November 22nd, 2013

  • aibada

Erika Sawajiri reflects on her "betsu ni" statement

Actress Erika Sawajiri (27) was on Shuukan BS-TBS Houdoubu (Sunday-9pm) on the 17th and talked about her "betsu ni" incident in 2007.
At the presscon for her movie Closed Note, she was visibly upset as she answered the host's question with "betsu ni" (not really) as it turned into a PR disaster. For this show, she was interviewed by TBS broadcaster Koji Matsubara (52), and she reflected on her actions back then, stating: "No matter what situation I was in, the things I said up there onstage were not words that are supposed to be heard from a professional. I didn't consider what the children who held dreams as they wanted to watch the movie back then would've thought about that statement".
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  • fma245

Minami Minegishi's spoof of the "Gouriki Dance", Gouriki's reaction, and Minegishi's apology

This was from the Mecha2 Iketeru! SP: The AKB Sportsfest. Ninety-nine's Takashi Okamura told Minegishi: "Your hair has grown longer." When Rino Sashihara said "Ayame Gouriki", Minegishi started dancing the "propeller dance", the dance step during the chorus part of Gouriki's debut single "Tomodachi yori daiji na hito". Okamura liked it and kept looking at Minegishi when something happens and would say, "The hair is like Ayame Gouriki's", to cue her dancing.

After the broadcast, this drew a lot of positive reactions on the Internet: "It's been a while since I laughed out this much from a TV show", "I'm in tears from laughing so much", and "Minami Minegishi's Gouriki dance was so funny".

Minegishi also did this at AKB48's handshake event the next day, as Haruna Kojima uploaded Minegishi's Gouriki dance, complete with the same get-up and all on Instagram and has similarly drawn positive reactions. With Kintaro's "Flying Get" also becoming a hit a while back, people will now be paying attention to what will become of Minegishi's Gouriki dance.
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Ayame Gouriki's video reaches 10 million views on YouTube thanks to Minegishi's spoof
Ayame Gouriki's debut song "Tomodachi yori daiji na hito" picked up heat once again, to which she rejoiced and said, "Is that really, really true!?".

The single which was released in July of this year is an up-tempo number dedicated to an all important person who is more than a "friend" to the singer. Thanks in part to the Mecha2 Iketeru special shown on the 16th where Minegishi imitated the "propeller dance", Gouriki's music video has now exceeded 10 million views on YouTube.

Gouriki's reaction to this feat was: "I'm really happy about this! Is that really, really true (lol)!?"
"The music video for the song 'Tomodachi yori daiji na hito' can only be played in Japan, but I'm really surprised that 10 million people in Japan have already seen it! This is all thanks to your support!", "I'll keep on working hard to bring smiles to your faces!"
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Juice=Juice new PV's "Don't be spiteful, but embrace me" and "Experiencing the first time"

In "Don't be spiteful, but embrace me" Morning Musume's Ishida Ayumi is seen as she took Karin's place for the dance shot since Karin at the time was injured, so it was decided that Ayumi would cover for her.

"Don't be spiteful, but embrace me" / "Experiencing the first time" is Juice=Juice 2nd single and will be released on December 4th.