January 19th, 2014

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AAA named PR ambassador for the anime 'One Piece'

It was announced that AAA's new song "Wake up!" will be used as the new theme song for the anime "ONE PIECE" (Fuji TV) starting on January 19. Furthermore, AAA will also be the PR ambassador for the 15th anniversary of "ONE PIECE".

"Wake up!" is an upbeat song about the bonds among friends as they go on an adventure together in order to fulfil their dreams. It was a song written specially for "ONE PIECE" and fits the image of the anime well. The song distribution will also begin on the same day it goes on air. As the PR ambassador for ONE PIECE, AAA will be attending various events throughout the year. Member Nishijima Takahiro will also be writing a column on the official website ONEPIECE.com titled "AAA Nishijima Takahiro no Massugu".

AAA will be releasing their concert DVD/Blu-ray "AAA TOUR 2013 Eighth Wonder" on January 22, and their 39th single "Love" on February 19. They will also be going on an arena tour from May to October. Looks like the group will have a busy year a head.

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Source: Tokyohive, YT1, YT2