July 23rd, 2013

First teaser released for live-action "Black Butler" movie

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The official website for Kentaro Otani and Keiichi Sato’s upcoming live-action movie adaptation of Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) has been updated with a 50-second teaser trailer.

The film is based on a manga by Yana Toboso which has been serialized in Monthly GFantasy since October 2006 and has reached a circulation of over 14 million copies to date.

The story revolves around a “flawless demon butler” character named Sebastian Michealis who personifies grace, knowledge, and physical perfection as he investigates dark and mysterious incidents at the behest of the prestigious Phantomhive household and Queen Victoria.


The movie is set 130 years after the events of the original manga. Ayame Goriki plays a character named Shiori Genpo, a descendant of the Phantomhive family in the year 2020 who disguises herself as a man under the name “Kiyoharu” in order to take a leadership role in the Funtom Company.

Hiro Mizushima ended a 3-year hiatus from acting to portray Sebastian. In order to match Sebastian’s body type, Mizushima reportedly dropped quite a bit of weight and participated in intense action training for reasons which become evident in the new clip.

“Black Butler” will be released by Warner Bros. in Japan on January 18, 2014.


EXILE's MATSU engaged to non-celebrity woman 10 years his junior

On July 22, MATSU (38), a performer from the popular group EXILE, announced via a fax from his agency his engagement to a non-celebrity woman (28) that he has dated for 7 years. The couple has not yet set their marriage registration date.

MATSU spoke about when he began dating his fiancé with, "It was a little before EXILE's second chapter in 2006," and revealed his thankfulness for her support during periods where his Behcet disease affected him severely with,"I was performing with EXILE despite my chronic disease and shortly after the second chapter began, I suddenly experienced symptoms and it seriously affected my health both privately and publicly.  We were together at the time and she supported me throughout."

In addition, he explained why he decided to pursue marriage with, "Even after I recovered,

my health was still poor, but even so, she was always by my side and was understanding; I felt reassured and I realized that she was not someone I could replace.  I am certain that together with her, we can walk together towards our future."

He ended spiritedly with "I welcome this new chapter in life and I will try my best.

Undoubtedly, my responsibilities will increase as I will have a family, which is one more thing I must protect.  I will take that responsibility and channel it as a strength and make both EXILE and myself even more brilliant."


Shoko Nakagawa believes "idols should be mysterious" and says it is "too late" for herself.

On July 21st, talent Shoko Nakagawa (28) answered questions before the talk event of "Music Jacket Gallery 2013" in Tokyo. Nakagawa touched on the subject of Japan's Idol Culture, and expressed her opinion on it. She "wants idols to be covered with the veil of mystery". Though, she did show a wry smile when describing herself. Nakagawa already reveals everything on her own. On her blog, she writes things such as "smelling the fragrance of a cat's behind". "Even if I try to wrap myself up in mystery now, it is impossible", she lamented, "I just longed to become an idol like that but could not become it" and seemed sad because of it.

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Sources: Article by Oricon Style / Photos by ORICON NewS inc.
Translation by tsunemi

Arama, what are your thoughts on this? Do you prefer an idol that is public or private with their audience? For such things, what is the limit? Also, since we're on the topic of (female) idols, I would like to know who your favourites are!

Dancing Dolls 3rd single "DD JUMP"

Dancing Dolls releases their 3rd single DD JUMP on July 24
DD Jump features dance/electro sound and it’s a final chapter following the past two singles of their “sampling trilogy”

For this time, they boldly sampled Morning Musume’s masterpiece, Love machine. Dancing Dolls are very happy that Love Machine has been determined to the latest sampling theme, especially for the member Asuka and Kyoka, Morning Musume is a group of longing, also was a trigger to start their dancing career as a child. Their sharp movements on dance is seen in the limited editions privilege DVD

source: TGS. DM