July 22nd, 2013


Osaka Says ‘NO’ To Racism In Anti-Discrimination Parade

The gentle rays of sunlight that had just barely shone through the gaps in the clouds at dawn had started to singe the asphalt by noon. On this day, the temperature in Osaka reached 35 °C. Voices in unison accompanied by light music resounded along the main North-South street of the city, which was enveloped in this sultry heat.

“Let’s do away with discrimination!”
“Let’s be good to each other!”

Behind the audio truck, which was piled high with huge speakers, a banner reads “OSAKA AGAINST RACISM”. Beyond that, people walk with placards that have messages such as “Hate Speech Is Bad”, and “Get Rid Of National Boundaries In Your Heart” written on them, and a group doing the traditional Okinawan dance “Eisa”, and a sound group playing all kinds of instruments follow. Bringing up the rear of the parade is the “Choson Dynasty Music Group”, who are dressed in traditional Korean garb.

Such is the scene at the “OSAKA AGAINST RACISM Let’s Be Good To Each Other Parade”, which was held on July 14, the last Sunday before the forthcoming Upper House elections. On the middle day of a three day holiday, people going along the roadside stop at the bustling, colourful 700-strong crowd that has suddenly appeared in Midōsuji, which is crowded with families and couples, and foreign tourists passing by respond to the crowd with peace signs.

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[Japanese netizens' comments after article]

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New Anime Meme? VIDEO: "Free!" Ending Dance Remixed With Other Anime

Japanese fan artists have spent the last couple weeks furiously tracing over the ending dance to sexy swimming anime Free!, recasting its gyrating guys with characters from Attack on Titan, Kuroko's Basketball, Magi, Danganronpa and even One-Punch Man. A lot of the work is unfinished, but its impressive never the less.

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Source: CR, YT

The Kurobasu and the first SnK ones are probably my faves. I fixed the dailymotion clips' problem too


AKB48′s 5 Dome Tour may have been a little too ambitious

Japans top selling idol group may have aimed a little too high this year with their 5 Dome Tour. Reports have been rolling in about the abundance of tickets still left available though no exact numbers have been revealed. The nationwide event which will span 11 performances spread between the Fukuoka Dome (Capacity 40,000 per show), Sapporo Dome (Capacity 52,000 per show), Nagoya Dome (Capacity 40,000 per show), Osaka Dome (Capacity 50,000 per show), and the Tokyo Dome (Capacity 48,000 per show) may have been too ambitious.

Last year, the graduation of Atsuko Maeda helped draw nearly 840,000 applications for 144,000 seats over the three-day Tokyo Dome event. This year with the graduation of Mariko Shinoda and Tomomi Itano it seems the management overestimated the draw value of the event.

The venues, which include some of the largest event spaces in their respective prefectures, totals a combined maximum seated capacity of a little over 500,000. With such dizzying numbers, it’s no surprise there’s some difficulty in moving tickets, especially considering the girls already sell much more intimate stage performances daily.

News of a fan offering tickets for free if you contacted her over twitter along with multiple sales rounds from the venues stirred heated debate on whether the idol industry bubble has burst. Industry stakeholders lament that with the graduation of popular members Tomomi Itano and Mariko Shinoda, AKB48 is running out of trump cards, and the final ace will be Yuko Oshima.

It should be noted, however, that selling out the full 500,000 tickets is not small feat. The over abundance of tickets have afforded fans the luxury of being able to choose their arrangement, and to turn down seats in the upper decks. The media and netizens in recent years have taken the sensationalist route, and seem to revel in their ability to take the mundane and spin into the extraordinary.

It’s this reporters opinion that while idols are a business, they just aren’t serious business

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There's the Headline Yahoo JP article for netizen comments.

[GOO Ranking] Female artists with wonderful singing voice

20. Others (1414 votes)
19. Kimura Kaela (96 votes)
18. Onitsuka Chihiro (141 votes)
17. Koda Kumi (144 votes)
16. Shiina Ringo (236 votes)
15. Ayumi Hamasaki (314 votes)
14. aiko (326 votes)
13. Mochida Kaori (333 votes)
12. YUI (407 votes)
11. Nakajima Miyuki (412 votes)

[Spoiler (click to open)]
10. Angela Aki (417 votes)

9. miwa (453 votes)

8. Akina Nakamori (583 votes)

7. Nakashima Mika (593 votes)

6. Nishino Kana (676 votes)

5. Namie Amuro (887 votes)

4. Utada Hikaru (941 votes)

3. Ayaka Hirahara (945 votes)

2. JUJU (1286 votes)

1. Miwa Yoshida (3085 votes)

sailor moon

MAX is back with a new single

MAX is releasing their first single since member Reina's maternity leave, Tacata', to be released on August 7th. The song is a cover of the Italian hit by Tacabro and Martínez Rodríguez.

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Found this after it was in my Youtube recommendations. The intro is LOL worthy but once you get used to the song it's not thaaaaat bad. And for ladies in their mid to late thirties they're working it!

preview of Ieiri's new song "kimi ni todoke"

Leo Ieiri is set to release a digital song titled "Kimi Ni Todoke" (君に届け). The song will also be used in a commercial.

"The commercial song Ieiri is going to be in charge is a 2013 TV commercial for a 'Incorporate educational institution・vocational school Shuto Ikou / Oosaka Isen / Nagoya Isen'. This school practices 'team medical care' from medical practice, welfare to sports with the theme of 'job where you can be the sun for someone'. In 2012, 'Beautiful day' by Ryota Fujimaki was chosen for this commercial.

The 2013 TV commercial portrays relay of life by the medical care of each field and not only the importance of the individual's specialty to become a medical staff but learning to cooperate as a team. As a message as large as life, the lyrics of Ieiri 'Don't look away, with the voice from the heart, I'm looking for the pieces of my dream' and the sound of the new song 'Kimi ni Todoke' brings out the serious side expression of the students who aim to become a medical staff in the video."

source: Ieiri Leo

i am luving the song soo far<3