September 14th, 2013

Morning Musume Wants You To Forget The Past!

This is a CM that is currently promoting Morning Musume's new single as well as their current lineup. Also it is for MM's 16th anniversary, which I forgot to mention when submitting this post.

Translation for the yellow texts:
"Gone is the Morning Musume。 you once knew.
We’ll improve both ourselves and idol world.
It’s an evolution resulted from 16 years long process, not the change that happens abruptly.
10 girls who met by chance to become the 10 girls of destiny.
We won’t give up on becoming the cutest and the coolest.
We’ve become strong enough to carry everyone’s expectation.
The girls who admire that era, are now trying their best to surpass it.
We’ll always stand up no matter what, both in life and idol world.
To stay freshest.
To be the best.
To be the most beloved.
It’s still way too early to decide if we’re finally back to our finest time yet.
Shall we go, then?”

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I think this whole CM is addressing some of the issues that has been going down in the fandom for awhile. For instance some older generation fans have a hard time adjusting to the change of the music direction as well as to the girls themselves. It's a pretty clever idea to acknowledge Morning Musume's past while talking about the present and thinking about the future.

Uchi Hiroki and Takada Sho in a Daytime Drama

It has been announced that Uchi Hiroki and Johnny’s Jr. Takada Sho will star in Fuji TV’s daytime drama this October, titled: “Tengoku no Koi“. The said drama will be written by Nakajima Takahiro, who also wrote popular daytime series like “Shinju Fujin” and “Botan to Bara”.

“Tengoku no Koi” (Heaven of Love) tells the May-December love story between a woman in her 40s and men in their 20s. Tokoshima Yoshiko will play the role of Hafu Hitoshi, a 41 year-old housewife who manages a secondhand bookshop, and living in a strained marriage with her 14 year-old daughter as the only reason it hasn’t fallen apart. One day, Hafu’s slumbering womanly desires suddenly awaken after she caught Shida Motoharu (Takada), who was trying to steal an erotic novel from her bookshop. As her desires came gushing-in, Hafu decided to embark on a love affair with the young man; afterwards, she met a spitting image Kunimoto Satoshi/Komato Shio (Uchi), her past love who reminded her of dark secrets from the past.

“Tengoku no Koi” will start airing this October 28th until December at 1:30PM (JST)

credits MIKU via Jnewseng

Good for Uchi. That kid Takada Sho seems to pushed more in dramas/movies

[Goo] Sakurai Sho Hidden Charms Ranking

Since Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho has been a constant top placer in various goo rankings, goo decided to make their own Sakurai Sho’s “Hidden Charms” ranking to see why this Arashi member is very much-loved.

TOP 10…

10) He is respectful and courteous to his senpais from the agency.

9) He never miss to make preparations/preliminary investigations before he interviews his guests.

8) He loves Arashi and regards their group activities as a matter of importance.

7) He face his drama roles with sincerity.

6) He managed to separate his image from being as “a variety idol host” to that of a “punctual newscaster”.

Collapse )

credits MIKU via Jnewseng

Inohara Yoshihiko Joins Kamenashi Kazuya in “Tokyo Bandwagon”

It was announced that V6‘s Inohara Yoshihiko will also be starring in “Tokyo Bandwagon shitamachi dai kazoku monogatari“, where KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya plays the lead role.

Based from Yukiya Shoji‘s popular novel of the same title, “Tokyo Bandwagon” depicts the life of Hotta family, a large family who runs a secondhand bookstore and cafe in downtown Tokyo. Known for being meddlesome, the family will try to solve mysterious cases that arises in their area.

Inohara will play the role of Fujishima Naoya, an IT President, and old books lover who is vying for the affection of the Hotta’s eldest daughter- Aiko. This will be the first time that Inohara and Kamenashi will work in a drama.

“Tokyo Bandwagon shitamachi dai kazoku monogatari” will start this Oct 12th (09:00PM, JST)

credits MIKU via Jnewseng