October 6th, 2013

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Yuya Tegoshi dating idol "K"!!? (local TV program in Hokkaido)

There's this local program in Hokkaido called U-gata Terebi, and they featured a gossip which according to them could not be broadcast in Tokyo. The most risqué news there was about Tegoshi-san having an affair with idol "K".

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[GOO Ranking] Johnny’s under 30 likely to grow into official hosts

40. Yokoo Wataru (0.8)
39. Kikuchi Fuma (2.3)
36. Marius Yo (3.1)
36. Nakayama Yuma (3.1)
36. Takaki Yuya (3.1)
33. Matsushima Sou (3.8)
33. Miyata Toshiya (3.8)
33. Goseki Koichi (3.8)
31. Nikaido Takashi (4.6)
31. Nakajima Kento (4.6)

29. Taguchi Junnosuke (5.3)
29. Hashimoto Ryosuke (5.3)
27. Sato Shori (6.1)
27. Tsukada Ryoichi (6.1)
25. Ueda Tatsuya (6.9)
25. Inoo Kei (6.9)
23. Masuda Takahisa (7.6)
23. Totsuka Shota (7.6)
20. Nakajima Kento (8.4)
20. Chinen Yuri (8.4)

20. Okamoto Keito (8.4)
18. Kato Shigeaki (9.9)
18. Fujigaya Taisuke (9.9)
17. Arioka Daiki (10.7)
14. Tanaka Koki (11.5)
14. Yabu Kota (11.5)
14. Kawai Fumito (11.5)
13. Yaotome Hikaru (16.8)
12. Kitayama Hiromitsu (19.8)
11. Tamamori Yuta (20.6)

10. Yamada Ryosuke (22.1)
9. Yasuda Shota (22.9)
8. Okura Tadayoshi (36.6)
7. Maruyama Ryuhei (37.4)
6. Tegoshi Yuya (39.7)

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Source & pics: jenewsdaily

No CD, no concert tour, KAT-TUN fans are growing dissatisfied with Johnny's

While the member solo activities increase, KAT-TUN's activity as a group is poor.  The schedule of national tour was scrapped. The theme song for their CM only got released by limited distribution download. What has happened to KAT-TUN?

Although it was decided on the 21st that the theme song of Yuichi Nakamaru starring drama on TBS would be a new song of KAT-TUN but the CD release of the single is still undecided at present and fans are growing more and more uneasy.  Although the single "FACE to FACE" was put on the market in May of this year.   It is said that Koki Tanaka's wild private life has interfered with activity of the group.  Koki went ahead and opened a member-only club without Johnny's approval.   Even Koki's appearance in the 3-member radio program KAT-TUN with Nakamaru and Junno has decreased sharply.  Their Suzuki CM theme song "BOUNCE GIRL" was only released as limited time offer distribution for about one month at the end of August.   Furthermore, the theme song of Kamenashi Kazuya's drama "Tokyo Bandwagon" on NTV is a musical piece by a unit with Koji Tamaki and Kame.  And many fans who were expecting the new song release as KAT-TUN are disappointed.

Fans are even more worried that Nakamaru's drama theme song has not come out with a release date.  It doesn't help that Tamaki joked about KAT-TUN will disband and a new band "Hotta Family Band" will be formed.  Even though Kame has denied the disbandment but no one can laugh about this because of the numerous KAT-TUN dismissal reports flowed out by the media.

If there is no CD release, there will be no opportunity to appear on popular music show as a group.  And the only other venue where KAT-TUN can be seen together is at the concert.  But it's been said that Mary Kitagawa, J&A Vice President is angry because a lot of money was spent on KAT-TUN's CHAIN concert last year to set a gorgeous stage and the company did not gain any profit from CHAIN ticket sales.  After the production cost, the company lost money  and in the red.  Mary even thinks having a KAT-TUN concert is useless.  For now, it looks like each member solo activity will be prolonged.  Fans are wondering when they can see the five of them again.


Source: entameblog translated by 4miu_miu
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#Jin's #new #album #JUSTJIN


Jin Akanishi will be releasing a new studio album titled "#JUSTJIN" on November 6th.

Akanishi's new album will come in 3 different versions: 2 limited editions and a regular edition. The regular edition of the album will only come with a CD of the album. Limited edition A will contain a bonus CD with English-language music recorded by him, while limited edition B will come with a bonus DVD featuring music videos from the album.

All of the tracks on "#JUST JIN" will be written, composed and produced by Akanishi himself, showing off his multifaceted talents as an artist. In addition, all 4 of Akanishi's solo singles will be featured on the album.

The upcoming album is the idol's 2nd studio album. His first, "JAPONICANA", was released on March 7, 2012, serving as the culmination of his attempt to break into the US market.


hoping for Hesitate and Pinky album version also crying @ the title. lbr this album is going to flop, poor jinjin T___T


Sayaka Akimoto and Kanata Hongo to star in “Doreiku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei”

On Thursday it was announced that former AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto and actor Kanata Hongo will star in Sakichi Sato’s Doreiku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei.

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Source: Nipponcinema & Eiga.com & Nikkansports

The article from Nikkansports also mentioned that Yuuga is falling in love with his sister Eia. But in the original story, Yuuga and Eia are not siblings. Not sure if the article was wrong or they changed the setting in the movie.