October 13th, 2013

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KAT-TUN to hold Countdown Concert & Release of Mini Album

It has been decided that KAT-TUN will hold their first countdown live concert on December 30 and 31 at Kyocera Dome Osaka. A new mini album titled 「楔 -kusabi-」 is also planned for release on November 27.

It was announced on 「Shuichi」 and during the video message that is taken the day before on October 12, Kamenashi commented 「Sorry for things to end up like this. Honestly, it's regrettable. Perhaps there was something more that we could have done instead. There are feelings of complexity and regret. But we will draw the line distinctly, accept the circumstances sincerely and progress forward.

From UedaFrom now onwards we will become a 4 person group, we will contemplate and come up with things that can only be done by the four of us, so as to present the best of ourselves when we appear in front of everyone. Please give us your support from now on as well.

Taguchi Today is the first time that we appear in front of everyone as a 4 person group. Seriously we are still baffled but i really hope and desire to move forward from here. Including individual and various activities i will try my best and work hard. From now on as well please give us your continuous support.

Nakamaru who appeared during the live broadcast remarked 「It's a sad outcome. We asked the agency for possibilities in any way if they can recede that, but we were told that it's already been decided. But well personally i have many mixed emotions of sadness and anger. He should have known that there are possibilities for consequences to take place, yet he (Koki) braved the risks and gave priorities to his private life, i have told him this as well. As we have been together for a long time, i felt regretful and sad. As we felt bewildered as well, sorry to let the fans feel the same way. We have been told what is going to happen now that the person in charge of rap is gone, well it is impossible to fill the gap of that person, but we will steadily explore the possibilities that the 4 of us will form.

The live will start at 18:00 on December 30 and 22:00 on December 31 at Osaka Dome.


Real-life GTA missions: Yakuza member charged with trespassing after chasing boss’s cat


Everyone loves cats–this is the basic premise of that the Internet is built on. From bored housewives to hyperactive teens to exhausted business people, no one is immune to their soft, fuzzy bellies and adorable eyes. Not even yakuza bosses!

In fact, one yakuza member run afoul the law after running over a shopping arcade roof, chasing after an escaped cat on his boss’s command.

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