August 23rd, 2013


Mio Otani to play Sena Kashiwazaki in live-action “Haganai” film


On Thursday it was announced that gravure idol Mio Otani will play busty character Sena Kashiwazaki in the upcoming live-adaption adaptation of Yomi Hirasaka’s popular light novel series Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, aka Haganai.Otani was reportedly a big fan of the anime adaptation of the series, and was particularly fond of the Sena Kashiwazaki character, so she felt as though fate was at work in the audition.

The story revolves around two social outcasts who start a special club for others in similar positions. Koji Seto plays a half-British teenager named Kodaka Hasegawa who is seen as an intimidating juvenile delinquent due to his fierce eyes and extremely light hair. Meanwhile, Kie Kitano plays a mean girl named Yozora Mikazuki whose attitude drives everyone away. Together they form the “Neighbor’s Club” (Rinjin-bu) in an attempt to make new friends. Surprisingly, others start joining one by one. Kashiwazaki is the first new member to join the club and is considered the third main character of the story. The character—who Yozora nicknames “Meat” (Niku) for her large breasts—is the intelligent, beautiful, athletic, and all-around perfect only daughter of a prominent city council member. However, other girls hate her and she treats the boys who are attracted to her like slaves. Because of this, she joins the Neighbor’s Club in an attempt to make true friends.

As was announced back in July, additional supporting cast members include Sara Takatsuki, Mao Kanjo, Sayu Kubota, Momoka Yamada, Louis Kurihara, Dai Watanabe and Yoshizumi Ishihara.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai” will be released nation-wide in Japan in early 2014.

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POLL: Japanese Poll Results For Top 50 Voice Actors With Best Voices

Japanese anime portal AnimeOne posted another user-generated poll result before its closing! This time, the poll collected 10517 votes deciding who is the one voice actor with the best-voice according to voters.

#1 - #10

#1 Kamiya Hiroshi (left) 630 votes & #2 Ono Daisuke (right) 503 votes

Sample roles: Levi (Kamiya) and Erwin (Ono) from Attack On Titan
Izaya (Kamiya) and Shizuo (Ono) from Durarara
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Morning Musume on Music Station!

This is Morning Musume's first performance on Music Station with the new Morning Musume members. They performed "Happy Summer Wedding", and their current single "Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke".

The girls sounded great, except for Riho who is currently recovering from a cold. Overall, a pretty good performance despite lacking in some places. I'm a very proud fan!

source of vid: Paradise of Song
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AKB48's Akimoto Sayaka holds her graduation ceremony in Tokyo Dome


AKB48 member Akimoto Sayaka's graduation ceremony was held during 'AKB48 ~2013 Manatsu no Dome Tour ~Mada Mada, Yaranakyaikenai Koto ga Aru~' at Tokyo Dome on the 22nd.

Aside from current AKB48 members, past members such as Ohori Megumi and Kasai Tomomi, came to celebrate this moment with Akimoto. She expressed, "I really love AKB48. The days I spent as AKB48 were very happy days."

AKB48 held a 3-day live at Tokyo Dome back in August. This time, the concert will run 4 days, from August 22 to the 25th. The girls kicked off the first day with "RIVER", which was followed by "Beginner" by Team A, "UZA" by Team K, "Kaze wa Fuiteiru" by Team B, then "Flying Get" with Akimoto as center. Akimoto also excited the crowd of 42,000 people with a performance of her representative song "Uhho Uhhohoho".

After receiving a "Sayaka" call from the fans, Akimoto reappeared on stage and sang "Mushi no Ballad" solo. Then a video that compiled her history in AKB48 was projected onto the screen, and she sang the graduation song "Tsuyosa to Yowasa no Aida de" with fellow 2nd generation members, including Oshima Yuko, Umeda Ayaka, and Miyazawa Sae.

Akimoto entered AKB48 in 2006 as the group's 2nd generation member. She was the captain for Team K and was also part of the sub-unit DiVA. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in acting.

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[GOO Ranking] Johnny's combis you hope to see collaborate again in a drama

16. Ninomiya Kazunari x Yokoyama Yu (71 votes)
15. Ninomiya Kazunari x Shibutani Subaru (188 votes)
14. Sakurai Sho x Yokoyama Yu (221 votes)
13. Matsuoka Masahiro x Inohara Yoshihiko (236 votes)
12. Ohkura Tadayoshi x Yasuda Shota (303 votes)
11. Ninomiya Kazunari x Yamashita Tomohisa (326 votes)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

10. Aiba Masaki x Ohkura Tadayoshi (331 votes)

9. Takizawa Hideaki x Imai Tsubasa (421 votes)

8. Kamenashi Kazuya x Akanishi Jin (658 votes)

7. Ninomiya Kazunari x Nishikido Ryo (799 votes)

6. Okada Junichi x Sakurai Sho (841 votes)

5. Nagase Tomoya x Okada Junichi (870 votes)

4. Ohno Satoshi x Ikuta Toma (1321 votes)

3. Ninomiya Kazunari x Sakurai Sho (1853 votes)

2. Domoto Tsuyoshi x Domoto Koichi (2089 votes)

1. Kamenashi Kazuya x Yamashita Tomohisa (2911 votes)

Mars rage

Jin says his encounter with Meisa was due to fate (Japan's power couple AKAKURO strikes back!)

On the last Fan Event for Jin's new single HEY WHAT'S UP!, held in Osaka on August 22th, Jin Akanishi he took the opportunity to clarify some things regarding his marriage, things he wasn't able to tell publicly during the course of his one and a half year hiatus.

One of those is the confirmation that his marriage with Meisa Kuroki was not a shot gun marriage and that he proposed to her even before they found out that she’s pregnant. He also mentioned that meeting her was a work of fate. The reports also say that he created a song for their baby girl, Theia.

On another note, he added: "My fans are really something. A lot of things have happened, and who knows what will happen in the future... No matter what I will definitely come back. Rest assured, please continue to be a fan of mine with confidence".

A bunch of fans who attended the event said that this is a Jin who is comfortable in his own skin, happy, content, proud of his work, and very happy.

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