November 11th, 2013

Final Fantasy VI Art Director Reunites With Nobuo Uematsu For A New RPG


Back in January, mobile developers Cygames teased a huge RPG project they would be announcing sometime this year. This game has turned out to be Granblue Fantasy, an RPG featuring the designs of Final Fantasy VI art director Hideo Minaba, and Nobuo Uematsu as its composer. Inside Games share some details from the announcement event.

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Granblue Fantasy was announced recently at the Roppongi Nico Fare event, where Minaba, Uematsu, and many famous voice actors gathered for the unveiling. According to Cygames director Yuita Kimura, the project started after he expressed his wish to create a game with Minaba, and felt that if he were to make a game with him, he felt it was necessary to also ask for Uematsu’s help as well.

Nobuo Uematsu, who has composed various music for the Final Fantasy series and has worked extensively with Minaba in the past, says that he’s been asked if he could possibly compose something with an Irish-sounding tune. Since he’s always been fond of Irish music, he was immediately interested.


“I believe that my fans may feel a sense of nostalgia from this,” shared Uematsu with a smile, adding that he has already finished composing 11 songs for the game. Additionally, Minaba, who also worked as the art director for Final Fantasy IX and artistic supervisor for Final Fantasy Tactics, has already drawn about 100 characters for the game, and each character will have their own voices.

Here’s a look at some of the said characters of Granblue Fantasy:

Fighter (protagonist) and Rakam.

Marie and Sturm

Dark Knight and Cielo

Bii, and Lulia


Mobage’s parent company DeNA director Kenji Kobayashi shares that works that involve the combination of Cygames and Mobage are the most successful of all Mobage games, and that he has high expectations of Granblue Fantasy, which he feels will be successful as it will be “a game made by a collection of top staff”.

Kobayashi also shares some of his thoughts upon seeing Minaba and Uematsu’s works during the early stages of development. “I thought to myself, ‘Can we really make a mobile RPG with such a large-scale feeling from this?’ but after seeing the game screen, I was truly surprised,” he said. “It’s as if you completely forget that you’re playing a mobile game.”

The game is expected to launch this winter for mobile devices.


y mobile? it would have been great as a console game

Chiaki Kuriyama, Kei Tanaka Star in Manga-Based Shikeidai no 72-Jikan


Japanese television channel NHK announced a live-action television adaptation of Chie Shinohara's one-shot manga Shikeidai no 72-Jikan (The Gallows' 72 Hours). The first special will premiere on Japan's NHK BS Premium channel on November 26. The second and final episode will debut on December 3.

The suspense story revolves around five young women and men who are caught up in a search to find the truth behind a man's apparent suicide. When the group is locked in a secluded house, they are told that one of them murdered the man. If the culprit does not confess within 72 hours, all five trapped people will die.

The cast for the drama is as follows:

The one-shot was originally published in the Tōbō Kyūkō (Escape Express) collection of Shinohara's one-shots in 1996. The story then ran in the November 1997 issue of Shogakukan's Petit Comic magazine. It was compiled a second time in the Umi ni Ochiru Tsubame (A Sparrow That Falls into the Sea) volume with other one-shot manga by Shinohara.


'Eight Ranger' starring Kanjani8 to get a sequel for the summer 2014 + triple single release

Movie 'Eight Ranger' starring popular idol group Kanjani8 will be getting a sequel with a tentative title "Eight Ranger 2."

The announcement was made on the first day of the group's 5 major dome tour "Kanjani8 LIVE TOUR JUKE BOX" held at the Tokyo Dome on November 8. Just as the original movie, the sequel will also be directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko.

'Eight Ranger' was originally a Sentai parody corner performed since in 2005 at the group's concerts. Set in the near future in Japan, it depicted the activities of idiosyncratic heroes -- Black (Yokoyama Yu), Red (Shibutani Subaru), Nasu (Murakami Shingo), Orange (Maruyama Ryuhei), Blue (Yasuda Shota), Yellow (Nishikido Ryo), and Green (Okura Tadayoshi).

Regarding the sequel, Yokoyama said, "I'm just happy, since the requests for the sequel have reached us. Though the details are unknown as the script has not been finished yet, I heard that it will have a lot of comedic elements."

The filming will begin in February 2014, and the release date will be sometime next summer.

In addition to the announcement for the 'Eight Ranger' sequel, it was also announced that Kanjani8 will be releasing 3 singles for 3 consecutive months that include "Kokoro Sora Moyou" on December 4, an untitled single on January 15, and "King of Otoko!" on February 19. 

Single release details:

December 4: Title:Kokoro Sora Moyo's theme song of Nishikido Ryo's drama (Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya e Yokoso)

January 15:
“Untitled”, theme song of Okura’s drama (Dr.DMAT)
February 19: Title: “King of Otoko", theme song of Ikuta Toma’s movie (Mogura no Uta)

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