January 19th, 2013


TVXQWERTY, sashay away! JYJ wins against Max & AVEX!

Following their settlement with SM Entertainment last year, JYJ seems to have rid themselves of another lawsuit by claiming victory against their former Japanese management Avex.

C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the news by commenting, “During the trial in Japan on the 18th, it was ruled that Avex cannot interfere with the Japanese promotional activities of JYJ.”

To recap, JYJ and Avex suspended their exclusive contract back in 2010 and as the conflict of promoting in Japan escalated between them, Avex had released a public notice that falsely claimed that C-JeS’s CEO was affiliated with gangsters and brought about the halt of promotions in Japan for the group. They also insisted that they had sole management over JYJ’s Japanese activities and interfered with the group’s attempt to put on a charity concert back in 2011, which led to the lawsuit.

According to C-JeS, the Japanese court ruled that Avex cannot insist on JYJ’s sole management in Japan, and ordered the management company to pay JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment 660 million Yen (~ 7.3 million USD). The court also acknowledged the fact that Avex has defamed C-JeS’s CEO, and as such, ruled that they also pay the CEO 1 million Yen (~11,000 USD).

In response to the ruling received in court today (18th), Avex has already made it clear through an announcement on their homepage that they cannot accept the decision and that they will be filing an appeal.

With this ruling, it seems that JYJ may be able to start promoting in Japan again.

Source: akp, Asiae, Sports Chosun, little-star @ akp

LOL @ Max attempting to appeal to by more time to squeeze out what little money Ayu and Kuu have left in their joint account. Time to make some more deals with the Yakuzas sis because JYJ is taking you all the way to the bank!

Fans are not happy with this year Johnny's Countdown!


Many fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with this year Johnny's Countdown Live, the annual program that aired on Fuji TV on New Year's Eve.   And the main complaint about the show is the VTR segment of the program.

This year Johnny's Countdown was held in Tokyo dome with the participation of  Noriyuki Higashiyama, Masahiko Kondo, V6, Kinki Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa, Yamapi, NEWS, KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP, Johnny Jr. , ABC-Z for the first time in five years, Uchi Hiroki, Nakajima Kento, and  Nakayama Yuma. 

Arashi, TOKIO, and Kanjani8 showed up on the venue's VTR only, and the usual emphasis "LIVE" displayed on the screen up until last year was gone.   Many fans feel for a program that claimed to be "LIVE",  this is really a shame.  On top of that, it lacks the hyper, energetic presence of TOKIO who usually worked up the crowd.  Instead the program featured too many of the "boring old men" Noriyuki Higashiyama and Masahiko Kondo.   There were also more  VTR performances of groups this year,  more than the collaboration between groups or group shuffles.   Many fans want to see more of the group shuffles because that has been the big charm of Johnny's Countdown.

Aside from Arashi who had to moderate NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, TOKIO  should have been moved to the Countdown Live  after their performance from Kohaku.  So why didn't they?  Editors familiar with Johnny's talk about certain circumstances. Johnny's has become a house divided.  Iijima faction which includes mainly SMAP and the SMAP bartered, co-starring groups like Kis-my-ft2 and Yamapi.... Julie faction which includes Arashi, TOKIO and Kanjani8.   The bartered, co-starring groups and the groups plus individuals who stand on their own made up Johnny's Countdown.  Although Arashi had been hosting Johnny's Countdown before but there were speculations flying around that  Johnny's favorite, Kinki Kids, namely Domoto Tsuyoshi, looked like he was in a bad mood while performing further complicated the matter.

For Julie and Iijima factions, the main battleground is TV Variety show.  There is no longer a "royal road" that will lead to the Presidency.  Incidentally, on the  music show  hosted by Nakai "Tuesday music! SP" (broadcast on December 25), there was a Johnny's medley with SMAP followed by the younger generations in the back dancing to "SHAKE".  Takuya Kimura and Yamapi sang "Seishun Amigo".  And group shuffles were seen as Hey!Say!JUMP members smiling and  dancing in the back performing "NAI-NAI16" with Nakai, Kusanagi and Katori Shingo.   Many of the performances from Johnny's Countdown were seen and heard on that show.
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Universities debate barriers to internationalisation

University of Tokyo

An effort to internationalise universities often conflicts with domestic systems, and this is currently being seen at Japanese universities.

To internationalise the University of Tokyo, a shift of the academic calendar from April to autumn (September or October) was suggested by an internal panel in May 2012. This shift is to align the academic calendar to the world standard.

Although the proposal is still under discussion, major Japanese universities and the Japanese government, as well as industry, have started to discuss issues and obstacles around implementation.

While the suggestion might become a symbol of reform for the internationalisation of Japanese higher education, it has highlighted many conflicts with traditional and domestic systems. Shifting the academic calendar could cause problems for the University of Tokyo and other Japanese universities.

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[RUMOR] Tegoshi Yuya is the Reason for Masuwaka’s Divorce?

Last Jan 14th, gyaru star Masuwaka Tsubasa announced on her blog that she and her husband for 4 years, Umeda Naoki, are divorcing. The mother of one did not specify the reason for their divorce though it seem like a mutual decision.

However, there have been circulating rumors that Masuwaka is allegedly having an affair with Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS, which is one of the reasons for the divorce.

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Plays Herself on Crayon Shin-chan


Model/singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will make her voice-acting debut by playing herself on the Crayon Shin-chan anime on January 25. Her "Kimi ni 100 Percent" song has already been playing as the theme song of the anime since October.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a self-described huge Crayon Shin-chan fan who has all of the original manga volumes and catches the anime films as they come out. She said that her voice-acting experience was like a delightful dream.

The story of the January 25 episode has Kyary Pamyu Pamyu coming into the anime like Commodore Matthew Perry's black-ship expedition that opened up Edo-era Japan. She will make her grand entrance on pink ships — only, instead of introducing Western culture as Perry did, she will introduce "false eyelashes." The anime version of the singer will be sporting a blonde bob haircut with a pink ribbon, as well as a matching one-piece dress with pochette handbag.

Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan Web site posted more images in higher resolution.


Marketing firm turns to Japanese girls’ thighs for advertising


Traditional advertising on such media as TV and billboards is so year 2000. With the ad industry now scrambling to find what’s the next big thing and still navigating the waters of social media, a marketing firm thinks Japanese girls’ thighs may just be the answer.

Wit Inc has started paying Japanese girls to wear sticker brands on their thighs or what’s referred o as ‘zettai ryouiki’, the area between the hem of a skirt and the top of a long sock. It literally means “absolute territory” and has been the source of fascination by manga cartoonists and old men. Frankly, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for the ad industry to take advantage of this “fetish” of sorts. The girls who can qualify to be used as models must have a certain amount of fans or friends on a social media platform. They must photograph themselves with the sticker visible in the pictures in at least two locations and then upload the pictures on their social networks. They can get paid up to $121 for a whole day of wearing the sticker.

Of course, the moral issues of this kind of advertising are many and conflicting. Some might say that this takes feminism back to the dark ages because once again, women’s bodies are being objectified. But some modern feminists might also think that the women are using their “sovereignty” over their own bodies to control the message of a brand and get paid for it as well. What everyone can agree on is that this is another murky line between advertising and exploitation. Let the debates begin.

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Citizens' woeful social consciousness ensures a bleak outlook for Japan

What is behind the miserable social status of women in Japan?

In October last year, the World Economic Forum, a prestigious independent organization based in Geneva, published a report on the gender gap in countries around the world. Japan's overall ranking was 101, the worst outcome for this country in seven years of the survey.

Despite high scores on women's health, longevity and educational level, the overall figure was brought down by Japan's ranking as 102nd in terms of economic participation and opportunity, and 110th with regard to political empowerment.

The ranking for political empowerment is bound to go down next year, too. That's because 54 women were elected to the Lower House in the 2009 general election, whereas in the election last month, only 38 of the 225 female Lower House candidates were elected — filling a paltry 7.9 percent of the total number of that chamber's seats.

Meanwhile, 70 percent of working Japanese women who become pregnant now leave their jobs to have a family. Although some do eventually return to the workforce, it is not easy in this country for them to resume their former positions.

This results in unstable employment, lower pay than before, and, due to the discontinuity, a reduced retirement pension. Seeing as women live longer than men — of the nation's 51,376 centenarians, 87.3 percent are women — they require more care and welfare support as well.Collapse )


NINKI ratings for the week of 21/1~27/1/2012

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Rooting for GLAY all the way! Though releasing 2 albums in the same week might hurt their chance at no.1 to Yoshii-san, but we'll see.

And it'll be great if Momusu can finally get no.1 again after so many years.

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smile acchan

AKB48’s Kawaei Rina holds her 1st solo event

On January 19th, AKB48’s Kawaei Rina held her first solo event, ‘Kawaei Rina: Gachi Oshi Matsuri‘, at AKB48 CAFE & SHOP AKIHABARA.
Kawaei held a quiz tournament and handshake event with fifty lucky fans. She declared, “I want to do my best and strive towards getting into the senbatsu.”
Kawaei mentioned Shimazaki Haruka when asked who her rival is. She said, “Recently, Shimazaki-san has been working vigorously, so in order not to lose, I have to do the same.

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Honestly, I like her more than Paruru. So, good luck getting into senbatsu! :)

Maeda Atsuko, Golden Bomber, and more join Softbank CM

It’s been revealed that former AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko, air rock band Golden Bomber, and actresses Kiki Kirin and Koshiba Fuka will be appearing in Softbank Mobile’s new ‘Shirato Family‘ CM series. On January 18th, a press conference was held in Tokyo.

As the new CM will promote the ‘White Gakuwari with Kazoku‘ plan, Maeda attended the event dressed as a teacher, while the rest of the cast wore student uniforms. Golden Bomber’s Kiryuin Sho commented, “I’m surprised that we’re going to be in a CM,” and Maeda said, “I’m happy to join the most famous family in Japan.”

Kiki, who appeared in a school girl uniform and silver bobbed hair, said, “I’m now 70-years-old. Even though I’m 70, I’m forever learning. In that sense, this CM is perfect for me.” Meanwhile, Golden Bomber’s Darvish Kenji commented, “Since this was my first CM, I was able to be a good son.”

During this event, it was announced that professional soccer player Kagawa Shinji will also serve as the CM character. He will appear in the ‘Shirato Family’ series, and the preview CM will air starting January 19th. Kagawa commented, “This time, I wasn’t able to meet and shoot with the Shirato Family, but I’m already looking forward to meeting and co-starring with them.”

Source : tokyohive

Nice lineup there. Acchan as a teacher? XD And wow, Kagawa Shinji is there!