February 11th, 2014


TarO&JirO Free Live for International Students

TarO&JirO free live for international students in Japan, supported by Promic.TV, has been announced.


Feb 27th(Thu) open:6:30PM start:7:00PM


Admission free, (one drink fee 600JPY only)

PROMIC TV will invite International students studying in Japan to the show!

“J-POP NEWS” a YouTube program on PROMIC.TV has launched on June 18th last year to promote Japanese artists to overseas.
PROMIC.TV will open the filming of “J-POP NEWS” to the public every 3 months. The 1st live guest on the program is TarO&JirO .
TarO(older brother) and JirO(younger brother)are an incredible, acoustic guitar-wielding rock duo.

The filming will take place at SHIBUYA THE GAME, on Feb 27th from 7pm.
Their show will be featured on the “J-POP NEWS” episodes posted on March 4th and 11th , and will archived at the following YouTube channel:

The program will invite International students studying in Japan to the show.
Meet & Greets with TarO&JirO are scheduled after the show.

You can apply from the below address to join this event.

Snake Bite - Silent Siren PV

Source: PROMIC.tv
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Did Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki had a Wedding Ceremony? Yamapi : “I’ll get married too!”


The Akanishi family reportedly spent their winter vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii where the Jin and Meisa rumored to have a wedding ceremony. The super-secret wedding ceremony was attended by family and close friends including Jin’s closest pals- Yamapi and Nishikido Ryo. Jin and Meisa were also rumored to have hosted a dinner for their guests. Furthermore, Yamapi was rumored to have shouted, “I’ll get married too!” upon seeing Jin and Meisa being lovey-dovey, which might be the reason he was seen wandering around the bar and chatting with Japanese women he just met. While newly-single Nishikido (if the rumor between him and Gakki is true) was seen hitting on girls.

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Utada and Fiance Release Statements to Italian Press and Fans


Due to the unexpected intensity of media attention in Italy regarding our upcoming marriage, please allow my fiancé and I to express some of our feelings in our own words.

A message to my fans in Italy, and members of the Italian press (and other curious people)

I never thought that the news of my marriage with an Italian guy "normale" would be met with so much excitement in Italy.

To me, my fiance is just "my man" and for him I am just "his woman."  Many journalists have been asking how we met.  The truth is quite boring---we met through a mutual friend.  He is younger than me but in some ways more mature.  I was drawn to his courage and his values regarding family, friends, work, life, love---and when I met his family, I saw where it all comes from.

I am touched and excited by the warm reception of so many people in Italy… but I must implore you to respect the privacy of my fiance and his family.  Being the target of public attention can be very stressful and scary, and it would sadden me greatly to see my new family under duress or in danger because of me.

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