February 21st, 2014

Domoto Tsuyoshi - Ginger PV & I gotta take you Shamanippon PV

2 PVs from Domoto Tsuyoshi's new album "Shamanippon -Roinochinoi-" (which was released on February 12th and topped the Oricon weekly album chart for February 10th – 16th 2014).

 For "I gotta take you Shamanippon" PV, many luxurious musicians also make appearance: Yashiki Gota, Sato Taiji (Theatre Brook), Takeuchi Tomoyasu (MABOROSHI), KenKen (RIZE), SWING-O, Luis Valle, and Olivia Burrell.

Source: 1, 2
Whooa, it looks so fun!! Let's get funky~~

Sorry, looks like the videos have been deleted. I don't know how to embed from Yinyuetai so here's the link:

Ginger -->  http://v.yinyuetai.com/video/875191

I gotta take you Shamanippon -->  http://v.yinyuetai.com/video/875189