November 13th, 2013

Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru Film Gets 10-Episode Prologue Drama


Japanese broadcasting system Fuji TV announced on Tuesday that it will begin broadcasting a Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru Side Story ~Boku to Kanojo ga Deau Mae no Monogatari~ (A Story of Before She and I Met) prologue live-action drama series to the live-action film adaptation of Kotomi Aoki's Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru manga. The ten episodes will air on Fuji TV for two weeks on weekdays on its late-night block from December 9, with each episode lasting 10 minutes. The full 15-minute versions of the episodes will be aired on the Fuji TV Two channel beginning on December 16.

The episode titles are as follows:

  • Soakuhin Kara no Sotsugyō (Graduation From Inferior Goods)

  • Aki no Gyōza ga Me ni Shimiru (The Vision of Autumn Dumplings Soak Into My Eyes)

  • Kamaseinu ni Erabareta Hi (The Day the Underdog Was Chosen)

  • Sakaguchi Shun no Tonari ni Ita Medatanai Otoko no Ko (The Boy Who Didn't Stand Out Beside Shun Sakaguchi)

  • Ongaku Nante Shosen Business (In the End, Music is Business)

  • Zettai Hito Mae de wa Renshuu Shinai (I Definitely Won't Practice in Front of People)

  • Magatta Koto ga Dai Kirai (I Hate Twisted Things)

  • Yū-chan no Kataomoi Nikki (Yū-chan's One-Sided Love Diary)

  • Akogi to Ereki to Tanbarin ( Accoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar and Tambourine)

  • Taisetsu na Hito e Okuru Uta (The Song I Send to My Precious Person)

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Haruka Ayase to star in “Bannou Kanteishi Q” movie


On Tuesday it was announced that Keisuke Matsuoka’s popular mystery novel series “Bannou Kanteishi Q” (All-Around Appraiser Q) will be made into a live-action movie titled Bannou Kanteishi Q: Mona Lisa no Hitomi with actress Haruka Ayase (28) playing protagonist Riko Rinda. Actor Tori Matsuzaka (25) will co-star as a magazine editor named Ogasawara who joins Riko as they investigate a mysterious incident. Shinsuke Sato (GANTZ, Library Wars) is directing the film.

Ayase’s character, Riko, was named the #1 most likable female character by Kadokawa Bunko and has broad appeal among a wide-ranging audience of readers. In addition, the film will be based on “Bannou Kanteishi Q no Jikenbo IX”, which was selected by fans as the best installment of the original novel series.

In the movie, Ogasawara is doing a story on Riko Rinda, a gifted appraiser who was recently appointed temporary curator of the Louvre Museum. Soon, they uncover a mystery which calls into question the authenticity of Leonardo da Vinci’s famed Mona Lisa painting. Eriko Hatsune has also been cast in the film and Hiroaki Murakami will appear as a representative of the Louvre.

Filming of “Bannou Kanteishi Q: Mona Lisa no Hitomi” began on October 16, and a large-scale shoot will take place on location in Paris, France in late November. The movie will be released by Toho in Japan in early summer 2014.


Nail Queens for 2013 announced


The latest end-of-year awards, “Nail Queens 2013,” were announced this week at the Nail Expo held at Tokyo Big Sight. The honor is given by the Japan Nailist Association to celebrities with the best nail art.

This year’s winners are former AKB48 singer Tomomi Itano, 22, in the Artist category; Rola, 23, for the Talent category; Akina Minami, 24, in the Idol category; An Nakamura, 26, for the Model Category; figure skater Miki Ando in the Sports category; former beauty queen Hisako Manda, 55, in the Special Award category; and in the Men’s category, Lee Hongki, 23, a member of South Korean rock band F.T. Island.

[huge solo pics under spoiler]


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[GOO Ranking] Young Female Celebrities faces' yearned by Teen Girls

26. Riko Yoshida (14 y/o)
26. Mio Yuki (14 y/o)
26. Karin Ogino (18 y/o)
26. Fumika Shimizu (18 y/o)
26. Mayuko Fukuda (19 y/o)
23. Alina Saito (13 y/o)
23. Riho Takada (19 y/o)
23. Honami Kurashita (20 y/o)
18. Karen Miyama (16 y/o)
18. Kariya Yuiko (16 y/o)
18. Ayano Kudo (17 y/o)
18. Mayu Matsuoka (18 y/o)
18. Fumi Nikaido (19 y/o)
16. Suzu Hirose (15 y/o)
16. Maika Yamamoto (16 y/o)
14. Miki Honoka (16 y/o)
14. Akari Hayami (18 y/o)
11. Ito Ohno (18 y/o)
11. Tao Tsuchiya (18 y/o)
11. Anri Okamoto (19 y/o)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

9. Alice Hirose (18 y/o)

9. Kyoko Hinami (19 y/o)

8. Ai Hashimoto (17 y/o)

7. Haruna Kawaguchi (18 y/o)

6. Kasumi Arimura (20 y/o)

5. Emi Takei (19 y/o)

4. Umika Kawashima (19 y/o)

3. Rena Nounen (20 y/o)

2. Mirai Shida (20 y/o)

1. Mariya Nishiuchi (19 y/o)

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Too hot to be a nerd? We visit the fabled Animate worker who has the ladies of the Internet talking

You’ve already been introduced to Yuya Uchida, the attractive worker at the Osaka Nipponbashi branch of Animate, a chain of anime and manga stores in Japan. He has inspired countless Internet debates regarding his status as both an otaku and a hottie, prompting one user to comment, “Hot guys should be banned from watching anime.” We knew we had to go out to Osaka to find this mythical hotaku™ and see for ourselves if he really is as irresistible as the Internet makes him out to be.

Uchida was scheduled to start work at 3pm on the day we visited the Osaka Nipponbashi Animate. Our reporter excitedly stepped through the front doors and looked around for the man she traveled so far to meet. She strolled along the aisles of manga, eyes peeled. After a few minutes of searching, her quest was finally over. There he was, Yuya Uchida himself.
Our reporter was so nervous, but drew closer, snapping a quick commemorative photo as she approached.
Our reporter got Uchida’s attention and he greeted her with a smile.
Even though he was technically on the clock at Animate, Uchida entertained our prying questions as only a gentleman would. He told us that even at a young age he always loved manga and anime. “This is the perfect job for me!” he admits. Since starting work at Animate, Uchida spends his days in the pursuit of gathering Japan’s largest collection of manga. When asked about his Internet stardom, Uchida had this to say:

“I was so surprised that people started coming to the store just to see a normal guy like me. Customers have said, ‘He’s cuter in real life!’ but to be honest, I feel awkward when they say things like that.”

Uchida also admits to attracting the attention of women, not only from Japan, but from neighboring countries. He’s been surprised to find foreign women visiting the store just to see him.
The shop manager also thinks highly of their most popular Animate worker:

More than anyone else, no matter what task, Uchida always takes initiative and works hard. He also isn't afraid of failure, always thinking of and taking on new challenges. But it’s not just his outward appearance; it’s his positive attitude that makes him popular with the shop staff. I’m also really fond of him!

Face? Check. Personality? Check. Work ethic? Check. He’s such a great guy that he makes you want to buy all of his recommended manga. Like this one:

We're sure that by now, you're itching to visit Uchida and we'd bet good money that the Osaka Nipponbashi branch of Animate will become a popular “sightseeing spot.”
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Mari Yaguchi photographed together with Kenzo Umeda by Shuukan Josei


Mari Yaguchi (30) was caught by Shuukan Josei on a date with the model she had an affair with.

Yaguchi got married to actor Masaya Nakamura (27) in 2011, but was discovered to have been having an affair with model Kenzo Umeda (25) in May this year. Her divorce with Nakamura followed soon after, and she had just announced that she will be going on an indefinite hiatus on her blog last October.

The scoop by Shuukan Josei was apparently only a few days after her last blog entry, as the couple went to a karaoke together. The publication also reports that they are living together.

Yaguchi's agency has confirmed that the two are in contact but has insisted that: "There is nothing further we can comment on".