April 18th, 2013

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Followup Game Revealed


Nintendo announced a new game tied to its classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past game during its live-streamed Nintendo Direct conference on Wednesday. The North American stream of the conference did not give a formal title for the new game, but the Japanese stream listed the game as Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce 2 (The Legend of Zelda: The Triforce of the Gods 2). Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce was the original Japanese title of A Link to the Past.

The new game will be set in the same world as A Link to the Past, but it will take advantage of the 3D screen of the Nintendo 3DS to give players a better sense of a dungeon or maze's multiple levels in three dimensions. It will also let players put their hero Link in 2D "Paper" mode to slide along walls and around obstacles.

Nintendo listed an early 2014 release in stores and via download for the new game in Japan.


(GOO ranking) Big Shot Single Actors You Want To See Get Married

13. others (719 votes)
12. Inagaki Goro (84 votes)
11. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (292 votes)
10. Nakamura Shunsuke (294 votes)
9. Iseya Yusuke (343 votes)
8. Nakai Masahiro (409 votes)
7. Sakaguchi Kenji (742 votes)
6. Katori Shingo (840 votes)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

5. Masato Sakai (927 votes)

4. Sasaki Kuranosuke (1237 votes)

3. Yutaka Takenouchi (2979 votes)

2. Nishijima Hidetoshi (3738 votes)

1. Fukuyama Masaharu (4267 votes)

people might question why Masato Sakai was included when he just got married recently..the survey was done waaaay before the marriage announcement :P


47 Ronin finally gets confirmed release date


A film that's been delayed and delayed several times, 47 Ronin, which filmed way back in 2011, will finally be making it to cinemas this year.

The movie stars Keanu Reeves and has been directed by Carl Rinsch. It's the story of a real group of samurai in Japan in the 18th century, who are looking to get revenge on the man who killed their master.

What's particularly notable about 47 Ronin is just how expensive it is, given the nature of the project and the relative experience of its director. Universal has thus-far spent in the region of $170m just to make the film, and it had originally planned to have the movie in cinemas back in November 2012. That, clearly, didn't happen, and Universal initially delayed it until February 2013.

It was last year that Universal reportedly further delayed the movie until Christmas Day 2013 in the US, and nothing really has been heard of it since. It wasn't even clear if that new release date would stick.

Well it seems that it will. Rentrak in the UK sent out a confirmation over Twitter yesterday that the release date for the film in Britain had been confirmed as December 26th 2013 (which, in turn, suggests that Christmas Day 2013 is still holding in the States(. And it seems as though it's now officially full steam ahead for the movie.

We're intrigued to see 47 Ronin. The traditional suspicion is that delayed films, that have had reshoot work, are in deep trouble. That may well be the case with 47 Ronin, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the final film will be a bad one. It may just turn out quite the contrary. We'll find out in December...

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Sony's dog harness action cam mount coming to Japan, countless YouTube clips to follow

That Action Cam Pet Mount concept sitting cheekily in Sony's booth at CES? It's coming to Japan on April 26th for ¥5,250 (about $53). The mount is compatible with Sony's HDR-AS15 rugged video camera, and it features adjustable straps to fit medium- to large-sized inu. Sony says the lightweight, 128g design won't wear dogs down -- but that's probably assuming they're not already donning a Wandant pedometer or a collar monitor. Call us back when the first "Akihabara from a dog's POV" video hits YouTube. (source)
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elusive J-R&B diva Jasmine is making a fierce comeback!!

After another prolonged abscence from music , Jasmine is ready to drop her newest single called HIGH  FLYING this spring on May 25. The single is described as being upbeat and is being produced UTA who has worked with many artists including AI and Daichi Miura. The B-side to her new single will be a cover of DOUBLE's BED. Also during the month of May, June and July she will be holding one live each month called JASMINE MONTHLY LIVE [VEGAS].



1. High Flying
2. BED (DOUBLE cover)
3. High Flying (Instrumental)


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please drop an album sooooon !!!

Microsoft tries to make Xbox 360 big in Japan through 1 million hours campaign


While Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been the leading video game console in the US, their sales in Japan have been so low that some stores have stopped selling the console and its games. As a push to get more Japanese interested in the Xbox (and become loyal to the brand as well), they are launching the 1 Million Hours campaign.

The campaign intends to challenge Japanese gamers to play more Xbox games and for every landmark hours collectively reached, they will be giving complimentary Microsoft Points (MSP) for Xbox Live members, both the free and Gold subscribers. For example, if all the gamers log in 300,000 hours each member receives 100 MSP and if they reach 500,000 hours they receive twice the MSPs. But the ultimate target is to reach 1 million hours and the reward is 400 MSP for gold or paying subscribers while free Xbox Live users get 30 points. But you can’t just play any game just to reach those targets. Microsoft has identified 20 specific games which will log in the hours played by the gamers.

Analyst Jesse Divnich of video game research firm EEDAR said that this is quite an extraordinary move for Microsoft to do just to win over the Japanese market. And since they cannot adjust their software and hardware prices, they need to increase their marketing and retail strategies. This promotion may increase Xbox 360 engagement but may not make a large dent in sales anytime soon. Their main competitor and Japan’s number one game console, Sony’s Playstation 3, has a five-times lead over the Xbox 360.


3 World Premiere from Japan!

UDINE - As the clock ticks rapidly the opening night approaches on April 19th, Udine Far East Film Festival scored another big hit: to the world premiere announced in the press conference, Maruyama, The Middle Schooler by Kudo Kankuro and Angel Home by Tsutsumi Yukihiko, now a third title is added. We're talking about the comedy It's Me, It's Me by Miki Satoshi, from Japan as the other two world premieres, which will be accompanied in Udine on April 19th by the famous protagonist: the pop idol Kazuya Kamenashi! Dancer, singer, actor, television personality, producer, radio host, model: Kazuya is a real celebrity, not only in the Land of the Rising Sun, and the news of his transfer in Udine was in fact preceded by a big voice on social networks (from all over Asia to Latin America!).

It's Me, It's Me, launched by the slogan “The World Is Full of Me” and compared to Being John Malkovich, sees Kazuya multiply in twenty different roles (including a career woman!) and tells the surreal story of the salesman Hitoshi Nagano. A guy like many who in a day like any other suddenly begins to have strange problems with the pronoun “I”...

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Press Office/Udine Far East Film 15

Gianmatteo Pellizzari & Ippolita Nigris Cosattini

feff@cecudine.org - www.fareastfilm.com
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Talks and Interviews Schedule could be found here

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AKB48 Budokan Live Concert will be live-streamed on Youtube

Youtube Japan will hold 10 days long “Youtube Music Week” from April 27th to May 6th.

(skip) On April 28th, AKB48′s live concert will be live-streamed.


For those who aren't AKB fans, here's a list of the other participants (with dates and time, times are JST btw):

Golden Bomber (4/27 - 5/6 @10:00 everyday)
Sekai no Owari (4/27 @22:00, 5/2 @21:00)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (4/29 @14:00)
AAA (4/29 @22:00)
Nightmare (5/1 @20:00)
Shonen no Kaze (5/3 @12:00)
Koda Kumi (5/3 @22:00)
Yakushimaru Etsuko (5/3 @23:00)
Livetune (5/4 @18:30)
Flumpool (5/4 @21:00)
Hyadain (5/4 @22:00)
Hamasaki Ayumi (5/4 @23:00)
VERBAL (5/5 @21:00)
Denki Groove (5/6 @20:00)

To watch each stream you have to go to the artists' YouTube channel. The list of the channels can be found in the "About" section of this YouTube video. You can also see the links for the artists' page if you watch to the end of the video.

Of course I'm going to watch AKB's stream, but I'm so here for Sekai no Owari.

And YouTube Japan must really love Golden Bomber lol

Kanjani8′s Nishikido Ryo Denies Relationship with Aragaki Yui

Kanjani8′s Nishikido Ryo Denies Relationship with Aragaki Yui

Last Apr 17th,  Kanjani8‘s Nishikido Ryo attended the completion announcement and preview event of his upcoming movie- “Kencho Omotenashi Ka” (Prefecture Government’s Hospitality Division)- with actress, Horikita Maki. During the interview, Nishikido denied that he and actress Aragaki Yui are in a romantic relationship after it was reported in tabloids.

Nishikido and Aragaki starred together in Fuji TV’s “Zenkai Girl” last 2011. When asked about their relationship, “we’re close friends,” Nishikido said flatly. When he was asked again for confirmation, “there is nothing, nothing, nothing, it’s completely okay,” Nishikido said before leaving the venue.

Kencho Omotenashi Ka” will hit the theaters on May 11th.

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(GOO ranking) Single Actresses You Want To See Get Married

16. Others (418 votes)
15. Asano Yuko (93 votes)
14. Yasuko Sawaguchi (211 votes)
13. Matsushita Yuki (305 votes)
12. Kurotani Tomoka (319 votes)
11. Natsukawa Yui (384 votes)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

10. Nakatani Miki (479 votes)

9. Mizuki Arisa (501 votes)

8. Suzuki Kyoka (625 votes)

7. Shaku Yumiko (789 votes)

6. Nakama Yukie (1007 votes)

5. Ishida Yuriko (1122 votes)

4. Yonekura Ryoko (1163 votes)

3. Amami Yuki (1323 votes)

2. Fukatsu Eri (1390 votes)

1. Kanno Miho (2168 votes)


Iwaki Koichi to be first Japanese celebrity to embark on space travel


Actor Iwaki Koichi will be the first Japanese celebrity to travel to space as announced during a press conference on 18 April. He will be travelling in a space shuttle for 45 minutes and spend about 3 to 4 minutes in space through the civilian space travel programme organised by Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) in the Netherlands which will begin the first journey in 2014. Iwaki was invited to join the programme as he has been a longtime supporter of American watch brand Luminox which is a partner of the Luminox SXC SPACE ADVENTURE programme. Although he was offered the opportunity in 2011 and accepted it without thinking much, there was no further word on it until the company sent him a set of overalls and the contract this year to confirm his participation.

Iwaki will travel with the space shuttle pilot and another civilian passenger during the journey and has the opportunity to sit in the co-pilot seat. In preparation for the journey, Iwaki will take part in various training programmes such as moving in no-gravity surroundings and experiencing the speed and height as in a space shuttle.

During the press conference, Iwaki said that he initially thought that he wouldn't stand a chance to embark on this journey as a civilian so he is thrilled by the offer and would not give it up for anything. However, if anything happens during the journey, Iwaki revealed that he had already told his family about this and asked them not to worry since he will still become a star and look over them from the sky. Nonetheless, he has full faith in the programme and hopes to tell everyone about his experience when he returns successfully.


Sexy Zone Fans Annoyed Over Latest Jacket Covers


Looks like unfair treatment among members isn’t limited to Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone fans are now enraged over the jacket covers released for the groups 4th single, “Real Sexy! BAD BOYS“.

As reported,

The said treatment inequality started last summer and with the recent jacket cover release, some fans who have made a reservation wanted to cancel after seeing the cover.

Sexy Zone’s upcoming single will be available in 6 editions (3 LE, 1 RE, 1 Venue LE, and 1 Shop Version). However, in those versions, Limited Edition B & C only has three members on the cover- Nakajima Kento, Sato Shori, and Kikuchi Fuma. While in the other versions, the three are obviously placed in the center while fellow members, Marius Yo and Matsushima Sou, were relegated at the background together with the featured Johnny’s Jrs.

Even though this is Sexy Zone’s single, not one jacket cover has the 5 members only. Moreover, Nakajima, Shori, and Kikuchi got more exposure for BAD BOYS while Marius and Matsushima were made to blend with the rest of the Juniors.

“I know that Johnny wants to put the juniors in the market but I really don’t understand what the office is doing,” according to one Sexy Zone female fan.

While the Juniors exposure may delight some fans, fans of Marius and Matsushima aren’t particularly pleased. Moreover, Matsushima’s absence during Sexy Zone’s 1st day of National Tour last Mar 26th became a hot topic and no explanation was given by the office.

Fans could only hope that Sexy Zone will continue their activities this year with all 5 members.