August 30th, 2013

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they are back....HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA to release new single


New updated information has surfaced on hyde's Vamprose official website with details on the upcoming release. Once again the special project of hyde's HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA will release a new maxi single titled,"HALLOWEEN PARTY" which will drop on 2013.10.16 for a cost of 1,500yen, and includes CD+DVD.

Furthermore it has been announced that this year there will also be a new hyde figurine sold at the venues. The largest Halloween event in Japan's history which carried several dates and locations in the past has not been revealed as of yet for "Halloween Party 2013" but we will keep you posted on the schedules as they are announced.

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excited for the pv!!!

Nogizaka46 to release their 7th single in November

Nogizaka46 have revealed that they will release a new single (currently untitled) on November 27.

This surprise announcement was made on August 30 during the Zepp Tokyo daytime concert of their nationwide tour 'Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour 2013'. Regarding the new song, captain Sakurai Reika commented, "We want to make a single that will meet the expectations of everyone and surpass our previous single 'Girl's Rule'."

The details and senbatsu members for the single have not been revealed at this time. Nogizaka46's 6th single "Girl's Rule", with Shiraishi Mai as center, has become a hit song selling over 500,000 copies.


I didn't know that Girl's Rule reach 500K; in this case they are the 3rd among AKI-P's current creation who reached 500K and their fans as well as the 48 family fans that support them can boast that they achieved it without the bikini tactics.
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Female Idol Overall Ranking 2013 from All Night Nippon Listener

50位 菅谷梨沙子 / Sugaya Risako(Berryz Koubo)
49位 林愛夏 / Hayashi Manatsu(Babyraids)
48位 百瀬優美 / Momose Yuumi(にゃんだふる)
47位 川栄李奈 / Kawaei Rina(AKB48)
46位 橋本奈々未 / Hashimoto Nanami(Nogizaka 46)
45位 梅田彩佳 / Umeda Ayaka(AKB48)
44位 Kaede(Negicco)
43位 廣田あいか / Hirota Aika(Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku)
42位 大矢真那 / Oya Masana(SKE48)
41位 宮前杏実 / Miyamae Ami(SKE48)
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