September 9th, 2013

  • aibada

Tamori & co.: "Perfume, MomoClo are better than AKB"

On September 1's Iitomo, the footage of the after-show free-for-all discussions that took place after the August 26 episode was shown, where they started talking about the different idol groups.

Tamori: "MomoClo's much more amazing than AKB48."
Chihara Junior: "Perfume is amazing, I didn't realize 2 hours passed by so quickly while watching their live DVD."
Sashihara: "But what AKB does are 'idol dances'."

Masakazu Mimura commented on Tomomi Itano, whom she saw taking lessons: "Her thighs are amazing!". Sashihara said that Itano has been dancing since she was small, and used to be a back up dancer for EXILE.

Tamori then imitated the "Koi suru fortune cookie" dance step and said: "Compared with the others, this is only what you're doing".

Sashihara smiled and just said, "Thank you very much".

Junior commented on the dance: "That's just stretching!", to which Tamori symphatized: "It is just stretching". Sashihara told the 2:
"We're dancing properly! But it's true that the other idols are amazing."



JPOP Asia irresponsible Journalism

Jpopasia writer "bbizzie" wrote an article which was been featured as one of the headline of the said website with the title "Tohoshinki Left Behind HKT48 And Got 1st Place At Oricon Chart!" Apparently with that kind of title for an article it gained attention on both side as everyone believed that HKT48 will top the chart for this week because of their massive sales so it is surprising that a group from the 48 family was beaten in the chart other than Arashi.

But then the netizens found out that the article was just an exaggerated news saying that Tohoshinki top HKT48 on the 4th day of daily chart. Lots of complain can be read from the comment section saying that this kind of news is irresponsible and bias, and also very rude for ditching HKT48 with a false information.


so JPOPasia is now ALLKPOP 2.0?

Former AKB48 member Kawasaki Nozomi announces her marriage

On September 8th, it was revealed that former AKB48 member Kawasaki Nozomi had gotten married! She announced the surprising news during her appearance on NTV's 'Ariyoshi Hanseikai'.

When the show's host Ariyoshi Hiroiki asked Kawasaki if she has been hiding something, she revealed, "I'm married, but I haven't made an announcement. This is the first time I'm saying it. I haven't told anybody yet." She added, "I was actually going to say it on 'Downtown DX', I wasn't able to appear on it..."

Regarding the marriage, Kawasaki stated, "I married a foreign model in February of this year." She shared that they became acquainted about 3 or 4 years ago after he had approached her at Meguro Station in Tokyo. She also stressed that she was not in a relationship with him while she was still a member of AKB48.

Kawasaki entered AKB48 as a 1st generation member in 2005. After graduating in February of 2009, she launched the men's apparel brand 'ANTIMINSS' and has been active as a talent.


heard that she make lots of money with her business

Manatsu no Sounds Good Electric Guitar Rendition by Hidenori and NMB48's Yamamoto Sayaka

Recently, AKB48's Official Channel uploaded a video for AKB48's Eizo Center, featuring a member from one of their sister groups, NMB48.
The video had NMB48's Yamamoto Sayaka performing a rendition of Manatsu no Sounds Good with Youtube guitarist, Hidenori.

The video can be seen here.

Source: AKB48

Man Hidenori really does have mad skills!
And I know Sayanee's skills is nothing much in comparison, but he taught that to her, and she learned it within a day.
Quick learner indeed XD
Proud of her, she did well.
And the 48family really should have more of these kind of hands on experience for the girls' different aspirations. :3