March 13th, 2013

Kansai Johnny’s Jr.’s first crown movie for March 2013!

Movie Traier and 'NOT FINALE' Theme Song Preview can be viewed HERE or HERE

On December 24th, during the final concert of “Kansai Johnny’s Jr. Xmas Concert 2012″ in Shochikuza (Osaka) it was announced that their first movie “Kansai Johnny’s Jr. no Kyoto Uzumasa Koshinkyoku!” (Directed by Katsuhide Motoki) will go on road show on March 30th, 2013.

With 2 protagonists in the story, Shigeoka Daiki (20) and Kiriyama Akito (23). In a film studio in Kyoto, some young people will try to chase their dreams while drawing the figure of a contemporary version of “Kamata Koshinkyoku“. Shigeoka commented on the appearance of actors Watanabe Ikkei, Nakamura Shido and others, “I freaked out when I read it on the script”.

Kiriyama added, “I want people who don’t know about us to see the movie!”, ”We also heard this morning that we’ll also be in charge of the theme song “NOT FINALE” and we will come up with a combined choreography. I want the audience to enjoy our presence also in screen”. Other Kansai juniors who are part of the cast include Nakama Junta, Hamanaka Bunichi, Kotaki Nozomu, Mukai Koji and Fujii Ryusei.

During the shooting of the movie back in October, they stayed in Kyoto and it is said that a group of them was sent to stay in an inn where dai-senpai Shonentai’s Higashiyama Noriyuki (46) had stayed some time ago. Nakama Junta (25) said, “While I was in some rooms I kept thinking that a star had passed over here”, he revealed to be chasing his senior’s lead.

source: Nikkan Sports| Sankei Sports | Daily Sports | Sponichi Annex
credits: JE News Daily , Uzumasa Koshinkyoku website, FILMSMASH

This is old news, but I don't think this Kansai Jr movie news was posted, Since its near showing, movie website & trailers are up!
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Kazoku Game full cast!


Fuji TV have revealed the full cast of Kazoku Game. Joining Sakurai Sho as Yoshimoto (the eccentric tutor) are Kamiki Ryunosuke as Numata Shinichi (eldest son), Uragami Seishuu as Numata Shigeyuki (the second son), Itsuji Itao as Numata Kosuke (the father) and Suzuki Honami as Numata Chikako (the mother). Kutsuna Shiori will be playing as a mysterious female character (named Mica) who approaches Numata Kosuke. She is an original character made for this Kazoku Game 2013 remake and has not appeared in the original work. This also marked Suzuki Honami's first appearance of drama series after 15 years, since Anchor Women. Uragami-kun has won the role via an audition.
Filming has started, as it is reported that the cast has done a photo shoot for the drama's poster, with the costumes for each characters. It is said that Yoshimoto's signature costume will be the same jacket that he'll wear every episodes.
Kazoku Game's airing started on Wednesday 10 pm, April 17th, 2013.

Source: FujiTV, nikkansports, sponichi

translation done by google translate and me. There bound to be some mistakes. Please let me know.
*seems like Urakami-kun is a new actor? I can't find his correct naming, or picture, other than the FujiTV one.Edited! Thanks to kat_desu
and April 17th is my nephew birthday! what a coincidence :p
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Aceh observes 3/11 anniversary

Deep connection: Students form the Japanese character 'kizuna,' meaning bonds between people, during a Monday ceremony in Indonesia's Aceh Province to commemorate the second anniversary of the March 11 Tohoku quake and tsunami. | KYODO

JAKARTA – About 600 people in Indonesia’s Aceh Province, which was devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami in 2004, participated in a ceremony Monday to commemorate the second anniversary of a similar catastrophe that ravaged the Tohoku region in 2011.
Schoolchildren, representatives of society and nongovernmental organizations, government officials and others participated in the “Solidarity for Japan” ceremony, which was organized by the Indonesia-Japan Friendship Forum at a schoolhouse in Peukan Bada, a village near the provincial capital, Banda Aceh.
“The disaster, which is now being commemorated by the Acehnese people, has shown that Acehnese and Japanese people are brothers and sisters and we will always be together to develop Aceh and Japan,” Yuji Hamada, Japanese consul general in Medan, said at the ceremony.
Hamada led the gathering in silent prayer at 2:46 p.m., the time when the magnitude 9.0 quake struck Japan on March 11, 2011.
Umar Abdullah Aziz, secretary general of Panglima Laot Aceh, an association of Acehnese fishermen, expressed hope that the commemoration can strengthen solidarity and cooperation between the two countries, particularly in seeking ways to reduce tsunami risks.
“Like in Aceh, many victims in the Japanese tsunami were also fishermen,” Aziz said.
Closing the ceremony, students dressed in red-colored clothes formed the Japanese character for “kizuna,” a word that means bonds between people.
Aceh alone lost some 180,000 people in the magnitude 9.1 quake and tsunami that struck on Dec. 26, 2004.

Source: Japan Times

posting this cause those two area do have a connection. Japan has helped us a lot during the 2004 tsunami's aftermath. And during the 2011 tsunami's aftermath, Indonesia have tried their best to return the favor. Above all, we share the same feeling.
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Panda porn!: Giant panda pair at Ueno Zoo are observed mating

Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo said Tuesday that two giant pandas have mated, sparking hopes for a cub.
Zoo staff saw the female Shin Shin and male Ri Ri, both 7 years old, mate Monday evening and again Tuesday morning.
The mating period is expected to continue for a few days more, and the zoo will put them together again in the same enclosure.
The two pandas have been removed from public view since last Thursday because Shin Shin appeared ready for mating. The mating season for giant pandas occurs just once a year, during which time females are able to conceive during a very short window of time.
“The chances of pregnancy will grow the more they mate, so we will continue to watch their behavior,” said Kazuomi Nishikiori, head of the zoo’s educational activities. A cub was born to the pair last July, the first one at the zoo in 24 years, but it died of pneumonia six days later.

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Source: Japan Times

I don't have the heart to post the big picture from the original article. But above all, hopefully a healthy baby panda will come after this :P

Police Will Not Prosecute Kodansha Over AKB48 Idol Tomomi Kasai's Photo


Yahoo! Japan is reporting on Tuesday that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has decided that it will not prosecute Kodansha on child pornography charges due to AKB48 idol Tomomi Kasai's photo collection book.

The book's one-page promotion in the January 12 issue of Kodansha's Young Magazine featured an "inappropriate" photo of Kasai, and that led to the issue's delay and recall. The cover of the Tomo no Koto, Suki? photobook, as previewed inside Young Magazine, would have featured Kasai nude from the waist up with a child standing behind her and concealing her nipples.

Kodansha then reissued the contents of that issue one week later without the photo (reissued version pictured at right). Kasai's photo book itself was originally scheduled to ship on February 4, but Kodansha has since cancelled the release altogether.

The police decided that because Kodansha did as much as it could to stop the circulation of the photo — by delaying the January 12 issue, recalling all copies of that issue from bookstores, reissuing the magazine after removing the photo of Kasai, and then cancelling the photo collection itself — that further investigation and prosecution was unnecessary.


New Japanese manga to tell the story of Apple’s Steve Jobs


Apple products are indeed very popular in Japan and as a tribute to its late founder and CEO Steve Jobs’ life, Kiss magazine will be re-telling his story, this time in manga form. The story will be based on Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography, simply entitled Steve Jobs.

Artist Mari Yamazaki, known for her Thermae Romae manga, has been chosen to illustrate the story that will come out as a serial in Kiss magazine, normally known as a “female comic” magazine. She was chosen for this project because she feels sympathy and a little kinship with Jobs, as well as possessing a “realistic and charming” painting style. This isn’t the first time that Jobs’ life has been translated into a comic book. Bluewater Productions created a comic book translation of his life story almost immediately after he passed away in 2011 and was available in Comixology’s Comics apps on iOS and Android. Jobs was also “reinvented” as an action figure, which is not really surprising given the almost geek superhero stature that he enjoys in Japan. His likeness as drawn by Yamazaki is very lifelike, even up to his stubble and trademark turtleneck sweaters.

The manga will also be laying the groundwork for the Sony Pictures’ biopic that will be adapted for the screen by award-winning writer and creator Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Social Network). This should not be confused with that other (yes, there are two!) Jobs biopic, entitled Jobs and starring Ashton Kutcher as the legendary man himself.


Fun Facts About Pocket Tissue Advertisements in Japan


If you’ve ever visited a big city in Japan, you’re sure to have seen a bored looking 20-somethings passing out free tissues with colorful advertisements inserted into them. Upon receiving these pocket tissue advertisements, you probably thought, “Hey, cool, free tissues,” and continued on your way. But pocket tissue advertisements have been around in Japan for over 40 years now, and are a surprisingly effective form of advertising. Let’s take a look at some fun facts about this unique marketing strategy in Japan.

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JYJ is back in Japan! Tokyo Dome Concert To be Broadcast Live

JYJ’s performance, due to take place at the Tokyo Dome in Japan next month, will be broadcast live in theaters across Japan.

As C-Jes Entertainment, JYJ's agency, explained on March 11: “The performance on the last day of the JYJ concert tour 'The Return of the JYJ' which will take place from April 2 to April 4 in Tokyo Dome will be broadcast live in theaters across Japan.”

A total of 150 thousand tickets for the three-day concert sold out the instant reservation sales began. A representative of the agency said, “Three times as many people as expected tried to reserve tickets. For the people who could not get the tickets, the performance on the last day will be broadcast live.”

JYJ’s Tokyo Dome performance is their first in three years. They last performed there in 'Thanksgiving Live in Dome', which was held at Tokyo Dome and Osaka Gyosera Dome in 2010. It is also the first time since their outdoor concert before an audience of 80,000 in the Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan on October in 2011.

JYJ’s upcoming concert got a big reaction on the SNS of Japanese fans. Fans are looking forward to the concert. They swarmed around the concert promotion vehicle circling metropolitan Tokyo.

People can apply for tickets for the live broadcast in theaters on the relevant site ( between March 12 and March 17.


One Piece's Oda Takes 1-Week Break Due to Illness


The editorial department for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced on Wednesday that the One Piece manga will be taking a week off because creator Eiichiro Oda has come down with a sudden illness.

This year's 16th issue of the magazine, which will ship on Monday, will not include One Piece. However, the editorial department was unable to make the correction in time, and so the manga will still be listed in the issue's table of contents. The staff apologized to readers, and added that the manga will return in the following issue on March 25.


cute @!

Japan's foremost hipsters collab for new single

Following the success of their iconic smash hit LOVE FOREVER and their follow up modest hit BELIEVE, Miliyah Kato and Shimizu Shotacon will be releasing a new single called Love Story on April 17. The new track samples Oda Kazumasa's best selling single Love Story wa Totsuzen ni and will be used in a tie-in with Coca Cola.

check out the artistic and avant garde single covers in the spoiler !!

[Spoiler (click to open)]



Perfume to hold a live tour with 3 different artists!

It was announced that Perfume will hold holding a live tour entitled “Zutto Sukidattanjake~ Sasurai no Men Kata Perfume FES!!“. This will be their first tour using a ‘Battle of bands’ style of performance in which Perfume will appear with three different artists.

The artists are Saito Kazuyoshi, Tamio Okuda, and MAXIMUM THE HORMONE. The live tour will be held at Zepp music halls in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, and there will be 6 performances in total.

Perfume commented regarding the reason why they chose these artists.
“MAXIMUM THE HORMONE-san, who we have determined since long ago that ‘if we ever hold a live with other artist, it would be them!’ Our senior from the same hometown, Tamio Okuda-san who has performed our ‘Laser beam’ at Itsukushima Shirine, and Saito Kazuyoshi-san who we have loved one-sidedly for a long time. Since we received this opportunity, we are planning to do some kind of collaboration with them!!”

There’s sure to be a big scramble to get the tickets for the live tour.

May 29, 2013 (Wed) Zepp DiverCity TOKYO
May 30, 2013 (Thu) Zepp DiverCity TOKYO

Perfume / Saito Kazuyoshi
June 4, 2013 (Tue) Zepp Nagoya
June 5, 2013 (Tue) Zepp Nagoya

Perfume / Tamio Okuda
June 17, 2013 (Mon) Zepp Namba
June 18, 2013 (Mon) Zepp Namba