January 20th, 2013

Behind of the scene of SKE48’s large withdrawal, members are already due to "Re-debut"

Fans of SKE48 are restless since 9 members of the group, which just happened to appear by itself at the end of the year in Kouhaku Utagassen, announced their simultaneous graduations.

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Men's Cyzo article translated by sakaeandfrog tmblr

Kuwabara Mizuki mentioned in her blog how she was forbidden from taking audition for role:

I’ve cut auditions ads from magazines and newspapers and brought them with me countless times, asking if I could take them.
However, I’ve always been told “As long as you’re in SKE, you can’t”. So I realized I’d prefer to work in an enviroment that would allow me to challenge myself freely.
(translated by mahoushoujoari tumblr)

Kanjani8 to Host 1st Regular Show on NHK Starting this April

It has been announced that Kanjani8 members- Yokoyama Yu, Murakami Shingo, and Shibutani Subaru- will be hosting NHK‘s documentary show, entitled: “Ashita wa docchi da!” starting this April.

The said show ran for three consecutive weeks last October where Yokoyama, Murakami, and Shibutani also did the
hosting. “Kanjani8 no Ashita wa docchi da!” has been well-received so it will come back as a regular show. The show focuses on ordinary people fighting for “tomorrow” despite the hardships in present-day Japan. The show will follow the same format wherein each host will feature a guest, which they have visited, interviewed, and assisted on site, which will be recorded on VTR. Afterwards, the hosts will share their thoughts in a light studio talk.

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Gadabout's Interview with Ninagawa Mika

Enter Mika Ninagawa‘s residence-slash-office and you’re in for a treat — behind the unassuming facade, hidden from the outsiders’ eyes, is a small wonderland. Covered floor to ceiling in its owner’s signature imagery the place is a screenshot of her saturated blue-red-flower-fish works, even the air conditioner is masked with photo paper. I pull my camera out, turn the dial, click, click… Error. It’s dead. I guess some things are not meant to be captured. Besides, who could illustrate Ninagawa interview better than the award winning photographer, acclaimed filmmaker and the artist in her own right herself. Her ever present partner, Kanaya-san, nods. Ninagawa lights up a cigarette.

Interview by Andrey Bold

[Cut out]

Bold: Your latest movie, Helter Skelter the film is based on the cult manga, written b Kyoko Okazaki, and follows the downfall of a young star, Lilico, who came to prominence through continuous plastic surgeries but can no longer sustain her beauty), is about cut-throat world of show business. As a person who makes a good living out of it, why did you choose to direct it?

Ninagawa: I thought it’s a very interesting theme. I decided to direct it seven years ago. Back then I wasn’t that successful commercially. I was actually quite confused when I finished filming. Am I in denial? I chose this theme because I sympathized with the character, but at the end it was hard to even advertise the film as the process mimics the story. I even had to re-think how to take photos. I completely understand why Erika had to take a break afterward.

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source: Gadabout - Full Interview

7 services that don’t make sense to foreigners in Japan

Japanese website Netallica recently conducted a survey of foreigners, asking them to name services and jobs in Japan that leave them in a state of bewilderment.

Take a look at the top seven services that make foreigners in Japan pause and exclaim, “What the heck?!”

Human Traffic Sign

Even though there are plenty of flashing signs to warn drivers that late-night construction is taking place, there is always a worker directing traffic and doing the exact same job as the sign. It’s a completely pointless expense. (France/Female/Late-20s)

Elevator Lady

The department store elevator lady… even if she wasn’t there, I can get to my desired floor without any problems. (China/Male/Late-20s)

Shopping Escorts

When shopping, it doesn’t matter what you bought, the cashier will walk you all the way to the front door. I’m not lost; there’s no need to take me to the exit. Even if I didn’t pay a lot of money, the cashiers will occasionally see me off. (USA/Female/Late-20s)

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Source: Netallica, japantoday

Neon Genesis Evangelion Staff Cursed While Working On Series

Tiffany Grant, the English-language voice actor of Asuka from the popular anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion", discussed during the anime convention SwampCon how those involved with the show's production seemed to be cursed.

Grant hosted a Q&A session during the anime convention were she talked about a wide range of topics. A topic heavily discussed was her involvement with the series she is best known for, "Neon Genesis Evangelion".

While talking about Evangelion, Grant revealed that many people involved with the show, herself included, seemed to have bad things happen to them while working on the series.

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Higashiyama Noriyuki Recommends Junno Taguchi to be KAT-TUN’s Leader

Last Jan 18th, honentai’s Higashiyama Noriyuki nd AT-TUN’s Junnosuke Taguchi ad their opening night for the stage play, “NO WORDS, NO TIME ~Sora ni ochita namida~” at Globe Theater in Tokyo. A press conference followed afterwards.

The stage play is unique since it was done without dialogue but by merely focusing on dance movements, music, and drama. The audience was drawn to contemporary dances on a stage set in scenes like house, station, and company. Higashiyama and Junnosuke fused the elements of ballet and pantomime together with sound and lighting effects on a stage devoid on decorations. (as covered by Ryo Hasegawa)

“It was always been a dream to do it with Higashiyama-san,” Junno commented. “He has generosity and courage and those are necessary to become a leader of KAT-TUN,” Higashiyama commented and added, “he does his best to such an extent that he won’t lose.” Junno smiled shyly after Higashiyama’s praised and added that he’ll probably “messed-around” if he is the leader.

Aside from admiring each of their qualities, Higashiyama also admitted in being in love with Junno’s gag especially Junno’s most popular gag- “Iriguchi (entrance), Deguchi (exit), Taguchi (his name)”. In addition, the two made a gag called “Pyu-pon”, but Higashiyama refused to show it to the press saying that gag was “sealed”. On the other hand, Junno decided to do joked around while praising his senpai, “It was always been my dream so I was so nervous last night that I could not sleep a wink …uso, uso kawauso.” Higashiyama was laughing one after another gag. 

“NO WORDS, NO TIME ~Sora ni ochita namida~” will run until Feb 5th at Globe Theater in Tokyo and from Feb 8th to 12th at Morinimiya Piloti Hall in Osaka.

source Cinema Today and Hochi Yomiuri
credits: MIKU via Jnewseng

Solanin Creator Inio Asano Reveals Desire for Sex Change


Columnist Gō Yoshida published his second interview with manga creator Inio Asano in the March issue of Core Magazine's BREAK Max on Friday. The interview revealed that Asano wishes to undergo a sex change. Asano spoke of his admiration for transsexual fashion model and singer Ai Haruna (born as Kenji Ōnishi), and also that just wearing women's clothing did not suit him. "If I'm going to date anyone, it has to be someone like [Japanese actor] Ryo Kase," he said. He also discussed why he began using Twitter, through which he discussed frankly his first experiences he recently had.

Asano suggested that it is possible that his next work will focus on transgender issues. He plans to collect data regarding cross-dressing men and collaborate with another manga creator, Shohei Manabe (Ushijima the Loan Shark, Smuggler). Viz Media published Asano's Solanin and What a wonderful world! manga. Fantagraphics licensed Nijigahara Holograph manga for North American release earlier this month.


[GOO Ranking] Johnny’s you’d want to release a Solo Album

18. Aiba Masaki (298 votes)
17. Okada Junichi (306 votes)
16. Masuda Takahisa (331 votes)
15. Higashiyama Noriyuki ( votes)
14. Sakamoto Masayuki ( votes)
13. Nagase Tomoya ( votes)
12. Takizawa Hideaki ( votes)
11. Tegoshi Yuya ( votes)
10. Yamada Ryosuke (743 votes)
9. Matsumoto Jun (758 votes)
8. Nishikido Ryo (916 votes)
7. Sakurai Sho (1116 votes)
6. Shibutani Subaru (1314 votes)

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Mizuki Nana announces summer tour

It’s been revealed that Mizuki Nana will be holding a one-man tour (currently untitled) starting on July 7th.

This was announced on January 20th during Mizuki’s full orchestra concert, ‘NANA MIZUKI LIVE GRACE 2013 -OPUS II-‘, at Saitama Super Arena. The tour will kick off in her hometown, at Ehime Budokan in Ehime Prefecture. The complete tour schedule will be revealed in the coming days.

Additionally, Mizuki will be releasing ‘NANA MIZUKI LIVE GRACE 2013 -OPUS II-’ DVD and Blu-ray this spring. More details on this will also be revealed later.



KREVA to release an instrumental version of new album ‘SPACE’

It’s been revealed that KREVA will be releasing an instrumental album titled ‘SPACE Instrumentals‘ on February 20th.

“SPACE Instrumentals” will be an instrumental version of his upcoming albumSPACE‘ which will be released on February 27th. It’s a rare occasion for an
artist to release an instrumental version before its original one.

In addition, the live audio digest for KREVA’s new single, “Ouja no Kyujitsu“,  is currently available for listening via SoundCloud. You can check it out here.


Momoiro Clover Z to release their 2nd album in April

It’s been revealed that Momoiro Clover Z will be releasing their 2nd full album (currently untitled) on April 10th.

The group made this announcement on January 19 during the 2nd part of their live event, ‘Dokusen! Momo Kuno 60-pun vol.5‘, at Ishikawa-ken Sangyou Tenjikan. This is their first album since “Battle and Romance” was released back in July of 2011.

Leader Momota Kanako said, “Actually, we’ve been progressing a lot with the album’s recording. There are many different kinds of songs, such as songs that will make you think ‘what is this?!’ as well as songs that will make you think ‘wow Momoclo!. I think it’s going to turn out to be an album filled with many different genres. We want to make a wonderful album and deliver it to everyone, so please look forward to it.

Prior to the album’s release, Momoiro Clover Z will hold a live tour in March. For this tour, they are scheduled to perform 6 shows in 3 locations; Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. Then after its release, they will hold their annual spring live, ‘Momoclo Haru no Ichidaiji 2013‘, on April 13th and 14th at Seibu Dome.

During the first part of this event, Momoiro Clover Z announced that they would hold a 3-day fan club live at Yokohama Arena on May 27th to the 29th. Any member of their fan club ‘ANGEL EYES‘ will be able to purchase tickets.