April 27th, 2013

K-pop Group 2PM Apologises for Copying and Pasting Japanese Fans


Japan and Korea have never had an easygoing relationship. So it’s little surprise that Japanese netizens were up in arms when the above photo appeared online. Taken at Tokyo Dome during a concert by hot Korean boy band “2PM” (which has a related group called “2AM”), it shows an enormous audience packed with enthusiastic K-pop fans on their feet, hands in the air, giving it up for the handsome lads.

But looking closely, it’s obvious that some of these fans aren’t genuine. In fact, they’re crudely implemented digital reproductions.

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T_T Why did they Photoshop the audience in the first place? To be able to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome is already a big accomplishment yo, and a not sold-out show is not a big deal imo, unless if it's a poor ticket sales :p. Naturally, it makes me wonder if those blue, red, green "audience" had also been duplicated.

Teaser for "Hidamari no Kanojo" starring Jun Matsumoto and Juri Ueno

The official website for Takahiro Miki’s upcoming movie Hidamari no Kanojo has been re-launched with a new 30-second teaser trailer.

The film is based on a romance novel by Osamu Koshigaya which has consistently received glowing reviews from young female readers.

Jun Matsumoto plays Kosuke, a rookie ad exec who is reunited with former childhood friend Mao (Juri Ueno) at a client meeting 10 years after they last saw each other in junior high school. Mao has gone through a dramatic transformation from the girl who was bullied and called the “class idiot” in school to an attractive and intelligent young woman.

As the teaser shows, the two start spending lots of time together and become a couple. However, Mao is keeping an incredible secret…

“Hidamari no Kanojo” will be released in Japan on October 12, 2013.


NMB48’s Fukumoto Aina Variety Baptism Of Flour And Pitfalls At Budoukan

AKB48’s 4 Day Tokyo Nippon Budokan Live opened, with NMB48’s solo stage performance taking place April 26th.
A snippet of NMB48's concert can be seen here:

Source: asnh727

This concert features individual performances by AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 at the Budokan with a combined performance on April 28th. Following SKE48 on Day 1, NMB48 took the stage to a crowd of roughly 11,000 fans, performing a setlist that could only be characterized as NMB-like.

With Watanabe Miyuki as the backstage announcer, NMB48’s version of the Overture began to play, with the center of the stage illuminating the presence of the NMB48 members. With Kinoshita Haruna’s and Kadowaki Kanako’s mystery quiz, the group lead off with “Nandeyanen, Idol”, “NMB48” and “Seishun no Laptime”, invigorating the crowd.

Following the third song, the members took center stage to greet the crowd. Yamamoto Sayaka said, “What an amazing crowd.” while Milky states “Tanoshimirukii!”. Newcomer Yokoyama Yui stated “There is something we wish to say with you all”, to which the crowd and members yelled together “Teppen Tottande!!!”

As the MC ended, Watanabe Miyuki lead off with her solo song, “Warukii”, followed by Yamamoto, Yokoyama and Yamada’s “Dazai Osamu wo yonda kai?” and other red and white group songs.

Yamamoto’s solo song “Jungle Gym” was hindered by technical issues that lead to a slight delay where Yamamoto said, “My partner isn’t listening to me”. She also commented on how the penlights made the stadium vibrant, and as she finished her solo song, she was met with a deafening applause.

Yamada Nana’s MC followed, reflecting upon (April 18th’s) NMB48’s Request Hour Best 30. Yamamoto Sayaka mentioned “I was so nervous because I was being observed from 360 degrees”.

NMB48 Budoukan


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AEROSMITH & B’z to hold live event “AEROSONIC”

It was announced that AEROSMITH and B’z will hold a live event titled “AEROSONIC” on August 8th at QVC Marine Field in Chiba.

The live event will be held as a part of AEROSMITH’ tour, and it’s been about 11 years since they last performed together at “2002 FIFA WORLD CUP KOREA/JAPAN OFFICIAL CONCERT” held at the Tokyo Stadium (currently named “Ajinomoto Stadium”) back in June 2002.

Regarding the live event, Joe Perry (G) left a comment, “One of the best things during our Japan visit for this time is that we will be able to perform with Tak and Koshi from B’z once again.”

B’z also commented, “We are very excited to be able to stand on the same stage with AEROSMITH again after 11 years. In order to show you an even better live performance, we will perform with our full effort.”

Starting on April 26th, they began accepting pre-order for tickets from their fan club members starting on April 26th, and the pre-order for everyone else will start on May 25th. Tickets will be available to the general public for purchase starting on June 9th.

Source: Tokyohive

Here is a video of their first collab perf


Tokyo Rainbow Pride Reveals Event Schedule and Performers List; Idols Abound

In Tokyo, Golden Week will be magically transformed into Rainbow Week, in celebration of LGBT pride. Tokyo Rainbow Pride will kick off the start of a weeklong string of festivities and events, and will be held today, Sunday, April 28th at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage area. The pride events start at 11am, where there will be over 25 booths hosted by LGBT groups in Japan, queer businesses selling rainbow goods and more, and an “International Row” where 9 countries’ embassies and tourist offices will exhibit queer life around the world, and excellent LGBT travel destinations.

The stage program starts at 11am. Parade starts at 12:30pm.

Let’s get the party going in Yoyogi Park together with a wide variety of performers!!!

Live Broadcasting on USTREAM!

We are working on setting up live broadcasting on USTREAM. If you cannot come to TRP, why don't you enjoy TRP on USTREAM?

* We apologize that not all performances are available for live broadcasting because of performers' preferences.

Program & Performance Schedule
11:00-11:10 Opening: Greetings from the Emcees and Steering Committee
11:10-11:20 ★ Nijigumi Fights
11:20-11:25 Floats Introduction
11:25-11:45 ★ Maki Nomiya & BIBA
11:45-12:00 ★ ARAJUJI
14:00-14:10 Participating Booths Introduction
14:10-14:40 Speech
14:40-14:50 ★ Harp and Soul
14:50-15:00 ★ Men⇔Dy
15:00-15:10 ★ Nicho Hello
15:10-15:20 ★ NSM48 (Nagoya Sexual Minority)
15:20-15:50 Tokyo Rainbow Week Presents
15:50-16:00 ★ Rachael D'Amour
16:00-16:10 ★ Die Schwarze Frau
16:10-16:20 ★ Fab Academy 「Sassy Girls」
16:20-16:30 Event Announcements
16:30-16:40 ★ Kim Bianca
16:40-17:00 ★ Jay & Gospel Friends
17:00-17:20 ★ Ataru Nakamura
17:20-17:30 Finale

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flumpool’s Sakai Kazuki to go on hiatus in order to devote himself to dieting

flumpool has announced that guitarist Sakai Kazuki will be taking a break from appearing on visuals for the time being in order to devote himself to his diet.

Sakai has been dieting since the band’s debut, but has failed and rebounded repeatedly. As a result, he’s decided to take his diet seriously and made this decision. He declared that he will be successful with his diet by late-June and return to the band. Since he will only go on hiatus from appearing on visuals, he will still continue to produce music, write blogs, and appear on radio programs.

To accompany Sakai’s hiatus, flumpool is currently looking for a help member. Application conditions include “someone that looks like Sakai Kazuki“, “someone who looks good in a jacket“, and “someone who is used to going on stage“.


Wish him the best of luck~

Sakai, please follow the words of Yamapi and you shall succeed.