February 15th, 2014

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Ohno Satoshi new drama

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Ohno Satoshi's new drama, "Shinigami-kun" in this April.
He plays as Shinigami no.413 . It will be on TV Asahi at 11:15PM on Friday nights.
The director will be Hideo Nakata, who did the Ring movies and Death Note’s L movie.


"Shinigami-kun" is a live-action drama adaptation of Endo Koichi's (best known as the author of "Tsuide ni Tonchinkan") manga which began its serialization in 1983 on Fresh Jump.

Though the protagonist is a reaper whose role is to send the dead soul to the spiritual world, it is a heartwarming fantasy that refers to parental love, friendship and even delves into social problems like bullying, therefore, the manga is known as Endo's "visionary masterpiece" among his fans.

Ohno's role is "Shinigami-kun" (aka "Reaper No.413") whose job is to pronounce death to expected people, and to take their souls to the spiritual world. His real name or other detailed profiles are not revealed. Dressed in a back suit with a bow tie,he appears in front of the expected person with his signature phrase "Congratulations! I'm here to call on you." As he is a rookie reaper, he tends to make a biased decision toward the human side, and break the rule of his world which always causes him to get reprehended by his boss called "Chief."

For the drama, filmmaker Nakata Hideo ("Ring", "Kuroyuri Danchi") is in charge of its direction while Hashimoto Hiroshi ("Jukunen Rikon", "Unmei no Hito") writes the script.

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Can't wait! So excited. Although I really want to see him in a romance drama but well, maybe later haha.
Now he's Shinigami-kun after Kaibutsu-kun lol..
Hopefully the story won't be that scary because I'm bad in something horror x(

For this April we will have Nino and Ohno. Should I say more? XD

AKB48's current tradition: B-Side>A-Side. Mae Shika Mukanee.B-Sides Radio Rip

Kinou Yori Motto Suki- Smiling Lions

Kinou Yori Motto Suki

Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita - Beauty Giraffes

Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita

Himitsu no Diary - Baby Elephants

Himitsu no Diary

KONJO -Talking Chimpanzees



Oh these songs are good they can be in A-Side but AKI-P didn't want it thou. This is one of the thing I can boast in AKB fandom that their B-Sides can battle A-Sides of other idol group it has PV too so it feels like it is really an A-Side not B-Side. I am just wondering why 48 family was not releasing double/triple A-Side almost all good songs are on B-Side. Well whatever jealous people will always be jealous, losers will always be losers.

PS: There are idiots somewhere complaining/bashing why AKB's current PV is a concert like PV and they say AKB copied it from their idols hahaha that is so funny as far as I know 48 family did it before their idols did the concert PV thing; first with SKE48's Choco no dorei then HKT48's Melon Juice. Delusional people are so pathetic.