February 12th, 2014

Are Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao dating at home?

Arashi's Matsumoto Jun (30) rumored dating actress Inoue Mao (27) at the end of last year and was photographed spot on had become a commotion within the industry.  But the photo was apparently blocked from being published by Johnny's Office.  Lately, Inoue Mao has been seen walking her 7 year old dog named HUG in a quiet Tokyo residential area.  Rumor has it she's been staying at her parents' home and not allowed to be seen in public with Matsu Jun.  Inoue Mao is scheduled to star in next year 2015 Taiga drama on NHK and a scandal for her right now is a no-no.   But apparently, her family wants her to be married by the age of 30.  Is Johnny Kitagawa planning a big bombshell to announce their marriage after her Taiga drama is finished?

Already there are pics of her and Matsu Jun with matching ring, matching belt and matching leg warmer...

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"WWII sex slavery indescribable wrong" : ex-PM Murayama



Former Japanese Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama said Wednesday that Japan had committed “indescribable wrongdoings” by forcing women from South Korea and elsewhere to serve as sex slaves to its wartime troops.

Murayama, who as prime minister issued an apology in 1995 for Japan’s wartime aggression, said it was time for Tokyo to finally resolve the issue of the so-called “comfort women” who were drafted into military brothels.

“Indescribable wrongdoings were committed, in which these women’s dignity was forfeited. Japan must solve it,” he said in a speech inside the parliament building in Seoul.

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Source : JapanToday

I don't understand why would President Park refuses to see him?