April 13th, 2013

GReeeeN to hold nationwide tour without showing their faces


GReeeeN will hold its first nationwide concert tour titled "Orera Revolution" from August which consists of 7 performances at 6 places over 11 days including Fukushima involving 12,000 people. However, GReeeeN which consists of four dentists from Fukushima Prefecture, will be the first artiste who would stick to its no-showing-of faces policy and hold a concert tour without actually showing themselvs to the audience. Actually, the group had held a similar fan event in June last year where images of the members' movements and voices were played to the full house of 3,200 fans. The members are currently working as dentists in various parts of Japan including HIDE and navi who's in Hokkaido, 92 in Okinawa and SOH being the only one remaining in Fukushima. They will gather in Tokyo for the concert recording on their off days and will hire a host to take charge of the situation on the actual day.


Kiritani Kenta in his first leading role in the drama "Y.O.U Yamabiko Ongaku Doukoukai"


Kiritani Kenta will be taking on his first leading role in the Kansai TV 55th anniversary commemorative drama "Y.O.U Yamabiko Ongaku Doukoukai" which is set to be shown in late November this yar. The filming began from 5 April in Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture when Kiritani shot the scene of him heading to the high school his character teaches in. The rest of the filming will be done in August. As Kiritani comes from Tenroku which is near Ogi-machi where Kansai TV's HQ is located, he feels that it is a big coincidence that his first leading role is in a Kansai TV drama. Kiritani plays a high school teacher who used to be an unsuccessful rock singer and gets assigned to teach at a high school. While guiding the school's band to take part in a music contest, he starts to understand and help his students with their problems. Co-stars of this drama are still being selected.


(GOO ranking) Celebrities likely to play an active part in Hollywood

20. Others (580 votes)
19. Okada Masaki (50 votes)
18. Sometani Shota (66 votes)
17. Tabe Mikako (87 votes)
16. Aoi Yu (88 votes)
15. Inoue Mao (145 votes)
14. Nikaido Fumi (150 votes)
13. Moriyama Mirai (176 votes)
12. Takei Emi (197 votes)
11. Miyazaki Aoi (261 votes)

[no worries, no idols here :P]

10. Yoshitaka Yuriko (266 votes)

9. Kengo Kora (297 votes)

8. Oguri Shun (364 votes)

7. Ayano Go (368 votes)

6. Mizuhara Kiko (379 votes)

5. Matsuyama Kenichi (514 votes)

4. Ayase Haruka (555 votes)

3. Tatsuya Fujiwara (746 votes)

2. Matsuda Shota (936 votes)

1. Anne (1698 votes)


BiS member Terashima Yufu to withdraw from the group

It’s been announced that BiS member Terashima Yufu will be withdrawing from the group after their one-man live, ‘BiS4‘, on May 26th at Club Asia in Tokyo.

BiS recently announced that they would be holding new member auditions after the withdrawal of member Wakisaka Yurika in March. Regarding Terashima’s withdrawal, the agency commented, “Because she’s too serious, she couldn’t keep up with BiS’ directivity.” She will not be appearing in ‘BiS48‘, which will be held on the same night at the same venue.

Terashima joined BiS in July of 2011. She was known by her fans for her honors student character.


Ghibli Denies Live-Action Kiki's Delivery Service Rumor


Studio Ghibli denied a report by movie information site Twitch on Tuesday that Ghibli's anime classic Kiki's Delivery Service would be turned into a live-action movie helmed by The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu.

Although Twitch disclaimed its own report as a possible rumor, Studio Ghibli specifically responded, "We have nothing to do with it." On the other hand, Fukuinkan Shoten, the original publisher of Eiko Kadano's Majo no Takkyūbin novel that inspired the animated movie, commented, "We cannot answer that." Fukuinkan noted that there were plans for a Hollywood live-action film based on the original book many years ago, but divulged that "it did not become a reality."


SoL Nocchi
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Adult Swim to Begin One Piece with Episode 207 on May 18

North American distributor Funimation announced that One Piece will begin running on Adult Swim's Toonami block on Saturday, May 18 at 1:00 a.m. EST (effectively Sunday morning). The series will start on episode 207, “Great Adventure At Long Ring Long Land!” Soul Eater will continue to air but move to the 1:30 a.m. slot.

Toonami confirmed the series would run on the late-night programming block at Momocon on March 10.


I'm not sure how arama feels about One Piece, new Toonami or dubs, but as long as it pushes an anime I can't stand on the current lineup off, I welcome this with open arms.  Praying that it's Tenchi.


Oriental Radio's Nakata Atsuhiko and talent Fukuda Moe show off their beautiful wedding pictures

In 2012, Oriental Radio's Nakata Atsuhiko and talent Fukuda Moe tied the knot. The celebrate the joyous occasion, the couple held a ceremony on January 5th of this year. They held their wedding in the beautiful province of Bali. Recently, Fukuda has been updating her fans and the public with pictures of the gorgeous event. This has left many stunned at how grande and beautiful her wedding was. In fact many said it looked like it was right out of a catalog. The wedding was coordinated by wedding planner Ms. Ariga of TGN.

Fukuda states the color scheme was based on her favorite color and the image of Bali's sun - yellow. As well as the image of the sea and sky; and her husband's favorite color - blue.

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There's so little Japanese celebs where I saw their weddings. Off the top of my head: Tsubasa Masuwaka's, Komori Jun's, Yamada Yu-Oguri Shun's, Yaguchi Mari's, Erika Sawajiri's. I think this one takes the cake though, big time. I also liked how Fukuda went into detail about what happened, where she got her stuff. Also this must have cost a shit-ton so I can see why celebs usually hold off on the weddings until year or so later.
AKB48 - Rinatin Hat
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SKE48 Team Shuffle

On the first day of the SKE48 concert in Gaishi Hall, it was announced that, like AKB48, SKE48 is also doing a Team Shuffle.

The new Team members are:

Team S
Nakanishi Yuka (captain, captain of SKE)
Niidoi Sayaka
Goto Risako
Matsui Jurina
Mukaida Manatsu
Isohara Kyoka
Yakata Miki
Saito Makiko
Ego Yuna
Deguchi Aki
Tsuduki Rika
Sato Seira
Oya Masana
Abiru Riho
Ishida Anna
Kizaki Yuria
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