November 3rd, 2013

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Ninki Ratings for the week of 4/11~10/11/2013


1. 99.00 Hottake BAND - Sayonara Arigato

2. 81.40 Momoiro Clover Z - GOUNN

3. 68.00 C-ute - Tokai no Hitorigurashi / Ai tte Motto Zanshin

4. 56.00 Kalafina - Kimi no Gin no Niwa


6. 41.90 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mottai Night Land

7. 36.30 Leo Ieiri - Taiyou no Megami

8. 18.40 UNISON SQUARE GARDEN  - Sakura no Ato (all quarters lead to the ?)

9. 15.80 Ailee - Heaven

10. 11.90 the telephones - Don't Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!!


1. 188.00 Lady GaGa - Artpop

2. 121.30 Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne

3. 81.90 Jin Akanishi - #JUSTJIN

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queen slaying your Jpop faves since 2008

Nanao as "Snow White" in the new movie "Shirayuki Hime Satsusjin Jiken"

Nanao will be "Snow White" in the upcoming movie "Shirayuki Hime Satsujin Jiken" (The Murder Case of Snow White) which stars Inoue Mao and Ayano Go and will be shown in cinemas from 29 March 2014. Nanao plays the role of Miki Noriko, who is regarded as the Snow White of the cosmetics company she works for and is a colleague of plain-looking Miki (Inoue). However, when Noriko suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances, it causes Miki to become a suspect. As the story progresses, Miki undergoes immense pressure from excessive media reports, brickbats online and hearsay as Yuji (Ayano) tries to piece together the truth based on the testimonies of the people around Miki. As this is Nanao's first movie, she commented that she was very glad and honoured to be given such an important role and asked everyone to view the movie when it's released.

Source:, doramaworld

Video Research TV Talent Image Survey Top 20 Artistes (August 2013)

Note that the figures in brackets indicate the popularity percentage of the artiste:

Top 20 Male Artistes

1) Fukuyama Masaharu (54.3%)
2) Abe Hiroshi (54.2%)
3) Akashiya Sanma (51.9%)
4) Ichiro (51.3%)
5) Kuwata Keisuke (49.7%)
6) Tadokoro George (49.0%)
7) Ishizuka Hidehiko (46.7%)
8) Samaazu (46.4%)
9) Yuzu (44.6%)
10) Sakurai Sho / Watanabe Ken (44.4%)
12) Sekine Tsutomu / Oizumi Yo (44.2%)
14) Abe Sadao (44.1%)
15) Taka And Toshi / Mr.Children (43.7%)
17) Ariyoshi Hiroyuki / Aiba Masaki (43.0%)
19) Takada Junji / Tsutsumi Shinichi (42.8%)

Top 20 Female Artistes

1) Ayase Haruka (50.8%)
2) Asada Mao (49.6%)
3) Amami Yuki (46.4%)
5) Kanno Miho (42.7%)
6) Rola (41.1%)
7) Becky (40.7%)
8) Yoshinaga Sayuri (40.2%)
9) Ikimonogakari (40.0%)
10) Ueto Aya (38.9%)
11) Matsushima Nanako (38.4%)
12) Koizumi Kyoko (38.2%)
13) Amuro Namie / Shinohara Ryoko (38.1%)
15) Aragaki Yui (37.0%)
16) Yuka (36.8%)
17) Horikita Maki (35.8%)
18) Nakama Yukie (35.4%)
19) Yanagihara Kanako (35.2%)
20) Yonekura Ryoko (34.9%)

Source: Video Research, doramaworld

First line up for '2013 FNS Kayousai' revealed

Fuji TV's '2013 FNS Kayousai' will be held on December 4th from 7:00 pm, and the first line up of artists who will be performing at this festival has been revealed!

The 37 artists in the first line up include the AKB48 groups, Elephant Kashimashi, Oda Tetsuro, Kishidan, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Komuro Tetsuya, SCANDAL, SMAP, T.M.Revolution, Nakagawa Shoko, Matsumoto Iyo, Mizuki Nana, miwa, Momoiro Clover Z, Yuzu, and LUNA SEA.

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAP) and Takigawa Crystal have been appointed as the hosts.

The year-end festival will live broadcast from Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa for 4 hours.

[2013 FNS Kayousai]

Aikawa Naanse / E-girls / Iwasaki Hiromi / Iwasaki Yoshimi / AKB48 groups / EXILE / Elephant Kashimashi / Oda Tetsuro / Kahala Tomomi / Kishidan / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu / Go Hiromi / Komuro Tetsuya / Sandaime J Soul Brothers / THE ALFEE / JUJU / SCANDAL / Suzuki Kiyomi / Suzuki Masayuki / SMAP / Tanimura Shinji / TRF / T.M.Revolution / Tokunaga Hideaki / Naoto Inti Raymi / Nakagawa Shoko / Nishino Kana / Hikawa Kiyoshi / Makihara Noriyuki / Matsumoto Iyo / Mizuki Nana / miwa / Momoiro Clover Z / Moritaka Chisato / Yuzu / LUNA SEA / Wada Akiko / and more

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAP) / Takigawa Crystal


Tanaka Koki to publish a tell-all book against Johnny's?

Johnny Kitagawa is reportedly angry at Tanaka Koki's FRIDAY interview in which Tanaka stated he will continue entertainment activities namely his music first.  This has caused agitation inside Johnny & Associates.   In the old days, J&A can use their influence to block their ex-talents from appearing on TV shows and such.  But nowadays with the internet and You Tube, it's impossible to block anybody from uploading their personal videos from internet sites such as Nico Nico or You Tube.

Furthermore,  a certain publishing company who is an enemy of J&A, is offering Koki a tell-all book deal after giving his interview on FRIDAY.   Koki was offered 5 million yen for a contract to write this book.  And a royalty contract will be signed depending on how many copies of this book will be sold.  It seems J&A has released a big bomb instead of just firing an employee.

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We can (not) believe it. Did this theater just leak the release date for the final Evangelion movie?


So, got any plans for December 31? Going to the temple at midnight to ring in the new year? Got a hot date for the annual gathering at Tokyo Tower?

If the website of one theater operator is to be believed, you could pass on both of those, and instead watch the final theatrical installment of hit anime Evangelion.

Recently, we were browsing the website of popular entertainment facility operator MOVIX. Among MOVIX’s many holdings is a chain of theaters, and the movie listings for one of their cineplexes caught our eye.

The theatre in question is located in Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo’s neighbor to the north. In the section on upcoming films on the movie house’s website, there’s an unobtrusive line showing one opening on December 31 of this year. The title?

New Evangelion Movie ://

[Spoiler (click to open)]

▼ In Japanese, シン・エヴァンゲリオン劇場版:∥

Are you kidding us?! The most highly anticipated anime film in decades, and the announcement is just a simple line of text with no fanfare at all?

Our initial reaction was one of skepticism. Evangelion’s producers have yet to make any sort of official statement about when the fourth and final Eva film will be coming out. The third film in the series was just released in November of 2012, and if the time between the third and fourth installments follows the pace the chapters so far have hit theater screens at, it’s unlikely we’ll get to feast our eyes on the anticipated fourth film until late 2014, if not 2015.

Furthermore, Evangelion director and creator Hideaki Anno just got done voicing the main character of anime legend Hayao Miyazaki’s swansong The Wind Rises. Would he really have had the time to put the finishing touches on what is supposed to be the very last incarnation of his magnum opus?

But then we thought about all the tiny little ways this might, just barely, be possible,

First, there’s the title. New Evangelion Movie ://. For a series as steeped in cryptic symbolism as Eva, a subtitle consisting of a colon and a pair of slashes would be par for the course.

Second, the theatre listing the movie is MOVIX Misato, located in Misato, a town in Saitama Prefecture that shares a name with recurring Evangelion character Misato Katsuragi.

And as for not having the necessary time to finish the script or animation? Let’s not forget the finale of the Evangelion TV series in 1996. Anno, facing artistic and budgetary constraints, decided to go with one of the most controversial anime endings ever, capping the 26-episode series with a finale filled with still photography, uncolored pencil tests, and sparse voice-over.

Even armed with the influx of cash that came after Evangelion found greater commercial success, the ironically titled 1997 film The End of Evangelion closed with a sequence best described as “everyone turns into Tang.” Lengthy, time-consuming reworkings of the narrative to make it more accessible are not on the list of things an Eva film needs to go through during production.

Is this rumor of a 2013 release date for Evangelion’s final movie too good to be true? Probably, but we’re keeping our schedules for New Year’s Eve open, just in case.


McDonald’s outlet in Tokyo finally removes sign saying ‘homeless’ are unsuitable customers


A McDonald’s outlet in Tokyo has finally removed a sign in the store that says homeless people are “unsuitable” customers more than a year after they posted it. The store had received a lot of complaints, calling the signage discriminatory and offensive.

The popular fast food chain’s Keio-Hachioji branch in the Shibuya Ward in Tokyo took down the sign on October 27 after being inundated with complaints from other customers and those who saw it posted on the Internet. The sign read, “We reserve the right to refuse customers unsuitable for our store, including unhygienic and homeless people.” One of the employees posted it in the 24-hour store because some customers complained that late at night, there are a few people who come in with “strong body odor.” The manager claimed that they did not notice that the sign had the word “homeless” until someone pointed it out to them and people started posting about it online. In Japan, the local word for “homeless” is sometimes considered an offensive word.

A public relations official for McDonald’s Japan apologized for those who were offended with the word that they used. The official statement says that the sign was put up there so that all customers can spend a “pleasant time” at their fast-food. They also advised the outlet to re-word their signage. It now reads, “When we judge that your behavior is offensive to other customers, such as making noise, sleeping or being unhygienic, we may refuse to serve you.”


Is Aiba Masaki in danger of dismissal from Johnny's?

According to Advertising Agency people, Johnny & Associates has taken steps to betray them for projects involving Aiba Masaki.  It is clearly an abnormal situation for them.  And they think it all stems from the disputes between J&A and Aiba's parents Chinese restaurant .   His parents' restaurant is selling Aiba's goods without their permission. Sure enough, what on earth has happened around Aiba?

First,  House Foods "Vermont Curry"  CM in which Aiba was taking charge of for three years, was replaced with Hey!Say!JUMP from this year.  Although House Foods specifically asked for Aiba to be in the CM again, J&A  absolutely refused to budge. Not only that, Aiba has been the MC for World Gymnastics Championship on Fuji TV since 2009 and everyone in the production staff was sure Aiba will be the MC again this year.  But that didn't happen, gymnast Tanaka Rie took charge of the MC instead.   Even Japan Gymnastics Association had nominated to have Aiba MC this year.  It still didn't happen.  J&A said NG (no good) and won't budge. Twice, an entertainment company said NG to sponsor companies,  that doesn't bode well. 

Although Aiba's activities with Arashi will not stop, but it is clear J&A is irritated at the activities of Aiba's parents business.  It has already affected Aiba's entertainment activities.  Recently, Tanaka Koki was dismissed because of his side jobs.   In Aiba's case, it's not him but his parents' business that is affecting him.  J&A can see that his parents selling Aiba's goods in their restaurant as a threat of a side job for them.

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Capcom Lists Resident Evil 5 as Its Top-Selling Game


CAPCOM's Investor Relations website unveiled the game publisher's list of its best-selling games on Thursday. Resident Evil 5 topped the "Platinum Titles" list with 6.5 million copies sold as of September 30. CAPCOM released the game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March 2009.

The 1992 Street Fighter II game for the Super Famicom (Super NES) ranked second on the list with sales listed at 6.3 million units. Resident Evil 6 ranked at #3 on the list with 5.2 million copies sold, followed by Resident Evil 2 at #4 and Monster Hunter Freedom 3 at #5.



FC: NES, SFC: Super NES, MD: Genesis, GB: Game Boy, GBA: Game Boy Advance,
3DS: Nintendo 3DS, DC: DreamCast, PS: PlayStation, PS2: PlayStation 2,
PS3: PlayStation 3, PSP: PlayStation Portable, GC: GameCube
DL(Full-game download) includes Playstation Network, Xbox Live, WiiWare and all digital download units on Wii U, 3DS and PC etc.

RE2 & RE3!! ^^


KinKi Kids to release new album in December


KinKi Kids will release their new album "L album" on December 4th.

The theme of the album will be "LOVE & LIFE". It will come as a 2-disc set: "DISC LOVE" with the theme love and "DISC LIFE" with the theme life.

The album will be released in both limited and regular editions. The limited edition will come with 16 songs and a DVD, while the regular edition will come with 18 songs. The tracks feature participation from artists such as Tamaki Koji, Yano Akiko, Okuda Tamio, Takamizawa Toshihiko (THE ALFEE).

Additionally, KinKi Kids will hold a year-end live at Kyocera Dome Osaka and Tokyo Dome. They are expected to perform tracks off of "L album" for the very first time.


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<DVD (Limited Edition Only)>
・"Kawatta Katachi no Ishi" Video Clip
・"Mada Namida ni Naranai Kanashimi ga" Video Clip
・"Koi wa Nioi e to Chirinuru wo" Video Clip


KING OF ARAMA tells how to break taboos of being an idol on "VoCE" (2channel reacts)

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Artist Jin Akanishi is featured in the December issue of VoCE. It has a long interview, spread across 6 pages.

Akanishi wore a black suit in one picture and a cable knit top in another, and sealed his smile -- seemingly straying away from his idol persona.

He talked about the time of his hiatus up to his comeback, as well as his new song "Ai naru Hou e". He also revealed some stuff about his solo works while he was still with KAT-TUN.

Akanishi, the man who stayed true to himself as he continuously broke the "taboos" of being an idol by studying abroad, leaving his group, and getting married... When this topic came up, Jin commented: "I think I've been gradually trying to destroy this 'something' for quite some time now, it's not like I was trying to go up against these so called 'taboos' ". Akanishi naturally commented: "I just thought of growing up freely, normally..."

He also talked about his obsession with composing. He said that he's already used computers in composing since he was 20 and comments: "Were the equipment expensive? It was nothing! Because I was actually earning a lot! At least, to buy these equipment (laughs)."

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