April 20th, 2013


NMB48's First Request Hour Set List Best 30 2013

On April 18th, NMB48 held their first ‘Request Hour Set List Best 30‘ event at Orix Theater in Osaka.

During this event, it was announced that 1st generation member, Team N’s Yamada Nana would be transferring to Team M, marking the first change among members within the group.

Along with Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki, Yamada is a popular member from the 1st generation. Yamada was chosen to transfer “for NMB48 to revitalize and grow.” She declared, “I want to make NMB48 even bigger. I want to make it a team that won’t lose to Team N, BII, or the research students.

To coincide with Yamada’s transfer and Shinohara Kanna’s graduation, it was also announced that research students Koga Narumi and Nishimura Aika have been promoted to Team N. After receiving blessings from their senpai members, the two covered their faces as they burst into tears.

Out of 108 songs, “Kesshou” was chosen as the #1 song from the fans. This was the coupling track to NMB48’s 2nd single, “Oh My God!” (released October of 2011). In 3rd place was Yamamoto’s solo song, “Jungle Gym” and 4th was Watanabe’s “Warukii“.

Kesshou perf 1

A snippet of the Top 10 songs can be seen here:

As seen from this video, after the performance of Kesshou, there was a fan call for Ainyan/Fukumoto Aina.
As she is going to graduate from the group in June, fans worked together in voting for this song as Aina herself has said in the past that Kesshou is her favourite NMB48 song.


You can check out the full results below.


<NMB48 Request Hour Set List Best 30>

1. Kesshou (included in 2nd single)
2. Seishun no Lap Time (included in 1st single)
3. Jungle Gym (included in 3rd single / Yamamoto Sayaka’s solo song)
4. Warukii (included in 4th single / Watanabe Miyuki’s solo song)
5. HA! (included in AKB48’s 29th single as well as NMB48's first album)
6. Kitagawa Kenji (6th single)
7. Nagiichi (4th single)
8. Fuyu Shogun no Regret (included in 6th single)
9. Hoshizora no Caravan (included in 6th single)
10. Oh My God! (2nd single)

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Avex selects three new artists after 2013 auditions

Japan’s biggest entertainment company, Avex Group Holdings Inc, has its nationwide auditions, “avex audition Max 2013.”

For 25 years, Avex has been holding auditions to discover talent, such as AAA and Kumi Koda.

This year’s auditions drew 16,766 candidates from 58 different countries. Diane Colquhoun, 17, Akito Tejima (Osaka), 19, in the musical artist category, and Tomohiro Sato (Hokkaido), 16, in the acting category, won the grand prix.

“I want to be the next Lady Gaga,” said Okinawan native Colquhoun, whose mother is Japanese and father American.

Both Colquhoun and Tejima will make their debut this year in Avex’s annual summer concert tour, A-Nation, featuring the company’s most successful acts. Saito will appear in a drama on BeeTV.


Wonder why they even bothered hosting it outside of Japan if they weren't going to select anyone.