January 29th, 2014

Singer Misono Drops Plans to Retire From Entertainment


29-year-old singer and celebrity talent misono withdrew the retirement announcement that she had made last month. She had said on television on December 17 that she would retire from the entertainment industry when she turns 30 in 2014.

However, she announced during a product event in Itami City on Sunday, "I'll keep on doing acting roles, variety shows, and live concerts this year." During a mini concert at the event, she said, "I got scolded by my agency about various comments that I had made." She apologized to her fans, "I'm sorry for the trouble I caused and for leading you around."

When the media questioned misono again after the mini concert, she declined to elaborate further, "If I talk about this, I will be scolded by my agency. Sorry." Her agency confirmed her intentions to continue working in entertainment.

The singer performed theme songs for multiple game, anime, and live-action projects, including Tales of the Tempest, Tales of Symphonia the Animation: The United World Episode and Love*Com the Movie. As the former vocalist of the group day after tomorrow, she sang the ending theme song "Itazura na Kiss" for Inuyasha and wrote its lyrics.


AKB48's latest album sells over 950,000 copies in the first week

AKB48's latest original album 'Tsugi no Ashiato' (went on sale on January 22) sold 962,000 copies in the first week, topping Oricon's weekly ranking.

This is the first time in 5 years and 2 months for an album to sell over 900,000 copies during the first week since EXILE's best-of album "EXILE BALLAD BEST" accomplished it by selling 944,000 copies.

Also, this album allowed AKB48 to become the 2nd female group to sell their album over 900,000 copies in the first week as it has been achieved only by SPEED with their album "RISE" (sold 1,318,000 copies in the first week) back in 1998.

"Tsugi no Ashiato" is the group's 3rd consecutive chart-topping album (4th in total) followed by "Koko ni Ita Koto" (released in June 2011) and "1830m" (released in August 2011), but this marked their best first week sales album.


Wow a very impressive record again for AKB although I am surprised I thought that they will be the 3rd one so in this case they are the 1st idol group well whatever that is life haters gonna hate