January 23rd, 2014

Member "X" of a male idol group suspected of drug use (TouSpo)

Despite recent arrests of Kiichiro Wakayama and wife Ryo Hitomi in November of last year, it is said that drugs is still in abundance within the entertainment industry.

According to a showbiz insider: "If it's just on the level of pot, it's probably being used as much as liquor. Celebrities are basically elitists, and always seem high... It's like they have no sense of danger at all".

TouSpo has also caught information that a certain member "X" of a male idol group is obviously under the influence of drugs.

"This was when he was at this long TV program in the summer. When X becomes sleepy, he'll silently go behind the set and start sniffing on the stuff. A TV staff said that 'he'd wake up with this. That's seriously no laughing matter...' And aside from 'X', there's also talk that 'Z' from the same idol group uses shabu."

According to an investigator: "Popular female celebrity 'A' who used to go out with Z also used drugs, but actually the pusher who sold these substances to all of them has already been arrested by the police. And this person has already talked about A and Z to the police".

AKB48 team 8 announced

On January 23, AKB48 announced the creation of their 5th team "Team 8." The announcement was made at a press conference held right before "AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 200 2014."

Unlike other teams, this new team will not be formed with the existing members.

First, they will hold an audition all over Japan in the 47 prefectures which will be led by TV stations in each prefecture. Then, one delegate from each prefecture (47 girls in total) will be selected, and finally, the Team 8 members will be chosen among the 47 girls.

Up until now, AKB48 is known for their concept of "idols you can meet", however, Team 8 will have a new concept which is "idols that go to see you."

Team 8's activities to "go see you" will be fully supported by TOYOTA.

The application reception for the audition starts on the 24th, and it will end on February 23. Then the formation of Team 8 will be in the end of March.
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Now that there is a new team I wonder what is their specialty a.k.a type of group will be as the previous Teams are like this Team A= Idol type, Team K=Cool type Team B= Cute Type, then the 2nd shuffle became like this Team A=Matured type, Team K=Daring type, Team B=Random Team 4= Fierce. Trivia some people from a certain fandom is very bitter at this announcement, they can't accept AKI-P as the best troll of this time well whatever haters gonna hate