January 16th, 2014

Ayaka Sasaki Breaks Leg, Promises to be Healed by Tokyo National Stadium


Normally it’s good luck to tell performers to break a leg before a performance… but that may hit a little too close to home for Ayaka Sasaki.

Sasaki, of J-pop Idol group Momoiro Clover Z, has reported sustaining a broken leg from a fall at home this week and will temporarily suspend physical activity so she can heal. The injury, which is being reported to take 3 weeks to heal, will not take a hit on her daily life and all planned Momoiro Clover Z events will continue with Sasaki refraining from dancing.

Fans of Momoiro Clover Z worry for the performer as the group is set to make their historic debut at Tokyo National Stadium mid-March. ”I definitely want to perform at Tokyo National Stadium, and I think I’ll be in perfect shape to perform by then!” Sasaki enthusiastically announced during the MomoCloTV U-Stream event held today ”Everyone please watch over me until then. Thank you for all your well wishes!”


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Kanjani8's Ryuhei Maruyama now has a mom who's younger than him... Takahiro Maruyama remarries

Kanjani8 Ryuhei Maruyama's (30) father Takahiro Maruyama (49) got married to a 24-year-old non-celebrity with a cute 2-year-old son, leading to Ryuhei suddenly having a mother 6 years younger than him and a stepbrother that's young enough to be his son.

Ryuhei's father was previously crowned "Mr. Kyoto" as he won in a bodybuilding competition in 2012. He used to be an aspiring actor and had Ryuhei when he was 20. He divorced the mother soon after and made a living as a Japanese taiko drum craftsman. He's an ikemen who looks like Koshi Inaba of B'z.

The woman is from Kanagawa and has had experience working at the prefectural office. She's a beauty who looks like Perfume's Kashiyuka. The marriage was made public when the wife sent mails to her acquaintances announcing their marriage during the New Year break. How does Ryuhei feel about all this?

"(Ryuhei) Maruyama himself is really happy that his father got remarried, and he now has a new stepmom and a stepbrother. I think that is also why he put in more effort into his Kouhaku performance compared to the previous year." - (TV station representative)

A bodybuilding magazine also discussed the father's decision to come back into the world of bodybuilding and comments: "Now that his son is enjoying a lot of success in his own field, he wanted to show that he too is challenging and aiming for the best as the father and decided to participate in the competition once again".
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Sources: http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2014/01/kanjani8s-ryuhei-maruyama-now-has-mom.html
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Top 10 highest single-episode ratings ranking for dramas in 2013 (Oricon)

1) Hanzawa Naoki Last Episode (TBS) - 42.2%

2) Gochisousan Ep 15 (NHK) - 27.3%

3) Ama-chan Ep 145 (NHK) - 27.0%

4) Doctor X 2 ~ Gekkai Daimon Michiko ~ Last Episode (TV Asahi) - 26.9%

5) 24 Jikan Terebi SP - Kyou no hi wa sayounara (NTV)  - 23.4%

6) Galileo Ep 1 (FujiTV) - 22.6%

7) DOCTORS 2 Last Episode (TV Asahi) - 21.7%

8) Yae no Sakura Ep 1 (NHK) - 21.4%

9) Legal High 2 Ep 1 (FujiTV) - 21.2%

10) Aibou Season 11 Last Episode (TV Asahi) - 20.7%


Japanese Comedians More Popular than Johnny's? Sakurai Sho x KAT-TUN Episode Concludes

In the continuation of the previous episode of Sakurai Sho's "Ima, Kono Kao ga Sugoi," the comedians and Johnny's talents (Sakurai and KAT-TUN) continued their contest to see who is superior. They challenged each other in a variety of aspects, including who is the most athletic, who gives the best acting performances, who has the best senpais among other things. During the show, Ueda showed off his boxing and rope climbing skills and clips were shown of outstanding performances given in movies and dramas by the comedians/entertainers. One that particularly stood out was the comedians' claim that they were more popular than Johnny's. It was said that Johnny's are popular because they are cute, but many of the comedians were married and many comedians and entertainers manage to marry beautiful wives, even without being particularly good looking. There was then a clip shown of various comedians who married former idols and other other attractive female celebrities.

However, in the end, the Johnny's Team ending up winning in a landslide. So while the comedians might have an easier time getting married than Johnny's, the Johnny's proved to be superior in the end (at least on this show).


Iwasa Misaki (Wasamin) scores her first #1 single on the Oricon CD Single Daily Charts

Wasamin is the first Enka singer in over 4 years to get a weekly #1 and first under age 20 over 27 years.

Last was: Aug 31, '09
Last u-20: June 23, '86


Hahahahah I wonder if there are other female idol group that has a member now who is unique like her? Were is their "vocal"? well Her Koisuru fortune cookie is my favorite