August 24th, 2013

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Gatchaman live action movie score given by critic Yuichi Maeda: 4/100 wwwwww

Summary of Yuichi Maeda's review
* Praised the '70s anime for the cool characters, stylish highlight scenes, and passionate theme song. He also commended the anime for tackling social issues despite being a children's anime.
* Live action adaptation does not reflect the essence of Gatchaman and felt like a declaration of war towards the original version.
* Gatchaman has a radical ideology, where they would even neglect the lives of 10 million people for the sake of saving a single person.
* 40% of the movie consisted of the hero's childish logics, while the remaining 60% revolved around Gouriki's character JUN's illicit love towards Matsuzaka's character KEN.
* JUN felt like this character who only thinks about how she could score with KEN.
* The movie feels like it's for the audience to enjoy Gouriki's one-man love comedy skits.
* JUN has a terrible character, speaking ill of KEN's late girlfriend and dissing the nice and cool suits that they get to wear.
* Your children who will go watch the movie with you might ask you, "Why are those people just talking about women and aren't even setting out to war?"
* The biggest complaint here is why don't they just trash the internal discord within the group, and go hurry up and save the world.
* The scriptwriting is a mess. There's no end to the criticisms that can be made. The viewers will be left with nothing but questions, and despite all of this, the movie hinted that there will be a sequel.
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Jin is happy to have more fanboys!


As reports pouring in on twitter of Jin's fan events in Osaka and Tokyo on 8/22 and 8/23, many have cited the increasing numbers of fanboys seen in line and in the audience.  Fans have said the number of fanboys are about 10% of attendees.  Even Jin was surprised at the increasing number of fanboys.  He also said he was also surprised at his single Hey What's Up sold 115,000 copies in the first week and even the Jimusho was surprised too.  Here are some excerpts from fan reports when Jin greeted his fanboys:

In Osaka

Jin: (・゚∀゚)I'm very happy~ (I think Jin means he's happy to have male fans)
Male fan #1: Homo janai yo! (I'm not gay)
Jin: (・゚∀゚)It's alright! I'm not against it or anything, I also have friends who are gay.
Male fan #2: I love you!
Jin: (・゚∀゚)Sorry, but I'm not gay. (TN: LMAO this troll)]

In Tokyo

Jin: in Osaka, I can feel that a lot of fanboys came
Male fan: love u a lot!
Jin: glad to hear
that you loved me but I'm not gay. But what kind of love are you referring to?
Male fan: AS AN ARTIST!
Jin: I like that, I'm very happy! Thank you very much.

The fanboys also told Jin they want to learn English and study abroad like him

Fanboy: I saw you went to abroad so it makes me want to go there
Jin: I'm so glad that someone interested in English because of me
Fanboy: I also went to abroad too.
Jin: Eh? You did?
Fanboy: Yup, last year
Jin: That's good! for the type of people I'm interested in...
Jin:.. I like people and I like to talk to them too. Whenever I can speak, I try to speak more English with other people I meet.


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Big News For 48 family fans; New Stages annonced!!

New Team stages was been announced at the 2nd day of Tokyo Dome Concerts

AKB48 Team A New (and first) Theater Stage on Mar 14,2014
AKB48 Team K New (and first) Theater Stage on Jan 31,2014
AKB48 Team B New (and first) Theater Stage on Feb 28,2014

SKE48 Team S New (and first) Theater Stage on Dec 1,2013
SKE48 Team KII New (and first) Theater Stage on June 25,2014
SKE48 Team E New (and first) Theater Stage on May 28,2014

NMB48 Team N “Kokonidatte Tenshi ha Iru / Angels are here too” on Oct 26,2013
NMB48 Team M New (and first) Theater Stage on Apr 26,2014
NMB48 Team BII New (and first) Theater Stage on Aug 9,2014
HKT48 Team H New (and first) Theater Stage on Dec 22,2013

Here is the teaser

For those who doesn't know what Team Stages is;
Each show is performed by one of the three teams or by Team Kenkyuusei, a selection of kenkyuusei members. They perform a setlist that remains the same for several months before moving on to a new setlist. T

The opening date of a stage is called shonichi, and the closing date is called senshuuraku.

All stages start out with the overture, a track that plays at several of AKB's performances that basically serves to get the crowd pumped up. In stages A6, K6, and B5, the performances also started out with a song by Zenza Girls, a group of one to four featured kenkyuusei members.

After the overture, the full team comes out on stage and perform three or four full-group songs. Then is the first MC, when each member introduces herself and chats a bit.

After the MC are the unit songs, in which the teams are further broken down into smaller segments of one to six members. The unit songs usually showcase whatever member is the "center" of that unit, who is one of the more popular members of the team. There are usually five unit songs, then the team reconvenes for another MC and more group songs.

There is always an encore at the end of the stage, with more group songs, peformances of recent singles, and announcements. If it is a member's birthday performance, they will bring her a cake, sing for her, and have a letter read to them by another teammate. Then the team takes the final bow together.

Stage songs are said to be the secret weapon of the 48 family in the music industry as each songs has different genres like ballad, rock, pop, punk etc and it is being performed by full team or an individual members giving chances to non popular members to be exposed to fans.

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Aiuchi Rina changes her name to Kakiuchi Rika + to produce dog goods

Aiuchi Rina, who retired from the entertainment industry in 2010, has changed her name to Kakiuchi Rika.

Around the time of her retirement, Kakiuchi got her two poodles Pine and Ribbon. When they became ill, she obtained qualifications to become a dog reflexologist, animal protection supervisor, and dog yoga trainer. She studied reflexology, healing techniques, food, and ethology. Then in October of 2012, she started her career as a pet brand producer by establishing the dog brand 'Bon Bon Copine'.

Bon Bon Copine will carry additive-free dog food that include no preservatives, food coloring, or flavoring. It will also carry products like handmade cushions, cafe mats, collars, and leashes. The products will be displayed at the 'Pet Expo 2013' in Osaka from September 21 to the 23rd. There will also be a collaboration with Sanrio to celebrate its 40th anniversary.


I miss her! She was one of the first JPop singers I ever heard. :(
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Morning Musume 12th Gen Auditions Finished, No Winners Announced

Tsunku declares today that there are no qualified candidates for the 12th gen audition “Mirai Shoujo”. Based on the theme and name “Mirai Shoujo” (girl of the future) Tsunku was looking for a super star to add to the group. However, the performance level of Morning Musume is so high right now that he does not feel it would be appropriate to add anyone into the group at this time. Tsunku also will not be adding anyone from H!P kenshuusei at this time. He does not feel comfortable inserting a new girl into this current lineup. However, that does not mean that the talent and skill level of this group of girls were low. To the contrary, Tsunku feels that he saw many girls who were able to shine throughout the audition. He believes they have plenty of talent, but it just quite isn’t enough to join the group.

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and to think we just got a teaser the day before