August 27th, 2013

A short story anime created by ex SKE-members


Story and Character Design ( Matsushita Yui - ex-SKE Team S , Shawako - ex-SKE Team KII)
Nora Usagi - Matsushita Yui
Nora Neko - Hata Sawako
Nora Inu - Furukawa Airi

This will be nice if they will make it a real anime like AKB0048 of AKB48 but this one is about SKE48. Seems like the 2nd monster girl group of the decade will come from the the 48 family too lol

Indonesia Hosts First Sumo Tournament Outside Japan for 5 Years

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I really wanted to watch but I'm broke at the moment.
The list of Rikishi participating also wasn't posted anywhere before the tournament.
Had I known both Yokozunas were going to participate, I would have choked my wallet for any extra money it had. *sigh*

AKB48 tops Oricon's weekly single ranking once again

AKB48's 32nd single "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" (released on August 21st) sold 1,330,000 copies during the first week, and topped Oricon's weekly ranking.

This is the 13th consecutive million-selling singles (14th single in total) for the group, and now they have tied the record with B'z.

[TOP3 artists for the number of consecutive million selling singles]
1. 13 consecutive singles : AKB48
1. 13 consecutive singles : B'z
3. 8 consecutive singles : Mr.Children

This single's first week sales 1,330,000 copies is the 5th best number after "Sayonara Crawl" (first week sales:1,763,000 copies), "Manatsu no Sounds good!" (first week sales:1,617,000 copies), "Flying Get" (first week sales: 1,354,000 copies), and "Everyday, Kachuusha" (first week sales: 1,334,000 copies).

"Koisuru Fortune Cookie" is also their 19th consecutive chart topping single. With this single, they have renewed their own records for a female group, 'number of consecutive chart topping singles' and 'total number of chart topping singles'.

AKB48's total number of copies sold for their singles is now 23,378,000 copies, and it's the best record for a female artist.


this is fun, if the streak will continue until the next spring single they will snatch the title of most consecutive million single of all time