring undisclosed singer (Miliyah Kato, duh)

Exactly one year after releasing "SQUARE ONE", their first original album in five years, m-flo is set to release their seventh original album titled "NEVEN" on March 13.

A new single titled "LOVER" will be released on February 6, and following the style of its predecessor "TONITE" single and "SQUARE ONE" album, it features an "unknown vocalist".

A preview of the song "LOVER" was published on the official m-flo YouTube channel:

Tracklist for the new single:

01. LOVER / m-flo
02. ONE DAY (KREVA Remix) / m-flo loves Miliyah Kato
03. Baby I See You feat. VERBAL (m-flo) / Miliyah Kato

ナタリー, エキサイト

OP is speechless

The Otome Game Award 2012 – Current Results

Current results of the Otome Game Award 2012 have been announced in Dengeki Girl’s Style, February 2013 edition. The poll is still ongoing and the final results will be reported on the April 2013 edition. The poll has two more categories: “Favorite sub-characters” and “Otome game which makes you cry”. The results of these categories will be announced along with the final results.

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Otome Jikan

AnCafe - Bou Nyaa
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Pay Money To My Pain's Vocalist K Has Passed Away

Kei Goto (as known as K) the vocalist of Pay Money To My Pain (P.T.P) passed away on December 30th, 2012 due to acute heart failure in his home in Yokohama.

He was 31 years old.
The funeral service will only include close relatives and friends.

K suffered from a poor physical condition and a mental disease and in June, he was hospitalized. After a long fight, he recovered and in summer of 2012, PTP performed their Live show HOUSE OF CHAOS. Unfortunately, in October, K was hospitalized again and the band was forced to pause activities. Later, he passed away.

Pay Money To My Pain are planning to release a brand new album with some songs that K recorded before his death.

Pay Money To My Pain apologizes for not informing fans sooner. An autopsy had to be done before his death was officially announced.

To view the other members' individual messages to fans about K, please refer to the OHP.

♦R.I.P, K♦

Goo Hara

Arashi's new single "Calling/Breathless" (3/6) will be Double side-A

Arashi will release a new double side-A single on March 6 called "Calling/Breathless".

"Calling" will be the themesong for FujiTV's drama "Last Hope" that starts on Jan.15, starring member Aiba Masaki. It is a rock tune with a strong message of equality in life and hope, and the other song "Breathless" will be a mysterious song about the abyss in the human mind, and it will be an aggressive dance number. There will also be a big tie-up.

The single will come in 3 versions:

[Versions + Tracklists]Limited Edition A:
1. Calling
2. Breathless


Limited Edition B:
1. Calling
2. Breathless


Regular Edition:
1. Calling
2. Breathless
3. tba
4. tba
5. ~ 8. karaoke versions

40-sec preview of "calling" ↓

(for those who can't play it, please go to here.)

Source: 1, 2, 3

Haven't had one of these since 2009 ;)

Info on √5's Dasoku's solo debut single "Never Ending"

"Never Ending" is a single by √5 member, Dasoku under the Avex label. Though this is not his first release, it is his first release under a major label. Thus this being his solo debut.
The first track song, 'Never Ending' will serve as the ending theme for the anime 'Kingdom'. The single is set to be released on the 30th of January. It comes in two versions, CD only and CD+DVD. The Animate shop bonus for both editions is a set of three bromides (2 shots of Dasoku, 1 Moka).

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source: 1, Clock08 @ tumblr

He announced it a month ago but I actually forgot about it. Between this, their on year anniversary and the upcoming album, I'm sure their fans are content.

Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs (31/12/2012~6/1/2013)


For singles article, go HERE.

In the albums chart, 7-member vocal and dance unit, Sandaime J Soul Brothers have achieved their 2nd consecutive week at the top with their 3rd album, "MIRACLE." This is the first time they achieved this in either singles or albums charts since their debut in November 2010.

Meanwhile, popular group, Arashi have topped both music-DVD and overall DVD charts simultaneously for 2 weeks in a row with their live DVD recorded at the National Stadium in September last year, "ARASHI ARAFES." With this, the group has surpassed 7.057 million copies of total DVDs sold at first place, leaving Morning Musume at second place with 2.74 million copies (4.3 million copies less than Arashi). Last week, Arashi sold 624k of the DVD, making it the best-selling music-DVD in the first week since Oricon began ranking DVDs in 1999 (previously VHS). With this, the group now has 6 of the highest-selling music-DVDs in the first week of all time.

Total DVD sold by artists:

1. Arashi - 7.057 million copies
2. Morning Musume - 2.740 million copies
3. Hamasaki Ayumi - 2.535 million copies

Highest-selling music-DVD in the first week of all time:

1. ARASHI ARAFES (December 2012) - 624k copies
2. ARASHI 10-11 Tour "Scene" ~Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fukei~ STADIUM (January 2011) - 618k copies
3. ARASHI LIVE TOUR Beautiful World (May 2012) - 572k copies
4. ARASHI 10-11 Tour "Scene" ~Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fukei~ DOME+ (June 2011) - 539k copies
5. ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5x10 (April 2010) - 477k copies
6. 5x10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009 (October 2009) - 428k copies

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2013. New release in bold.

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Not many new releases last week. And Blu-Ray chart this week is pretty low.

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