April 21st, 2013

Suzuki Emi is pregnant with her first child


On April 20, model Suzuki Emi (27) announced through her official blog that she is pregnant with her first child. She’s currently 4-months pregnant and is due sometime in October.

Suzuki wrote, “After getting engaged last year, I let nature take care of things regarding children. When I was thinking about being blessed with a child, I learned in February that I was 2-months pregnant.” She expressed, “While I am surprised that things went smoothly, I am happy from the bottom of my heart.

Suzuki got married to a non-celebrity man on Valentine’s Day of this year. She plans to continue working while monitoring her physical condition.


Source & Image: Oricon, tokyohive

Namie Amuro Cancels Show in Singapore

Jpop singer Namie Amuro has announced the cancellation of her April 26th show in Singapore, originally planned to be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The show's promoter, Midas Promotions, revealed their reason for the cancellation on their Facebook page. The news was announced following a message from Japanese organizers stating there was "no possibility of holding the show."

A spokesperson for Midas has revealed they were "looking forward to a great show and are greatly disappointed for the fans by this decision."

The company has since expressed their feelings on the cancelled gig, stating "We regret and apologize for the cancellation and want to thank the fans for their continued support."

Ticket refund details have not yet been released but are are on their way. This recent announcement will not affect Namie's plans to release a DVD edition of her 2012 "Five Major Domes Tour" later this year.


Momoiro Clover Z does the ‘Z’ pose with Prime Minister Abe Shinzo


On April 20th, idol group Momoiro Clover Z attended Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s ‘Sakura wo Miru Kai‘ at Shinjuku Imperial Garden.

Although it was their first time meeting, Momiro Clover Z and Abe Shinzo did the ‘Z’ pose side-by-side during photo taking. Regarding Abe’s natural ‘Z’ pose, Tamai Shiori commented, “We didn’t teach him. I think he knew it!” She also suggested, “We want to lead Japan, so we want to meet with Abe-san periodically.

When leader Momota Kanako stated, “We failed to invite him to our live,” the youngest member Sasaki Ayaka said, “I want to hold a live just for Prime Minister Abe.

Kitajima Saburo, Yuki Saori, Kitagawa Keiko, and Maeda Atsuko were also present at ‘Sakura wo Miru Kai’.

Source & Image: Nikkan Sports,tokyohive

Shiraishi Mai chosen as the new center for Nogizaka46’s upcoming single


On April 20th, idol group Nogizaka46 held a handshake event for their 5th single “Kimi no Na wa Kibou” at Kyoto Pulse Plaza.

During the event, they announced the Senbatsu members for their upcoming 6th single (both title and release date are undecided). It was also announced that Shiraishi Mai has been chosen as the new center for the single, which brought roars and glad shouts from the 7,000 fans attending the event.

This will be the first time for Shiraishi to take the position as Ikoma Rina has served as the center for all the group’s previous singles. Shiraishi commented, “I am feeling the big joy, and the inconceivable responsibility with this opportunity to stand as the center, which is the position Ikoma-chan has carried since the formation of Nogizaka46. While keeping my feet on the ground steadily, I would like to try harder than now in order to show everyone a new side of Nogizaka.”

Ikoma also commented, “The center is the position that brings you a lot of pressure. I want to make a good use of my experience and support her with full effort. I also want to enjoy my new position since I will be able to see a different view.

The 16 Senbatsu members chosen for the 6th single are as follows.

Akimoto Manatsu/Ikuta Erika/Ikoma Rina/Ito Marika/Inoue Sayuri/Saito Yuri/Sakurai Reika/Shiraishi Mai/Takayama Kazumi/Nakada Kana/Nishino Nanase/Hashimoto Nanami/Fukagawa Mai/Hoshino Minami/Matsumura Sayuri/Wakatsuki Yumi.


Source & Image: Oricon, tokyohive

Itano Tomomi announces her 4th solo single “1%”


It was revealed that Itano Tomomi will be releasing her 4th solo single titled “1%” on June 12. This will mark her first single in a year and two months since her previous single “10-nen go no Kimi e.”

Her new song is said to be a dance number just like her solo debut single “Dear J” (released in January 2011), and it depicts a feeling of love that you go for with only having 1% of success.

The dance scene for the music video was filmed against the night backdrop of the skyscrapers in New York, with male dancers. Itano left a comment, “I was able to film in New York where I always adored. I had meetings for the costume and PV one after another, so I’m sure it became a great one. Please look forward to it!

During her stay in New York, she also attended the shooting for a new “Samantha Vega” CM which she co-starred with Taylor Momsen. The new CM will begin airing in the end of May.

Source & Image: Oricon, tokyohive

Kamenashi Kazuya in Udine, Italy for 'Ore, Ore' Movie World Premiere

Kamenashi Kazuya’s 1st time in International Film Festival for “Ore Ore” World Premier, he signed autographs for 40 minutes!

Last Apr 19th, Kamenashi Kazuya attended the world premier of “Ore Ore” held at Italy for the 15th Far East Film Festival. The hall was filled with excitement as fans from Italy to neighboring country like Switzerland and as far as Hong Kong filled the venue.

Despite the late screening at 11:00PM, 1,200 seats were filled with no vacancy and the fans excitement heighten as Kamenashi enter the podium with director Satoshi Miki. “I’m happy to be here in Udine,” Kamenashi greeted the audience, which was received with shrills of “Eek!” all over the hall.

Based from Hoshino Tomoyuki’s original novel, “Ore Ore” tells the surreal story of Hitoshi Nagano, an ordinary boy who one day like many others, suddenly begins to have strange problems with the pronoun “I,” to having to ‘multiply’ in 33 different roles from high school students to busty beauty.

The movie received favorable response with laughters from audience from time to time. After the screening, fans flock around Kamenashi where he signed autographs and posed for pictures for 40 minutes.

“Though I know that overseas fans sometimes come to our concerts, I was really impressed to be here. This is the 1st time for me to be in a Film Festival and the first time that I watched the movie with the audience,” Kamenashi commented.

Witnessing Kamenashi’s worldwide popularity, Miki talks about doing another movie with Kamenashi and agreed that he’s free anytime for Miki. As for further ambitions, the two would want to walk on the red carpet (in Cannes).

"Ore Ore" presscon from Gian Paolo Polesini (@GPolesini) twitter feed]

  • Polesini finds it incredible that every time he tweets something about Kamenashi, he gets hundreds of retweets. Polesini also added that Kamenashi’s popularity is unbeatable.

  • Kamenashi said that he loves Italy, particularly Risotto and wine.

  • Kame also mentioned that it has always been his dream to go to Italy and would love to return with his band (KAT-TUN).

  • Kame also said that he loves Depp and he also loves the movie “La Vita e Bella” (Life is Beautiful). Music-wise, he likes nature sounds

  • Kame also said that it’s the 1st time that he’ll be watching the movie with his fans since it’s impossible if he is in Japan.


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Udine FEFF 15: ‘It’s Me, It’s Me’ (Japan, 2012) Film Review

credits Miku at Jnewseng, 1, 2, 3, 4, More Pictures here and here, Italian TV news here

This is the 1st time Kame has accomodated pictures & autographs from fans, & despite the initial probition by J&A, in the end they had allowed it. Soooo nice! More of Kame & KAT-TUN overseas please!! He was in Paris for 2 days prior, for reasons he can't tell yet..

Japanese Director Ninagawa Mika States, "I Want to Work with Big Bang"

Ninagawa Mika, a Japanese photographer and film director who made her debut in the movie industry with the manga adaptation "Helter Skelter" in 2012, expressed her interest in working with Big Bang in the future.

At the "Helter Skelter" press conference held in Seoul Gangnam COEX mall on April 17, Ninagawa Mika and Sawajiri Erika were in attendance to talk about many facets of their film.

"Helter Skelter" follows a downward spiral of a top-star celebrity, Ririko, who is played by Sawajiri Erika, caused by successive side effects from plastic surgeries. Among many factors the movie is stirring interest from the fans in Korea, "Helter Skelter" is the first production in which Sawajiri Erika embraced nudity for the integrity of the film and its storyline since her debut.

When asked to name some of the Korean stars she would like to work with, director Mika answered, "There are too many to name. But I certainly would like to work with Big Bang, who recently performed at Tokyo Dome, if given the chance."

As for her future plans, she remarked, "I believe I will be coming back with another film in a few years. I will make sure to visit Korea again."

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Actress Lisa Goto trades legacy of sports drink commercials for career in porn

It can be so difficult watching ones children grow into full-fledged adults. The same feeling can apply to our beloved child actors at times. We always want to remember them from when they were tiny and adorable, even as they mature.

Lisa Goto got an early start in the entertainment industry, modeling for gravure photos at the age of 14 and going on to feature in a popular Pocari Sweat sports drink commercial soon after. She was know by many as “a girl with the beauty of innocence.” In that way, she developed a significant number of fans and went on to do a number of other commercials, TV drama series, and movies, and throughout it all, she maintained that image of purity.

But now, after having left the entertainment industry for a number of years, she’s back and with a brand new sales pitch. It’s time to say goodbye to the sweet and innocent grade-schooler that people grew to love and make way for the straight-talking porn actress here to take her place.

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Source: Tokyo Sport via japantoday


Rumors Say Not to Expect "Sailor Moon" Anime This Summer

Last year's Sailor Moon anime anniversary event announced that a new anime was planned for summer 2013 with idol group Momoiro Clover Z providing the theme. That's about the extent of the hard information, and in that vacuum of details, there have been a lot of accumulating claims that we will not be seeing the revival next season.

OK, take this collection of claims for what it's worth.

Tōru Furuya, voice of Tuxedo Mask, was at the 20th anniversary event, but has not been confirmed to be reprising the role. He was also at this weekend's Festival Cartoonist in Nice, France, along with character designer Kazuko Tadano and animator Hiromi Matsushita. Reportedly, he said that the new anime will not be arriving this summer.

Similarly, chatter out of Europe, where the original anime was recently licensed for DVD, is that companies trying to work with Toei on the new license are being stonewalled on a work that will not be available in 2013.

Again, what's known about the series is that it was announced for summer 2013, with Momoiro Clover Z providing the theme. Healthy skepticism should be applied to everything else.