November 7th, 2013

Nakai Masahiro and Lily Franky to host new music program "Sound Room"


Nakai Masahiro (SMAP) and Lily Franky will be hosting new music program "Sound Room". The show will air on Mondays from 23:58 to 24:28 starting from 11th November. Besides the music performances, there will be an interview segment where the two hosts share their thoughts on the guests and their music.

The guests for the first episode include Mizuki Nana x T.M. Revolution presenting their hit collaboration single "Kakumei Dualism", Shikuramen with "Manazashi", the theme song of "Keiji no masazashi", and Busaiku, a new idol unit produced by Nakai. Busaiku will be performing their debut single "Tana kara botamochi", for which Nakai wrote the music/lyrics and choreographed the dance moves.

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“Team Batista” drama series to conclude with 2014 movie


On Wednesday it was announced that the Team Batista medical drama and film franchise based on the novels of Takeru Kaido will conclude with a movie titled Team Batista FINAL - Kerberos no Shozo.

Atsushi Ito and Toru Nakamura have starred in several Fuji TV dramas based on the novels continuously since 2008, including “Team Batista no Eiko”, “Nightingale no Chinmoku”, “General Rouge no Gaisen”, and “Ariadone no Dangan”. While the previous two theatrically-released movies, 2008’s The Glorious Team Batista and 2009’s The Triumphant General Rouge, starred Yuko Takeuchi and Hiroshi Abe, the third will have Ito and Nakamura reprise their roles from the drama version.

Ito plays the soft-spoken physician Kohei Taguchi and Nakamura plays Keisuke Shiratori, an arrogant investigator from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

In January 2014, a new drama will air titled “Team Batista 4 - Raden Meikyuu” and the film will be released in theaters after the completion of its run.

The story revolves around the opening of the International Ai (Autopsy Imaging) Center and the introduction of a new MRI machine called “Leviathan”. Taguchi and Shiratori become involved in major reforms to the death investigation system of the country and localities when a letter arrives threatening the destruction of Tojo University Hospital and Kerberos Tower in 3 months. Before the pair are able to uncover the truth, an unprecedented rash of suspicious deaths occur which can’t be explained through autopsy. On the day of the Ai Center’s opening, further incidents rock the medical community.

The film will feature original story elements including a parade scene with a military tank.

Show cast members returning for the movie include Tori Matsuzaka, Chiaki Kuriyama, and Hidetoshi Nishijima, among others. Actor Katsuhisa Namase will also appear.


Dr. DMAT Manga Gets Live-Action Series Starring Tadayoshi Ohkura


KANJANI Eight band member Tadayoshi Ōkura (Papadol!, Otenki-oneesan) will star in a live-action television adaptation of Akio Kikuchi and Hiroshi Takano's Dr. DMAT ~Gareki no Shita no Hippocrates~ manga. The role will mark the first time Ōkura is performing a starring role in a serialized drama, and will be the first time he will play a doctor. The series, titled Dr. DMAT, will premiere on TBS in January and will air on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m.

The story follows Hibiki Yakumo, a member of Tokyo's Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) that risks their lives to rescue people trapped by earthquakes, tunnel collapses, train or plane accidents, landslides, poison gas outbreaks, or other disasters. The Tokyo Fire and Disaster Management Agency is also cooperating on the filming.

The following people will also co-star in the show as staff members at a hospital who work with Hibiki: Ai Kato (Umizaru, Ikebukuro West Gate Park), Ichikawa Mikako (Yae no Sakura), Jiro Sato (Meshibana Keiji Tachibana, Gokusen), Yumi Aso (Ōoku: Tanjō - Arikoto・Iemitsu Hen), Hosshan, and Jun Kunimura (Hajimari no Uta, The Wind Rises). Miori Takimoto (Sadako 3D 2, The Wind Rises) will play Hibiki's younger sister, and Ken Ishiguro (Strawberry Night, Maison Ikkoku - Apartment Fantasy) and Hey! Say! Jump band member Yuya Takaki (Gokusen 3) will play members of the Tokyo Fire and Disaster Management Agency's hyper rescue squad.

Takano and Kikuchi launched the manga in Shueisha's Grand Jump Premium magazine in 2010, and the manga will resume serialization in this year's 24th issue of Shueisha's Grand Jump magazine on November 20. Shueisha published the fifth compiled volume of the manga in May.


[GOO Ranking] Johhny's talents you'd think will become a good father

20. Other (478 votes)
19. Inagaki Goro (65 votes)
18. Ninomiya Kazunari (252 votes)
17. Domoto Tsuyoshi (318 votes)
16. Hiroshi Nagano (329 votes)
15. Okada Junichi (331 votes)
14. Masayuki Sakamoto (338 votes)
13. Nakai Masahiro (439 votes)
12. Murakami Shingo (475 votes)
11. Nagase Tomoya (485 votes)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

10. Domoto Koichi (513 votes)

9. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (620 votes)

8. Matsuoka Masahiro (795 votes)

7. Matsumoto Jun (904 votes)

6. Kokubun Taichi (933 votes)

5. Ohno Satoshi (1035 votes)

4. Joushima Shigeru (1260 votes)

3. Shingo Katori (1498 votes)
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2. Sakurai Sho (1662 votes)

1. Aiba Masaki (1976 votes)


Nogizaka46's PV for 'Tsuki no Ookisa'

The PV for Nogizaka46's "Tsuki no Ookisa" has been revealed.

"Tsuki no Ookisa" can be found in the group's upcoming single "Barrette", which is scheduled for release on November 27. It's currently being used as the opening theme for TV Tokyo's anime 'NARUTO'.

The PV resembles a trailer for a fictional historical drama. It features the senbatsu members and 2nd generation member Hori Miona dressed as swordsmen, female ninjas, princesses, dancers, and town girls.


KAT-TUN's 楔-kusabi- Mini-album Cover and Tracklist

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Limited Edition 1:
1. 楔-kusabi- (Henshin Interviewer no Yūutsu drama theme song)
Lyrics: RUCCA

2. GIMME LUV (Suzuki Solio Bandit TVCM tie-in song)
Lyrics: KAHLUA

3. ON & ON
Lyrics: NOYCE’
Music: King of slick, Laika Leon
Arrangement: King of slick

4. FIRE and ICE
Music: STEVEN LEE, Sebastian Thott, Didrik Thott
Arrangement: STEVEN LEE

5. 僕なりの恋
Arrangement: Billy Marx Jr., KOUDAI IWATSUBO

6. MONSTER NIGHT (Vocal: Ueda Tatsuya)
Lyrics: Tatsuya Ueda, Masami Okaza
Music & Arrangement: RAT-0124

楔-kusabi- PV + Making

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credits Johnnys Net and KT_newsinfo

looks cool, tracklist titles sounds very KAT-TUNish at the very least
& I'm more than ready for Ueda's solo!


TV drama ‘Hanzawa Naoki’ a hit in China, Taiwan

Kiyota Higa and Kenichi Yoshida / Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondents

TAIPEI—“Hanzawa Naoki,” a popular TV Japanese serial drama broadcast from July to September, has become a major hit in China and Taiwan, with viewers sympathetically cheering the protagonist, a bank worker who overcomes many challenges under buck-passing superiors.

The drama, broadcast on the TBS network in Japan, is known for protagonist Naoki Hanzawa’s line: “Yararetara yarikaesu, baigaeshi da!” [It’s payback time. And that means you’d better be ready to pay twice the price!].

In Taiwan, the phrase is so popular that it is even used on such merchandise as bags.

The drama aired in Taiwan from Oct. 7 to 18 on a channel that broadcasts only Japanese-language programs. It obtained an average viewership of 1.49 percent, the highest rating for the drama division since the channel was started in 1996. It is also considered a successful rating for Taiwan TV, where more than 90 channels compete for viewers.

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Source: theJapannews

I really enjoyed this show. Hope it will start broadcasting in Singapore so my friends can start watching too