June 13th, 2013

PERFUME - Blu-Ray Release, Full youtube MVs, All singles on itunes, Global Project #003

Perfume is set to release six of their live DVDs in Blu-Ray in one go!

The following live DVDs will be re-released on August 14:

☆ Fan Service [bitter] (Normal Edition): CDJapan
☆ Perfume First Tour “GAME”: CDJapan
☆ Perfume “BUDOKaaaaaaaaaaN!!!!!”: CDJapan
☆ Perfume Second Tour “Chokkaku Nitouhen Sankakkei TOUR”: CDJapan
☆ Perfume LIVE @ Tokyo Dome “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11”: CDJapan
☆ Perfume 3rd Tour “JPN”: CDJapan

Only the live DVD itself, not the extra disk from both the Tokyo Dome and JPN lives will be in Blu-Ray, and as first press bonus, enclosed in each CD will be a sticker featuring the jacket cover photograph. Note: Currently, and contrary to what was announced on the official site, it has been noted only first press editions of Perfume 3rd Tour “JPN” will contain the first press bonus. Please check CDJapan in the meantime for the status on other items.

In other news, from June 19, music videos starting from Linear Motor Girl and subsequent title songs will be available in full on Perfume’s Official YouTube! What’s more, on the same date all singles from the aforementioned title will begin to be sequentially released via iTunes!

Perfume Global Site Project #003 has finally been unveiled!

The new project features a drawing board on which you can create patterns to be displayed on a 3D model of Perfume doing their introduction. For the technically savvy, an option to program is also available. One finished you can upload your creation or check out the works of many others.

There is also currently a new “counter” of sorts that is filling up as more drawings are being made. What will this lead too? We’ll find out when we reach the goal!

Also the 30000 tweet goal was successfully reached! A download link was promptly presented with texture-less 3D models of the girls.

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Aiba Masaki

Pink Eye Spread Among Japanese Teenagers Due To Sex Fetish

Japanese teenagers are confronted with an epidemic of pink eye due to the spread of an unusual form of sexual arousal: eyeballs licking.

The trend gained attention only after it led to the highly contagious eye condition that is usually transmitted through bacterias. Pink eye’s symptoms include redness, swelling, and itching of the eye.

The condition started to draw the authorities’ attention after children to show up at school wearing eye patches on, the international press reports. In the beginning, teachers thought it is just a fashion trend, but soon it turned out that the eye patches were concealing pink eye, contracted by the teenagers after licking each other’s eyeballs.

One-third of elementary school students in one classroom either confessed to eyeball-licking, or having their own eyeballs licked, a sexual fetish known as „oculolinctus”.

„After class one day, I went into the equipment store in the gymnasium to tidy up. The door had been left open, and when I looked inside, a male pupil and a female pupil had their faces close together and were kind of fumbling around. Could it be bullying? I wondered, but when I had a good look, the boy was licking the girl’s eye! Surprised, a shouted “What are you doing? Stop it at once!” and the two of them were so shocked they jumped apart. The girl burst into tears, and the boy just went bright red and was shaken up. At any rate, to try to calm them down I took them to the janitor’s room and listened to their story,” a middle school teacher said.

On questioning, the two teenagers said that eyeball licking is usually what comes next after French kissing.


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Kazuya Kamenashi: International Star You Should Know

He’s a pop-song phenom, plays 33 roles in a new film — and works as a sports broadcaster

A founding member and unofficial leader of the Japanese pop mega-group Kat-tun, formed in 2001, Kazuya Kamenashi was signed, at the age of 12 by Johnny’s Entertainment talent agency in 1998.


In 2005, he starred in the hit TV drama “Nobuta wo produce” and his career took off. A single of the show’s theme song that he recorded with co-star Tomohisa Yamashita topped the charts. In 2006, the group, whose name was taken from the first letter of each member’s surname, scored its first million-selling single. All six of its albums and 18 singles hit No. 1.


His latest pic, the comedy “It’s Me, It’s Me,” in which Kamenashi plays a mind-boggling 33 roles, won the My Movie Audience Award when it world-preemed at the 15th Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy in April.


Kamenashi won the supporting actor award for his performance as a rebellious teen in the hit 2005 TV drama “Gokusen” at the 44th Television Drama Academy Awards. In 2009, he made his film debut in “Gokusen The Movie,” playing an older version of his juvenile delinquent character in the TV drama. The film was a smash domestically, earning nearly $33 million at the box office.


“To being faithful to myself. To face anything straight on, without illusions.”


A talented amateur baseball player prior to entering the entertainment world, Kamenashi has not only frequently appeared as a baseball commentator on nationally televised sports shows, but has competed against Japanese major leaguers — both as a pitcher and a hitter — in a series of TV segments.

Mark Schilling of Variety

This is obviously a movie promo but just happy to see Kame featured in a US web magazine. Though he was already featured before when he did the ceremonial pitch thingy in baseball. BTW, to all New Yorkers in arama, "Ore Ore" is included in NYAFF which will run from June 28-July 15.


Shiina Pikarin Makes Guest Appearance On Popular French Japanese-Culture Show “Japan in Motion”

Shiina Pikarin is to make a guest appearance on “Japan in Motion”, a popular program on French CATV network NOLIFE, which delivers the newest information on Japan that are not offered in guidebooks, from popular tourist destinations and J-POP, to fashion and subculture.

Piikarin appears as a master of the Japanese “Ita” culture, introducing popular “Ita” items and services with the MC, Natsuko Aso.
“Ita” culture is a subculture unique to Japan that applies 2D characters to personal items such as cars and accessories, a fad particularly among anime otaku.

The episode, in which Shiina Pikarin makes a guest appearance, is to go on air on June 25th within the show “Japan in Motion” on the French network NOLIFE before being broadcasted in Japan. (Broadcast schedule in Japan is July 16th.)

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According to its Director, Kingdom Hearts 3 Was Revealed a Little Early

Kingdom Hearts fans were overjoyed to the teaser announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 on Monday. Tired of the wait? Ready to party? Well, don't too hyped up – the wait isn't over just yet.

In an interview with Famitsu.com, director Tetsuya Nomura noted that the announcement for the first official numbered sequel in nearly 8 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 may have been somewhat premature. "There have been a lot of spin-off games since Kingdom Hearts 2 and a lot of fans were probably getting anxious, so we made the announcement together with Final Fantasy XV." Nomura stated, adding, "Considering where we are in development, it may have been a little early."

According to Nomura, the visual direction of the game has been mostly solidified into what we saw in the teaser. Like FFXV, the development team is currently using the Luminous Studio engine to make an over-spec version of the game that can subsequently be ported to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Due to technical difficulties, a realtime rendering of the battle sequence at the end of the teaser could not be shown at E3 and had to be pre-rendered, but Nomura assures that, "When you actually see the game running in realtime, it'll look almost exactly the same."

In regards to the plot, in a separate interview with Dengeki Online, Nomura confirmed that Kingom Hearts 3 would be a continuation of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and the final chapter of the Dark Seeker Saga.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is still early in the development stage, so while we probably won't be seeing it out this year, hopefully we won't have that much longer to wait. Nomura also promised to have more detailed information to offer at this year's TGS, so we do have that to look forward to.


Tbh I don't think most people were expecting this to be out any time soon, especially when we saw "In development" flash on the screen we know that means 'eons from now' in Square Enixean