February 19th, 2014

  • oduwa

Lucas Teague: The Canadian acapella group who sang the english rendition of famous japanese songs

These guys are from Montreal, Canada. Formed in 2006 and they also have their own youtube channel Lucas Teague. The singles are available for purchase on ITunes.

Vapor Trail (ひこうき雲)

Snow Flowers (雪の華)

Hitori (ひとり)

source:avexnetwork, lucas@avex

OP: So what did you guys think of their renditions? For me, I love their ver. of Hitori, not so much for Hikoukigumo..and they should use less autotune IMO.

Osawa Takao to take the role of Inoue Mao's husband in NHK's 2015 Taiga "Hana Moyu"


From Osawa Takao's Official Facebook page:
"We are very happy to announce that Takao has been officially selected in the the long running historical drama series ‘Taiga’ in 2015 “Hana Moyu” broadcast on NHK."
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source: Osawa Takao FB page, NHK & Wikipedia

Yess finally my favorite Japanese actor is going to be on TV again.
I've been feeling giddy non-stop since I read the news yesterday.
Why is 2015 still so far away?